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Oslo, Norway
Parques Reunidos





icon_STOP2016 - Rapid River - Confirmed - (6/17/16) From the look of the photos sent my way (assuming they are current...) the new Rapids River ride at Tusenfryd is still under construction. No word on how much longer they think it will be until it is ready to open.but I’m guessing it could be ready before the end of July.





Tusenfryd will open a new "Rapid River" ride from Hafema for $5.4 million that will be located down near the park's Mack Supersplash flume and Thor's Hammer dark ride. The new rapids ride will also share the same Nordic themeing as the other nearby rides.



Newest Attractions:
2015 - Thunder Coaster 2.0

2013 - Thor’s Hammer



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