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Shakopee, Minnesota (Abbreviation: VF)
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icon_STOPPark News - (2/13/14) Valleyfair Passholders will enjoy this new perk… according to the official website if you buy a Gold of Platinum Season Pass to the park, you will also get unlimited access into Dinosaurs Alive this season.
    (11/7/13) Valleyfair tweeted a picture earlier today showing off that the demolition work on the old IMAX theater building has begun.
    (10/31/13) I’m not sure how valid this rumor it, but according to one source Valleyfair may also be looking to remove their Hydroblaster ride in about a year or two. Much like the soon to be demolished IMAX theater, Hydroblaster also borders the waterpark section of the park.
    (10/29/13) According to this article the IMAX theater in Valleyfair will soon be set on fire, as part of a training exercise for the local firefighters. Through the use of small controlled fires inside the theater and some theatrical smoke / fog machines, they will perform a series of drills and search & rescue missions inside the theater. The theater building itself is already slated to be demolished in the very near future, to make way for a new future expansion project for the park that has yet to be announced.
    Given the theater’s location next to the waterpark, I’d guess that some kind of new waterslides may be on the way to Valleyfair in 2014 or 2015. Stay tuned!
    (9/23/13) I’m told that Valleyfair confirmed on their Facebook page that the Go-Karts will be removed at the end of this season. Looks like we have the likely location for whatever new attraction or expansion the park has in store for 2014.


2014 - Route 76 - (9/27/13) Valleyfair has confirmed their expansion plans for 2014 will be a new themed land called Route 76. Route 76 will include a new flat ride called Northern Lights (Zamperla Disk'o Coaster).
After dark Northern Lights will light up the night in blues, greens and purples. Route 76 will also feature three classic rides that were part of the park in 1976 when Valleyfair first opened. This will include the return of the Antique Autos, with new Cadillac themed cars) as well as the relocation of the Tilt-A-Whirl and Scrambler rides.
Note: the press release calls Northern Lights a family coaster, but this is really the same Zamperla Disk'O Coaster ride that Cedar Point is also adding to the new Gemini Midway in 2014 as Pipe Scream.

icon_STOP2015 - Waterpark Expansion - Rumor - (11/24/13) A waterslide expansion package is expected to come to Valleyfair in 2015 from White Water West. This could be similar to the Snake Pit slide package going into Dorney Park in 2014 or the one added to Worlds of Fun in 2013.



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