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Shakopee, Minnesota (Abbreviation: VF)
Cedar Fair L.P.





Park News - (8/3/16) Valleyfair announced that the park's Enterprise flat ride will be leaving the park for good after August 21st. The attraction will be removed to make way for a new, yet to be announced, attraction. The only hints so far about what is coming to replace it was a tweet that said, "2016 is the last spin for 38-year-old Enterprise as we prepare for new heights in 2017." Sounds like something tall is planned... but what? Another recovered and restored flat ride, or something entire entirely? We'll have to wait until mid-August to know for sure.


2016 - Flying Eagles - (9/17/15) Well, half of the 2016 rumor turned out to be true... Valleyfair’s 2016 announced was for the return of the Flying Eagles (Larson Flying Scooters). The park also confirmed that their outdoor amphitheater will undergo a transformation to allow for the All Wheels Extreme show to come in 2016, as part of a celebration of the park’s 40th Anniversary.



icon_STOP2017 - Northstar / Star Flyer - (9/20/16) A reader posted a couple of pictures on Twitter from Valleyfair this week showing off the huge hole in the ground where the Enterprise used to sit. This will soon be home to the new North Star (Star Flyer) ride. The parts for the new ride are already starting to arrive on site.


Valleyfair has announced that Northstar is coming in 2017… a 230 foot tall Star Flyer ride from Funtime. Riders will be seated in two-person chain-link swings, feet dangling, as they are raised high into the sky while spinning at 40 mph. Construction will begin this month and the tower will be completed by December, where it will be the second tallest structure in the park after the 275 foot Power Tower. Look for Northstar to go up on the site of the soon to be removed Enterprise, near the front of the park.
    (8/5/16) According to a photo posted on Twitter by CoasterChitChat, Valleyfair has filed a permit to install a "STAR FLYER RIDE". Footprint wise, this would make a lot of sense as a Star Flyer would easily fit onto the same footprint as the soon to be removed Enterprise ride.
    Of course the really interesting item to me here is that it seems that Cedar Fair is now officially DONE with buying Mondial Windseeker rides. At first Cedar Fair opted to purchase several of the Windseekers as an alternative to buying the FunTime made Star Flyer ride. On paper the Windseekers seemed more solid, but as history has proven, Cedar Fair parks have frequent problems with the Mondial Windseekers (and even removed the one from Knott's Berry Farm), meanwhile Six Flags has installed many Star Flyer rides instead with no such issues.


2017?? - New Parking Lots / Access Road / Soak City Expansion - Planning -
    (7/29/16) Valleyfair has informed us that they intend to make an announcement sometime next week, though they are still finalizing the details and deciding on the exact date and time, so stay tuned.
    What could it be? Based on the things the park has been planning and showing off to the local planning boards, this may be that big expansion of the waterpark. Much like what we saw happen with Carowinds this summer, the planned waterpark expansion is supposed to feature a new direct entrance to it from the back half of the park, along with a waterpark parking lot.
    (6/2/15) New plans for Valleyfair, submitted through the Army Corps of Engineers, show that Cedar Fair is now looking into more long term ways to improve the use of their property in a way that would also provide more room for future park expansion


   This project in particular shows a plan that would replace the current employee parking lot road that cuts through the Western side of the park between Excalibur at the Soak City waterpark. A new access road would be build instead that would run along the outer edge of the park property to the south of Excalibur, run West and North along the property’s edge, then coming back again to run into the current employee parking lot in the rear of the park. Also as part of the project, two new parking lots would be created: a new employee parking lot at the rear of the park, but closer than the current one, and a new guest parking lot in the south/west corner of Vallyfair’s property.
   This later part of the project is perhaps the most telling of the park’s future plans, as the map label this area as “New Water Park Guest Parking Lot”, and shows it covering not empty property, but also a section of the property currently occupied by the park’s Excalibur roller coaster. This matches up with a rumor I was sent this past week claiming that Excalibur was down to one train operation for the season, and that this may actually be the coaster’s last season. Excalibur’s site would be the most ideal location for Valleyfair to build a very large new addition to the Soak City waterpark experience… one that would apparently include the addition of a dedicated parking lot and entry gate directly into the waterpark itself, without having to park in the main lot and walk all the way through the theme park.
   Kings Island added a similar concept for their Soak City waterpark a few years ago by adding a separate entry gate directly into the waterpark from the far end of the parking lot as a way to keep guess only interested in the waterpark from having to use the park’s main entrance.


2017 - Dark Ride or Interactive Attraction - Rumor - (6/1/16) There are a couple of interesting rumors going around concerning what Valleyfair may have planned for 2017.  For one, the rumors of some kind of dark ride have been mentioned, though instead of a dark ride, we do wonder if it might be another EA style video game attraction like Plants vs Zombies or Mass Effect. In either case, the second part of the rumor claims that whatever it just might involve the site of the park's bumper cars. Why?  Because normally the bumper car building is transformed into a haunt for the Halloween season, but word around the park is that it wont happen this fall because the site will be under construction for a "new, non-haunt related" project.
    On a similar note, I've also been sent an email claiming to have seen possible survey markings around the Looping Star Ship attraction area as well. Can anyone else confirm either rumor?


???? - New Coaster - (12/21/15) Is Valleyfair ready to open a new coaster?  The local fans sure think so, as the last BIG coaster to open at the park was Renegade way back in 2007. According to one rumor, the park may be planning on adding their next major new coaster for the 2017 season. A pitty they weren't ready to do it in 2016 however, as it would have made a great extra to help the park celebrate it's 40th Anniversary.



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