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Erie, Pennsylvania




Park News - (5/13/15) An opening weekend report as well as waterpark expansion update for Waldameer has been posted to CoasterTalkNoBSZone this week.


icon_STOP2015 - New Wave Pool - (6/1/15) Waldameer Park has pushed back the opening of their new wave pool until June 9th.
    (2/17/15) CoasterTalkNoBSZone has posted an update from Waldameer park showing off some winter views of the park's landscape as well as an update on the park's waterpark expansion.
    (11/7/14) Waldameer Park is moving ahead with their plans for an expansion of the waterpark in 2015 according to this report from the local news, which also includes some pictures of the progress made so far on the new wave pool.
    (8/30/14) According to this article Waldameer plans to build a $10 million expansion to the waterpark over the off-season that will include a new wave pool, restroom and food stand are set to begin work as soon as the park closes for the season.
    (8/26/13) Waldameer’s long term plan to build a new modern Wave Pool area is still on track from what I’m told.
    (3/18/13) I’ve got some clarifications on Waldameer and Water World’s future plans. I’ve been told that the wave pool project has been pushed back to 2015. There are plans for a children’s play area, but they have not locked down a date yet for this. It could be added with the wave pool, or pushed back to the following year or two. The project is supposed to be installed next to the wave pool project, which will take over an existing portion of the Peninsula Drive parking lot by Awesome Twosome and Midnight Plunge.
    (3/11/13) The latest rumor about Waldameer Park is that the 2014 plans may have been expanded from just a new wave pool and kiddy play area, to also possibly include a new bowl slide for the waterpark as well.
    (9/26/12) Waldameer Park has announced plans to buy the nearby 58-room Inn at Presque Isle hotel, as well as plans to open a new wave pool and kiddie play area in 2014. Long term plans also call for for the development of a 5 acre secluded wooded area that overlooks Lake Erie, which will be accessed by an incline railway to take picnickers from the park up to the secluded hideaway. The park is also adding a bit more property with the purchase of a large mobile-home park east of their new hotel, and a 2.7 acre cluster of rental cottages known as Cottages at Presque Isle. The cottages will be demolished to make way for more parking, as the new wave pool will take up some of the existing parking lot next to the water park.


2016 - Kiddie Water Playland / Bowl Slide - Rumor - 2016 – Waterpark Kiddie Expansion – Rumor – (3/18/14) If the rumors are true, Waldameer will continue to expand the waterpark in 2016 with the addition of some new kiddie slides, likely attached to a rumored new water fortress play structure. The park also also look into adding a Bowl slide of some kind as well this season.
    (3/18/13) It is still several years out but I’ve heard it said that the park would like to add some kind of new bowl slide to the waterpark by 2016 or 2017. As with any plans this far out, they have lots of time to change their mind or buy something new that comes along instead.


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Waldameer Park
Erie, Pennsylvania

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2012 - Happy Swing

2011 - Flying Swings, SS Wally and Wendy’s Tea Party

2009 - Mega Disk’O

2008 - Ravine Flyer



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