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Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)
Formerly: Walibi Wavre & Six Flags Belgium




icon_STOPPark News - (10/14/19) The translation used on this website is horrible, but the basic gist of the report is that rescue crews were called into Walibi Belgium to rescue four riders who had been trapped 30 meters in the air on the park’s Dalton Terror (Intamin Giant Drop) tower ride. I find it hard to imagine a more terrifying ride style to be evacuated from, as you are simply dangled in the air by a seat, legs danging in the air.


2019 - Popcorn Revenge & Rethemed Lands - (6/7/19) Our friends at BlooLoop take a look at the creation of the new Popcorn Revenge dark ride that just opened at Walibi Belgium that digs deep into the development of this unique new dark ride concept, the technology used and more, along with the future redevelopment of the entire park.
    (4/28/19) Some official image from the Popcorn Revenge dark ride at Walibi Belgium were sent my way this week. As previously mentioned, this is the first Erratic Ride installation from Alterface and ETF Ride Systems.
2019_WalibiBelgium_PopcornRevenge (1)2019_WalibiBelgium_PopcornRevenge (4)
2019_WalibiBelgium_PopcornRevenge (3)2019_WalibiBelgium_PopcornRevenge (2)
    (4/10/19) The new Popcorn Revenge interactive dark ride at Walibi Belgium just opened this week. Check out the video of the new dark ride in action below.
    This is the world’s first “Erratic Ride” ride system from Alterface and ETF Ride Systems.

    (9/28/18) It looks like we know a bit more about the "interactive indoor family attraction" coming to Walibi Belgium in 2019. According to a tweet from the EAS show, ETF and AlterFace put the brand new Erratic Ride vehicle on display for Popcorn Revenge, the new attraction going to Walibi Belgium.
    According to AlterFace the Erratic Ride "is the first non-linear mixed-media ride ever with dynamic scene changing, whereby players can determine the sequence depending, amongst other, on their ranking and preferences".

    (6/28/17) The park is expected to transform and update three areas for this season including the park entrance and an Indian themed area. New additions coming will include a new themed restaurant, a kiddie coaster and a new "interactive indoor family attraction".

2020 - Western Area Update - (11/24/18) RCDB reports that Walibi Belgium will also relocate the park’s former Coccinelle coaster to a new location for 2020, thought to be on or near the site of the park’s former ferris wheel.
    (6/28/17) Look for lots of improvements and  upgrades to be made to the western area of the park, along with the addition of what looks like a Mack Twist 'n' Splash spinning flat ride.

2021 - MegaCoaster - (11/24/18) Intamin announced some new coaster projects at IAAPA last week, one going to Walibi Belgium in 2021 and the other going to Parc Asterix. The coaster going to Walibi Belgium appears especially impressive, standing 164 feet tall it will begin with a nice 80º first drop, hit 70mph and run  riders through a nearly 4,000 foot long track full of airtime moments and some unique new track elements that seem to indicate that Intamin is starting a new era of track design and has taking some notes about creating their own version of popular elements from other manufactures.
    An animated video showing off the new Mega Coaster layout going to Walibi Belgium can be seen below.

    (6/28/17) A new land themed to Vampires and Werewolves will be created in order to add a new Megacoaster to the park that is expected to be the biggest in the region.

2022/2023 - New Attraction - (6/28/17) Look for new themeing to be installed around the Flash Back flume ride area. New waterslides are also expected to be added to the Aqualibi waterpark as well within this time frame.


The Netherlands
Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)
Formerly: Walibi Flevo, Six Flags Holland and Walibi World

icon_STOP2019 - UNTAMED / Robin Hood Converted to RMC Hybrid Coaster - (7/4/19) Coaster Kings dropped in for the grand opening of Untamed at Wailbi Holland and have posted a bunch of photos from the park along with their impression of the newest RMC coaster creation.
    (6/7/19) Check out this new POV video of Untamed in action at Walibi Holland.

    (5/15/19) From the look of this current picture of Untamed at Walibi Holland, it appears that all the trackwork for the RMC Hybrid conversion process has been completed, though a crane is still on site.

    (2/1/19) A new construction video for Untamed from Walibi Holland has been posted by the park giving us a new look at the progress being made on the latest RMC conversion project. The park isn’t ready to give it all away at the moment, but a new close-up look of the progress being made is appreciated as the changes appear to be quite significant. They do reveal that the lift hill will be 36.5 meters tall and feature an 35.4 meter first drop taken at a near-vertical 80º, then roll into a ‘micro bunny’ element for ejector airtime.
    Unofficially, the rumor mill claims that Untamed will feature five different inversions, which would be the most of any RMC hybrid coaster to date.

    (11/4/18) Walibi Holland has confirmed that when Robin Hood reopens next season after a conversion by RMC, it will be renamed as Untamed.
    (2/7/18) Screamscape has been informed that Walibi Holland has hired Rocky Mountain Construction to transform the park’s Robin Hood wooden coaster (Vekoma) into a new hybrid coaster creation for the 2019 season. Robin Hood will remain open for the 2018 season however, but expect it to close in the fall.


Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)

2019 - Mystic / Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster - (6/8/19) A new POV showing off Walibi Rhone-Alpes’ newest coaster, Mystic, can be seen below. Mystic is the latest ‘Infinity Coaster’ design from Gerstlauer and features a vertical lift hill and plunge, three inversions and a dead-end track roll-over inversion where the train will stall upside-down and then roll-back before returning to the station via a track-switch.

    (2/12/19) The new Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster coming to Walibi Rhone-Alpes will be called Mystic and  you can see an expanded bit of concept art for it below.

    (9/1/18) Walibi Rhone-Alpes has confirmed that the park will open a new Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster for the 2019 season.



(Formerly Walibi Aquitaine)
Compagnie des Alpes (CDA)


icon_STOP2019 - Dark Tower - (6/7/19) Walibi Sud-Ouest in France (formerly Walibi Aquitaine) will open their new “Dark Tower” attraction from Huss on June 29th. The tower will launch riders up 50m (164ft) at 3.5 Gs before plunging them back down to earth once again.




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