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Valdosta, GA
Herschend Family Entertainment




icon_STOPPark News - (11/4/18) Wild Adventures has already announced some of the concerts planned to take place at the theme park in 2019, which are included with the purchase of a 2019 season pass. The lists include dates for Foreigner, Scotty McCreery and Skillet.
    (10/26/18) According to the local news, Kids (age 9 and under) will be allowed free into Wild Adventures this Sunday (October 28th) when accompanied by a paying adult or passholder as a fun way to close out the park’s Kid-O-Ween event.


2018 - MEGA BUGS! - (12/15/17) Wild Adventures announced MEGA BUGS! is coming for 2018, a new "immersive and interactive area, featuring more than 70 new exhibits of larger-than-life insects". Think of it as an insect version of one of those giant dinosaur animatronic exhibits, where you'll come "face-to-face with a 15-foot Emperor Dragonfly, a 26-foot Hissing Cockroach, a 50-foot Madagascan Fire Millipede, and much more". This is a "limited engagement" attraction that will only be at the park for the 2018 season, starting March 10.
    (10/24/17) A reader dropped by Wild Adventures over the weekend and noticed a new area under construction for an unknown 2018 project. The clearing is said to be small not far from the park's Hangman / Twisted Typhoon (Vekoma SLC) coaster. Anyone know what this is for?



icon_STOP2019 - New Mini Land - (9/14/18) Wild Adventures has announced that they will build a new 3-acre mini-land onto the park with an alligator theme. The new area will feature alligator animal exhibits, a rope bridge over a gator area, and six new kid-friendly rides. The mention three rides by name: Flying Gators, Hoppin’ Gators and the Swampwater Snake (kiddie coaster), while the artwork shows off what looks like a Dizzy Dragon with a a Gator theme, a Gator themed Frog Hopper, the previously mentioned kiddie coaster and what looks like it could be a Tilt-A-Whirl with the modern low-profile cars (ie: no clamshell backside).
    The ropes bridge crossing over the gator pond is a neat trick… but it immediately calls to mind the short-lived but popular Nile Crocodile pit that the inverted coaster would pass over immediately upon leaving the station. A few years after the ride opened the Crocs were moved away from the coaster, as it was rumored guests were dropping things into the enclosure from the coaster for them to eat. I can see a similar problem arising very quickly from the rope bridge concept, and putting any kind of barrier under the rope bridge to prevent this would make the visual impact of the rope bridge stunt pointless.
    Sad… but true… and again “people” are typically the reason why we can’t have nice things.



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Wild Adventures
Valdosta, GA
Herschend Family Ent.


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