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Valdosta, GA
Herschend Family Entertainment



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2016 - Dinosaurs - (12/17/15) Wild Adventures made their announcement about their BIG new attraction... and unfortunately it was more of a bust. Instead of a new ride, the park will add a new land filled with giant Dinosaur figures... much like Cedar Fair was doing several years ago by adding various "Dinosaur's Alive" exhibits to several of their parks. The bad news for Cedar Fair was that after the first year or two, the public lost interest in these Dinosaur exhibits and now they sit while only a small trickle of traffic wanders through.
    The good news for Wild Adventures is that their new Dinosars exhibit is only going to be at the park for the 2016 season, and admission is actually included with 2016 Season Passes as well.
    (12/16/15) I'm told that Wild Adventures may be planning something BIG for 2016 and will make their announcement all about it sometime today. Could they be ready for a new coaster? Stay tuned for the big announcement.


icon_STOP2017 - New Attraction - Rumor - (5/25/16) One of our readers took a survey from Wild Adventures about what the park might add in 2017. The choices were all new attractions for the waterpark such as a new "boat ride" of some kind, a couple of new slide styles, or two different kinds of Stingray exhibit pools.



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Wild Adventures
Valdosta, GA
Herschend Family Ent.


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2015 - Jungle Rumble

2013 - Tail Spin/Wacky Wheels

2011 - Splash Island Expansion

2010 - Whirling Wildcats,
Viking Voyage & Falcon Flyers

2009 - Wahee Cyclone



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