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icon_STOPPark News - (9/16/19) A great collection of coverage of Halloween Haunt at Worlds of Fun can be found over at MidWestInfoGuide this week, with links to more in depth coverage of event specifics found at the bottom of the page.
    (8/8/19) Worlds of Fun announced that their Diamond Head waterslides will close forever at the end of the 2019 season, but confirmed that they would be “welcoming a new tide in 2020.” So sounds like some kind of expansion for the Oceans of Fun waterpark is the plan for next season.

    (7/16/19) A Screamscape source has confirmed that the location of the new clearing on the opposite side of Mamba from Planet Snoopy was correct. They also tell is that this site will become home to a new storage building for the park, with the intention of being used as a winter home for Cedar Fair’s new Grand Carnivale floats and decorations.

    (7/14/19) According to a reader who visited Worlds of Fun this weekend, while riding Mamba they noticed what looked like a large clearing / construction site being formed behind Planet Snoopy, nearest to Mamba. If I’m interpreting this location correctly, this sounds more like it might be in the green space behind the Oceans of Fun parking lot between Mamba and the Worlds of Fun Village
    If so, I’m not sure they would expand the park itself over there, but perhaps it could be something for the campground? Anyone else notice this, or know what might be happening?


2019 - Pigpen’s Barnyard Friends / Boathouse Grill - (1/16/19) I’m not sure why but apparently Worlds of Fun has decided to change the name of their new Boathouse Grill restaurant project. According to our sources the new name of the restaurnat will be “Cotton Blossom BBQ”. Construction is proceeding at a rapid pace from what I’mt old as the wood framework is said to be around about 75% or more in place.
    (12/23/18) We get a look at the construction on the new Boathouse Grill restaurant at Worlds of Fun this weekend, thanks to an update posted to MidWestInfoGuide. Lots of ground infrastructure work going on, along with other prep work before the foundation gets poured. Make the jump and check it out.
    (12/10/18) I had not heard this myself, but guests visiting Worlds of Fun during WinterFest discovered a banner over the entrance to the former Peanuts Playhouse structure announcing that the park will open "Pigpen’s Barnyard Friends” in 2019 on that site. As it sounds, this will be a new animal exhibit of some kind, said to feature 40 different animals. You can see a picture of the site over at MidWestInfoGuide.


    (8/17/18) Following suit with Kings Island, Worlds of Fun decided to use National Roller Coaster Day as their platform to announce something new for 2019... the Boathouse Grill restaurant. Yep... not a ride, but a needed new restaurant will be coming to the park next season that will include Kansas City BBQ, rotisserie chicken , desserts and more. Look for it to be added to the Americana section of the park where it will also replace the Pizza Pier location with a new outdoor seating patio, creating "the largest dining location" in the park.
    Based on the look and size of the building, I'm thinking this could be Worlds of Fun's version of the giant Harmony Hall restaurant that was added to Carowinds a few years back, which has essentially become one of that park's top restaurant locations.


icon_STOP2020 - Ridetide Raceway - (8/20/19) I missed this one the other day but Worlds of Fun will add Riptide Racewell is 2020 to the waterpark, marketing it as the largest mat racer slide in the Midwest.

    (8/10/19) Screamscape sources tell us that the new slide coming to Oceans of Fun in 2020 to replace the soon-to-be-leaving Diamonhead slides will be some kind of new four-lane Matt Racer slide.
    In other news, I’m told that Dinosaurs Alive was also confirmed to be closing for good before the end of the season.




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