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Attraction Supplier News



    (12/1/21) RMC - Fred Grubb Retires, Meet The New Man In Charge (MORE...)
    (11/19/21) Simworx & Katapult Create New Ferrari Experience (MORE...)
    (11/18/21) TrioTech To Open Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride in 2022
    (11/18/21) Zamperla Shows Off New Family Thrill Launch Coaster Attraction (MORE...)
    (11/18/21) Get A Peek Inside Intamin's Amazing DomeRide (MORE...)
    (11/18/21) Mack Rides Introduces Tacumeon Rides Division (MORE...)
    (11/17/21) S&S - Sansei Shows Off Axis Coaster Cars at IAAPA
    (11/10/21) Gerstlauer To Announce New Infinity Coaster at IAAPA Next Week (MORE...)



American Wave Machines - (12/1/20) According to a report on American Wave Machines, the plans to build a huge new PerfectSwell surf park at the Thermal Beach Club in Palm Springs has been unanimously approved. The Thermal Beach Club is a new project set on a 240 acre undeveloped site and is not affiliated with the previously announced plans to transform the former Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs waterpark into the Palm Springs Surf Club.
     Plans for a second PerfectSwell wave pool was also approved as part of the master plan for the Ocean Gate Commerce Center in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.


B&M - (4/28/21) A new batch of unpainted track and supports can now be found at the Clermont Steel Fabrication plant in Ohio where all the B&M Track is made. You can find pictures on Facebook at the Amusement Park Portal page.


Brogent Technologies - (6/5/21) Brogent Technologies, a well known maker of Flying Theater attractions, is said to have launched an all new simulator concept at the VinWonders park in Vietnam called Aladdin’s Grand Palace Tour. Watch the video clip below and you’ll see a quick walk through the highly themed queue and into the ride vehicle where the idea is for riders to climb aboard a giant flying carpet. From the look of the video however, the riders are not seated… but instead experience the ride standing up, with a series of railings in place to hold-onto. Instead of a dome-screen in front of the riders, instead the riders are surrounded by a 360 Circle-Visions style projection screen, allowing them to see all action all around them as they soar on the flying carpet.
    The video is set to start at the Flying Theater clip section, but is really about 35 minutes long and shows off quite a bit of the rest of the park experience, including other attractions, shows and more at the VinWonders park in Phu Quoc including a Wrath of Zeus coaster, a Vekoma Firestorm model coaster that just opened last year.


Dynamic Attractions - (3/3/21) Dynamic Attractions has announced that Jerry Pierson has now been appointed as President and Chief Operating Officer of the company as of this week. “Jerry has over 25 years in the themed attraction business and has been leading Dynamic’s organization in the US , based out of Orlando, for the past three years in addition to managing the controls department for the Company.  “Controls integration and mechatronics technology and the associated intellectual property have become a core competency and forms the nucleus of the Dynamic’s IP,” stated Guy Nelson, Executive Chairman and CEO. “Our pivot as a Company to leveraging the intrinsic value of our IP, makes Jerry the perfect person to assume the President and COO position for Dynamic Technologies Group.”  This promotion includes being President and COO of Dynamic Attractions, Dynamic Entertainment and Dynamic Structures.”
    Hao Wang, who joined the Company’s Dynamic Attractions division in 2017, will be leaving his post as President and COO for personal reasons, and returning to his home in Toronto.  “I am pleased to announce that Hao has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Company effective immediately, which will help to make a smooth transition of leadership to Jerry in managing Dynamic Attractions and the ride manufacturing division,” added Nelson. One of the initiatives that Hao put in place was to develop a strong and cohesive management team in an effective organizational structure with efficient operational processes, as well as a succession plan for the company’s key functions.  Hao becoming a member of the Company’s Board of Directors, will further ensure a smooth transition and continuity of processes and momentum that Hao has diligently put in place.
    This is an incredibly momentous time for the Company as we will see some of the most technologically complex and exciting rides in the world that we have designed, built and commissioned, come into service in theme parks around the world throughout 2021.  It is also a very exciting time to see the flying theatre attraction come into operation this summer in The Island theme park in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Dynamic has an option to purchase a 50% interest in this attraction.  This foundation uniquely positions the Company for future growth and continued innovation.  Our industry, our customers and their guests are about to experience why we do what we do and exactly what we mean when we say, TECHNOLOGY DRIVES THE DYNAMIC DIFFERENCE !




ETF Ride Systems - (9/4/21) ETF Rides Systems has announced a new water ride offering called Tiki Splash Roulette. ETF is bringing their experience from building many dark ride systems into this new water ride design that is said to be fun for the whole family, able to offer ‘game features’ and includes their new ETF Aqua Mover ride vehicle. This development comes after years of being asked by customers if the ETF dark ride vehicles could be used for indoor water dark rides, and finally they can now say ‘Yes”.
    All the details for the new Aqua Mover ride vehicles and how they are used as part of the overall Tiki Splash Roulette attraction concept will be revealed at the Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) show in Riyadh and IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona.
    Screamscape can’t wait to learn more!


Extreme Engineering - (8/2/21) Extreme Engineering has announced a new creation called “Cloud Coaster Storm”. Twice the speed, twice the capacity, and a newly improved rail system. According to the description on their website, “Extreme Engineering’s new Poseidon roller coaster track is designed to provide more aggressive configurations, allowing for higher speeds, sharper turns and steeper drops.”  You can watch an animated preview of the new design and see concept of possible car designs over at the official website.
    (3/22/21) Extreme Engineering, the makers of the Cloud Coaster, have announced the introduction of two new suspended coaster concepts that they are ready to offer.
    Sky Tag - Described as a low-cost suspended dark ride concept that would be affordable for smaller parks and FECs. Small two rider suspended coaster cars are outfitted with Laser Tag style guns allowing the riders to shoot at a variety of targets in the themed space below and around them, and in some cases they may be able to shoot at the other coaster cars. 
    Surfin Tsunami is the second new concept, where riders are asked to stand on a flying surfboard, that will use a unique safety system to keep them safely on the board, that will travel around a suspended roller coaster track.


Falcon’s Beyond - (8/1/21) A new release from Falcon’s Beyond has confirmed a partnership with Oceaneering Entertainment to provide the ride systems for all of their Falcon’s Beyond ventures, “including dark rides, Suspended Theater®, CircuMotion® Theater, and more“. The first project in production will be the launch of the new $100 million Katmandu Park in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic that is currently slated to open in Fall 2022.


icon_STOPGerstlauer - (11/10/21) Just a reminder that Gerstlauer and Ride Entertainment will announce their new Infinity Coaster project at IAAPA Orlando on Wed. Nov. 17th at 2:20pm in booth #3040.
    (10/26/21) Ride Entertainment has announced that Gerstlauer will be building a ‘one-of-a-kind’ Infinity Roller Coaster to open in the United States by late 2022. The only other clue is that the official announcement will come at the IAAPA Orlando Expo in November. Ride Entertainment’s Installation team will construct the ride for the unannounced client.
   So where is it going? The biggest hint in the announcement was that the coaster wont open until “late 2022” which means one of two things. Either this coaster will open in a park or attraction in the warmer climate areas where theme parks are able to be open year-round, or close to it, or it will be going to an indoor theme park or attraction space.
    The obvious year-round locations would be California and Florida, but to my knowledge most of those parks have already announced other projects to open in 2022 (Ice Breaker, Iron Gwazi, Emperor, Wonder Woman Flight of Courage, Safari Sidewinder, etc…) or they aren’t really the kind of park to install a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster (Legoland, Disney, Universal…)
    As for indoor properties, I don’t believe a new coaster is expected at the Circus Circus Adventuredome in Vegas, and Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream is unlikely to add a new coaster so soon after just opening. This would leave the original Nickelodeon Universe at the Mall of America as a possibility, so keep your eyes peeled for possible pre-construction signs at that park. Beyond that, this could be something for a smaller park or bigger FEC property in Arizona or Texas perhaps, but otherwise I’m out of ideas for the moment.
    Anyone else have a clue?


icon_STOPHOLOGATE - (11/11/21) Hologate will be showing off some of their latest products at IAAPA Orlando, including a look at Hologate X, a “next-end next-level virtual reality, full-body tracking, and 4D physical effects” immersive and social experience. The new HXR (Hologate Xperience Reality) concept introduces players to the world and mission in a pre-show experience before suiting up and entering a full 30-minute long story-driven experience.
    Other concepts from Hologate include Hyper Golf, the Hologate Arena titles, new VR Escape rooms that can be played in the Hologate Arena, as well as the motion platform Hologate Blitz experiences. You can see more about the Hologate X experience in the video clip below.

Hologate_X_Trailer from HOLOGATE on Vimeo.



    (7/31/21) Front Runners in the VR game system industry HOLOGATE, have announced a new free-roaming adventure system they are calling HOLOGATE X. The system will use HXR, a new Hologate technology, designed to allow for full-body tracking of players in the VR environment while experiencing “4D physical effects within an immersive and social experience”. One key benefit is that HOLOGATE X will allow players to free-roam without having to wear a heavy backpack full of computer hardware.
    The first experience designed for the system will be a custom made production called SIGVRIED: Escape from Valhalla that will mix Norse mythology with a SciFi adventure and drop players into a world after the Ragnarok, a world full of hidden dangers and magic treasures amongst as they roam through the remains of Valhalla. HOLOGATE X will premier as one of the new attractions at the new HOLOGATE WORLD attraction to open in Germany.





Huss Park Attractions
- (10/9/21) Huss Park Attractions has announced the new Break Dance 5, described as “a totally new concept for the company’s most successful attraction”. The new Break Dance 5 was just launched at the IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona and you can see renderings of the new ride concept below. The attraction also incorporates the “HUSS Operator Center Stage” into the center of the attraction, placing the operator into position as part of the ride and show experience, equipped with full show control to interact with the guests and ride’s light and sound systems.
    The Break Dance 5 also comes with the ability to run the attraction in two entirely different modes, offering both a white knuckle thrill ride as well as a more tame all-inclusive family ride experience. This comes with the ability to hold different queues for each experience and swap between the modes as needed.
    While I obviously haven’t been on the new Break Dance 5, I can verify from rides on a few other Huss Break Dance models that they are incredibly intense rides that are a blast and pull some serious G-forces. In the US, most of the ones I’ve seen are portable models on the fair/carnival circuit, though I do remember riding one at Hard Rock Park themed as a London Taxi ride.


icon_STOPIntamin - (11/18/21) Intamin has released a new video showing off something they call DomeRide, where riders sit in a giant ring of seats inside an projection sphere, allowing them to swing, rock back and forth and be surrounded by a screen above, below and all around. The tech is quite impressive and I’d love to see this built somewhere nearby soon. Check it out below.

    (10/19/21) Intamin has posted a couple of new videos this week, pre-IAAPA, to promote some of their latest coaster projects. The videos include a good look at their ‘Multi Dimension Launch Coaster” using Namazu at Volcania (France) as an example, and a look at Intamin’s “Family Launch Spinning Coaster”, using the new Objectif Mars at Futuroscope (France) as the example. Both videos give off great looks at these unique coaster designs, with Objectif Mars featuring extensive indoor scenes as well as outdoor track sections, and both featuring a drop-track effect.

    (8/19/21) Curious to see an entire video catalog of what Intamin has been up to over the past decade or so? Give the video below a quick watch, chocked full of beautiful theme park projects from all around the world.

    (7/17/21) Intamin has posted a new video showing off “The Upgraded” Intamin Surf Family rides, the Surf Riders 2.0 and the Ultra Surf. Check out the video showing off both concepts below.

    (3/7/21) It has been awhile, but Intamin has finally opened another “Twist & Twist” Impulse Coaster, this time in China, called Legendary Twin Dragon at Chongqing Sunac Land. Previously I believe the only other similar Impulse from Intamin was Wicked Twister at Cedar Point which RCDB lists as a “Twist & Twist (66m)”. The new version is listed as a 70m version, so it is bigger and faster, hitting a top speed of 73.9mph with twisted spikes on the end standing 229.6 feet tall.
    You can catch a POV video of Legendary Twin Dragon below.



IRM Rides - (12/31/20) IRM Rides has announced that they have sold the last ride that was still on the grounds of the former Fun Spot park in Indiana. Fun Spot closed up in 2008 and over the years most of the rides have been sold off and installed into a variety of parks around the country. This includes the park’s coasters including the Allan Herschell Little Dipper sold by IRM to Bell’s Amusement Park in Tulsa in 2013 for “future use”, and the Afterburn (Arrow Shuttle) that was taken apart in 2017 where the train and all the major mechanical parts sold to Frontier City for use on their Diamondback coaster.
    The last ride sitting on the grounds for some time was the 1978 Manco Paratrooper, and as a park model, finding a new owner proved more difficult. “IRM is proud to announce the Paratrooper has left the park grounds (now being converted into student athletic fields) and will find a new home at a major park in the US East Coast to extend the lifespan of a classic ride already in the parks lineup.”
    While IRM is sad that a park has closed for good, knowing the rides live on at other locations for generations to come, gives IRM the motivation to source out solutions for owners with classic rides who want to keep them operating for years to come.


icon_STOPITEC Entertainment - (10/30/21) In an interesting development, well known theme park and attraction design company, ITEC Entertainment, has announced that they have been purchased by TAIT Towers Inc. Tait Towers is known more for their projects involving services and designs for top concert performers, cruise ship projects, Broadway stage productions and other high level shows including Cirque du Soleil. Across it all TAIT Towers is a known expert in blending live entertainment and technology for the world to see for years.
    I know over the past couple years I had been hearing TAIT name dropped more than once in reference to various theme park projects, so it seems that the purchase of ITEC will now give TAIT great access and exposure to this industry sector.


KraftWerk - (6/27/21) KraftWerk LT has released a preview video of a unique new attraction concept called “SUN DARK”. This is a turnkey Transforming Theater concept that uses their Hybrid Dome Theater. The theater itself actually provides a multi-purpose theater venue for the park or attraction that features a rotating central platform that holds the seats under a huge projection dome, but it can also rotate and point the seats towards a multi-purpose stage that can also hold live performers or serve as home to a more traditional style projection screen surface. That can be used for both 2D and 3D media.
    SUN DARK is a turnkey attraction experience built to take full advantage of everything the Hybrid Dome Theater can do, telling a futuristic story of impending disaster unless we learn to work together across the globe to create a sustainable future. More detailed information about the Sun Dark attraction is said to be coming sometime in July.

Hybrid Dome - Product Film | Kraftwerk Living Technologies from Kraftwerk Living Technologies on Vimeo.




- (9/4/21) Lagotronics Projects has announced a new interactive flat ride concept called Battle Arena. Riders will be armed with a laser weapon where the riders can battle each other and shoot at targets to score or steal points. According to the description the riders can play against each other on three different levels while their vehicles make sudden movements up and down, making the action unpredictable.
   The new attraction is being built with a partnership with ART Engineering who will develop and deliver the actual ride system for Battle Arena that will feature 12 arms, with a 2-seater gondola at the end of each arm. This allows for 24 riders to ride and play at once during each ride cycle. Adding to the chaos, there are options to also install interactive stations in the queue as well, allowing the riders waiting in line to also get in on the action.


icon_STOPMack Rides - (11/18/21) Mack Rides has posted a video introducing everyone to their Tacumeon Rides division, and how it brings together all the various aspects of Mack Rides, Mack Animation, MackNexT, with all components able to be created and built in-house.

    (10/19/21) Mack Animation has completed a new 4D film for the Chimelong Group called Kaka and Kiki’s Magical Circus Adventure. This is the fifth 4D film for Mack Animation as they continue to expand and grow in this section of the industry. The film features the named mascot characters, Kaka and Kiki, who travel to a magical circus world and battle the evil spirits who have taken control of it. 
    In other Mack news, Mack Rides has posted a new promotional video about the “Media Dark Ride” system, which shows off extensive footage of the Snorri Touren at Europa-Park (Germany) as the example of how they can create a large dark ride experience while using minimal space.
    Mack has also posted a couple of other rides videos in the past week, one showing off Iron at Blackpool Pleasure Beach as an example of Mack Rides Launched Coasters, and another one featuring something called AIRIFIC, the “World’s smartest flying theater”. The AIRIFIC is quite interesting, as it features the same kind of Flying Theater you would expect to find, while adding an innovative new design concept to increase throughput by stacking the ride vehicles onto floors on top of each other, but they are also mounted to a turntable. While the turn-table  concept of loading on one side and spinning the riders 180 into the flying theater dome isnt’ new, adding a second ride vehicle onto the backside is new. This way one ride vehicle can be unloaded and fully loaded all while another group of riders are inside the flying theater on the opposite side of the turntable. The concept allows for increased capacity to be added to a Flying Theater experience, without having to build a second theater projection dome.


Maurer Rides - (9/24/21) Maurer Rides has introduced a new interactive coaster concept that will make use of their Spike coaster system that lets riders control the speed of the car. They call this the Spike Maze, an indoor creation that will send riders through four different zones with different speed-based objectives. Accelerate in one to reach a goal in limited time in once zone, speed up and slow down in another to avoid being struck by lasers in another, and so on. Check out the preview video below to see the concept in action.
    The idea is interesting in concept, but in execution I’m not sure riders will be able to react to the different colored laser lights fast enough to make the experience seem skill oriented instead of just random chaos.
    Personally, I love the idea of the Spike system, but what I’d really like to see is it put to use on some great natural terrain instead to create something more like a more action oriented version of an Alpine Coaster experience. Or perhaps to race across themed artificial landscape alongside a second track on an action adventure experience. Hey, I can dream, right?

    (12/31/20) Maurer announced a new concept for their Spike coaster concept, which has been making a lot of headlines as of late as the ride system used for the Bolt coaster on Carnival Cruise Line’s new Mardi Gras vessel. This latest concept for the ride system is called the Spike Signature Tower (ST 30) and will allow for the power-driven coaster concept to use a compact footprint to create a unique layout almost anywhere.

    (10/17/19) A reader pointed out an interesting fact to us the other day that could likely mean that two more of Maurer’s Spike coasters may soon traveling around the world’s oceans in the near future. While Dream Cruises just announced that their first coaster would be going onto the Global Dream which should enter service in 2021, a quick search of the company’s fleet of vessels also shows that an unnamed sister ship to the Global Dream just began construction last month and is expected to open to guests about a year after the Global Dream.
    By the same token, a search of Carnival Cruise Lines also shows that the new Mardi Gras vessel launching in 2020 will also have a sister ship launching in 2022 that has yet to be named. It is very possible that both of these twin-ships may also feature the powered coaster rides, much like how both of Disney Cruise Line’s second generation ships (Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy) both launched with the AquaDuck water coaster slides.
2021_DreamCruises_SpaceCruiser    (10/14/19) While Carnival Cruise Lines will be the first Cruise Line to have a coaster at sea when they open Bolt on the new Mardi Gras vessel in 2020, a second similar coaster was just announced for “Dream Cruises”. According to the release the company’s new “Global Dream” vessel is now under construction in Germany and will launch in early 2021 with “Space Cruiser”, the world’s longest roller coaster at sea. Just like Carnival’s ride, the new Space Cruiser coaster will also be a powered “Spike” coaster from Maurer Rides, but with a 300 meter long track and able to reach speeds of 37mph. 
    The coaster will be part of an amusement zone on top of the ship that will also feature inflatable attractions, a trampoline park, a ropes course, a surf board simulator, mini karts and even a small flat ride or two.


icon_STOPPolin Waterparks - (9/22/21) Polin Waterparks is showing off their new Glassy Waterslide Night Experience concept in the video below, which mixes a fairly clear looking body-slide experience with a colorful dance-club style lighting package to create a fun new visual experience for both the slider and guests watching from the ground. If you haven’t seen it before, Polin posted another video late last year to show off their new “Glassy” slide tubes, which you can see in the daytime in the second video below.


ProSlide - (4/26/21) ProSlide has announced the creation of a new family rafting water coaster experience called “MammothBLAST”. The first example of this new attraction has just opened at the Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai that combined a newly designed family raft with ProSlides existing water BLAST technology. The new rafts have higher side-walls and can seat up to five guests at a time inside the new raft design that features a low center of gravity and cushioned seats.
    I found a POV of the new slide in Dubai where it has been named Shockwave that you can see in the video below. They have also added a pair of side-by-side racing two-passenger raft BLAST slides as well that you can see at the very start of the video as well, if you wish to rewind.

    (4/17/21) According to BlooLoop ProSlide has opened a new KidzADVENTURE Tower attraction at the Atlantis Aquaventure waterpark in Dubai this month. According to the description, the concept was to build a collection of slides that were essentially “larger versions of the company’s KIDZ rides for a graduated ride experience”.
    The new tower is set in the park’s Splasher’s Cove area and features scaled up versions of the ProSlides’ KIDZ PIPEline, KIDZ ProRACER, KIDZ BOWL and KIDZ RallyRACER attractions.


Ride Engineers Switzerland - (9/21/21) Ride Engineers Switzerland has shown off a video preview of a new attraction concept they called the Wave Twist L on their instagram page. It’s sort of a hybrid between an Intamin Half-Pipe coaster and a Zamperla Rockin’ Tug. Check it out below and see what you think! Personally, I like it myself. It looks like a blast and I can’t wait to try it out.


icon_STOPRocky Mountain Construction - (12/1/21) This is mostly news to me, but in an interview with RMC from Coaster Studios at IAAPA, they speak with Darren Torr, the new “owner” of Rocky Mountain Construction. RMC founder, Fred Grubb, announced his retirement and Darren has taken over the reigns of the company.


icon_STOPS&S - Sansei - (11/17/21) S&S - Sansei brought some cars from their new Axis Coaster concept to the IAAPA show floor to show off just how they can freely rotate on the track at any time.

    (3/22/21) According to an article at AmusementToday, S&S is building a new Air Launched coaster to open at the Window of the World park in Changsha, China.
    The new coaster is said to launch riders at 60mph and stand 131 feet tall. It will feature a fairly compact layout of twists and turns, as well as three inversions and they hope to have it open by late Summer if possible. 


icon_STOPSimWorx - (11/19/21) Simworx and Katapult have teamed up to offer a new “Ferrari Experience” attraction concept that offers different simulator rides, an esports hub and a themed dining experience that are all part of the Ferrari themed package.

    (10/9/21) Simworx has announced the launch of their new “Fly-Motion” flying theater. The new Fly-Motion experience is said to be ideal for locations that suffer from height limitations that might make adding a large-scale flying theater attraction difficult, if not impossible. To that end Simworx re-engineered their Cobra Motion Theater attraction into this new creation with a 3-DOF motion base mounted to a track system that will move the 30-passenger ride vehicle from the loading bay into the flying theater showroom. Follow the link to see some renderings of the new ride system posted over at Blooloop.

    (1/16/21) While we don’t know what project this is for, SimWorx has posted pictures of some very decorated motion base ride vehicles on their Twitter that they are preparing for a future attraction. Any ideas what these may be for?


icon_STOPSkyline Attractions - (10/11/21) According to an update posted by Amusement Today, Skyline Attractions has sold a “multi-tower Strike-U-Up!” ride to an unknown location. Anyone have an idea of where it would go? I always imagine something like this being sent to the Circus Circus Adventuredome myself.



    (9/8/21) Skyline Attractions has announced a new line of kid friendly roller coaster concepts under the name, P’Sghetti Bowl. Four different off-the-shelf designs are available for this line of new kid-friendly single-rail roller coasters and perfectly sized to fit into many indoor locations as well as outdoor settings. The system is also open to custom design layouts as well.

    (8/5/21) Skyline Attractions has launched an all new website that may be worth checking out. While the website has a list of Skylines current attractions, they also have a number of placeholders in place to reveal several new rides in the pipeline that are currently only listed with names like: Juggler, Hydra Tower, Boston Tea Party, Eazy Breezy, and P’Sghetti Bowl.
    (5/7/21) While most of what we know about Skyline Attractions is from their more recent ride projects like the first two Skywarp coasters, Coaster101 has posted a nice in-depth article to show off a whole bunch of other projects Skyline has been involved with over the past several years that you probably never even knew about.
    (11/16/20) Skyline Attractions has posted a concept video of a new Skywarp Orbit ride model that would only run a single train on the layout. The single train makes for easier loading and allows some room to add theming elements to the attraction layout as well.


icon_STOPTriotech - (11/18/21) Triotech has announced Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride, an interactive dark ride experience that allows for competitive play as the vehicles move past several different game screens, not unlike what we’ve seen at Disney parks like Toy Story Midway Mayhem or the new Web Slingers Spider-Man themed dark rides.
    The first Carnival Chaos Hyper Ride will be going to the Clifton Hill attractions area on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and should be open by Summer 2022 and will feature 7 fully interactive scenes, five carts, all packed into an approximate 6,000 sqft space. 

    (9/7/21) Triotech has announced the installation of a 60-seat XD Theater attraction in China at the Happy Valley Tianjin theme park, located in the Viking Harbor section of the park. This would be the 9th such installation to be installed at the chain of Happy Valley theme parks across China. Triotech has also announced they have signed a contract to build a new major attraction with the OCT Group behind the Happy Valley parks for a “double interactive walkthrough attraction” in Fantasy Valley, Xiangyang.

Tianjin Happy Valley XD Theatre Client Testimonial from Triotech on Vimeo.

    (10/20/20) Triotech has announced they are building a major new attraction of Fabland Xiangyang in Hubei, China. The new attraction is described as a “double walkthrough attraction” that will serve as an immersive and interactive experience for the park guests themed around the world of Space Pirates and interstellar Bounty Hunters. According to Triotech the concept will add a “dark ride” style attraction to the park without the need for an expensive ride system.


US ThrillRides
- (4/25/21) Bill Kitchen, the original inventor of the Skycoaster, is back with an all new creation, but with a familiar concept. Kitchen came up with the concept of the original Skycoaster upcharge attraction back in the early 90s and it spread like wildfire throughout US theme parks for the rest of the decade. By 1998 Bill Kitchen had sold his patents and the company formed to sell and support the Skycoaster business to ThrillTime Entertainment for $12 million, which was then later re-sold in 2005 to current owner, Ride Entertainment.
    Now through his US ThrillRides company, Bill Kitchen is back with what looks to be a new evolution on the concept called the Skyscreamer. The Skyscreamer appears to take the idea of the original creation, but has plus-sized everything to make this a full scale ride for all park guests to ride in large groups instead of just being an upcharge attraction concept. I’m sure smaller capacity models will still be used as upcharge-attractions in some locations, but the larger capacity versions seem primed for the big parks to bring the thrill to everyone.
    Skyscreamer will use a similar set-up of three huge pylon towers attached to a disk-shaped ride vehicle frame that can hold anywhere from 6 to 24 rides at once, each held in with traditional thrill-ride style seats with over-the-shoulder safety harnesses that is seated on the ground between two of the ride’s towers. Once loaded, the rider pod is raised vertically into the air several feet before a cable attached to the third tower begins to pull the rider pod up towards the top of the huge swinging-arch that can be anywhere from 200 to 350 feet in height.
    As with the Skycoaster, the riders will plunge from their lofty heights after a few moments of anticipation, and enjoy the wild soaring and rotating swing action. A new feature here is a “patented pendulum damper” device at the top of the arch towers that will quickly “reduce the swing arc” motion and bring the rider pod to a gentle stop before it lowers to the ground for unloading.
    You can see an animated video of the concept posted by Orlando’s News 6 on a Facebook Live post, but you can see a clearer video along with several still renderings posted to the US ThrillRides website as well. 
    So what do you think? Would you ride this if your favorite park or attraction were to buy one?  As an official Skycoaster “chicken”, as I’ve remained hesitant to put my body into a Skycoaster all these years, there is something a little more comforting about this version. Maybe it is just the addition of a traditional ride seat/restraint system, as I will willingly climb on board any roller coaster I can find, but something about Skycoasters has always kinda freaked me out. Maybe it was the interactivity of having a rip-cord to pull, or maybe it was just the idea of lying down and being lobbed across the sky by a cable attached to my back. Heck, Wave Swingers make me nervous enough to the point that I’ve also never tried a Star Flyer or Windseeker yet (sorry to disappoint) just because I know I would start to flip-out a little bit. A ride on a Condor was thrilling enough for me, as I just have a “weird thing” about heights I’ve never been able to explain. I have no problem with the “height” itself, as I love roller coasters, observation towers, sky rides, etc… it’s all about my perception of safety and if I might fall.  Put me two feet up on a very wobbly ladder and I’m begging to get down, but I’ve got zero issues being launched to 120mph and soaring 425 feet up and down again on Top Thrill Dragster, so go figure. Just the way I’m wired… so while I still think the idea of the Skyscreamer would freak me out, I’m not saying this in a definite “nope” for me just yet until I see one in action. How about you?


Wiegand - (9/4/20) Wiegand, who is perhaps mostly well known in the attraction’s industry for their amazing Alpine Coaster attractions have come up with an all new creation: the CoasterKart. Based on the concept of the Alpine Coaster, the CoasterKart will feature a two-passenger vehicle, but with side-by-side seating, not unlike a car. The track will be wider and the speed of the Kart will be controlled by a foot pedal and gain speed boats via magnetic LIM motors. Even better, the idea for the CoasterKart is to combine two side-by-side tracks to allow guests to race against the car next to them.
    You can see footage from the prototype track Wiegand built below, but the first official CoasterKart attraction is now set to open later this year in Pigeon Forge at the Rowdy Bear Ridge Adventure Park.


wiegand.waterrides - (2/13/21) Wiegand.waterrides has developed a new full-face VR snorkeling mask for use as a new attraction concept. Unlike a typical snorkel device that the wearer holds in their mouth, these all-in-one face masks allow the users to comfortably breathe through their mouth and nose within the mask, without putting anything in your mouth, making them both easier to breathe through and providing a more hygienic experience. In the video provided, users are also seen wearing water-proof earphones as well to provide a complete audio and video sensory experience.
    Anyone know if they have an installation for this experience open or coming in the near future somewhere?


icon_STOPZamperla - (11/18/21) Zamperla has announced a new ‘Family Thrill Launch Coaster” concept that you can preview in the animated video below.

    (10/2/21) The new Gryphon flat ride from Zamperla can be seen testing in the video clip below. The company invited select guests out to their facility in Italy to see some of their latest creations in action.

    (9/23/21) Zamperla has introduced a new ride concept this week called the BlendeZ. Riders are tossed around “three different axes of rotation”, with the ride’s footprint being small enough to fit in both outdoor and indoor locations. Check it out in action below.

    (6/26/21) A quick update regarding the Zamperla Double Heart Lightning coaster. I’ve been informed that the original video was pulled to make some stat corrections and a new video has now been added, and updated to our report as well, which you can see below. Enjoy!
    The video also now confirms that the ride’s top speed during the third launch is 130 k/ph (80.77mph). You can also see a whole ton of stats for the Double Heart Lightning coaster on the official webpage if you follow the link.

    (6/24/21) Zamperla has announced a new coaster concept they call the Double Heart Lightning. While this seems similar in concept to Premier Rides’s SkyRocket II concept, the layout is noticeably different. The Double Heart is also much taller, standing 70 meters tall (230ftt) compared to the Premier clone standing only 150 feet in height. The experience will feature three launch pushes, two forward and one backwards, to get the train up to speed to make a complete cycle through the course. Loading should also be a breeze with a turntable system in place to allow for two-train operations, with one loading while the other rides the rails.
    I’m kinda liking the look of this one, with trains that appear to feature a confortable and open lap-bar only restraint system, and 16-passenger trains. Zamperla is also offering a more compact 50 meter version for locations where height or space is a concern. Top speed of the 70m version is 80.77mph.

    (6/6/21) Zamperla has posted a new video showing off the company’s Roller Coaster division and a fun brief history of the coasters they’ve made so far and where they are going in the future.  As they put it best in their own video, “We’ve made some good coasters… and some not so good ones”. The goal for the division over the past seven years was to take everything they’ve learned to create the next-generation of Zamperla coasters going forward.
    I’m told that the company is set to announce some of the most innovative and unique new coaster designs this year, and with the first to come in the not too distant future. So keep a close eye on where Zamperla is going, they may surprise you!
    Speaking of surprises, the company also posted a video for a new interactive bouncing tower ride that looks like a lot of fun as well called the Pump & Jumpz. Check it out in the second video below.

    (4/26/21) Zamperla has posted details about a new attraction concept they call “Super Flume Ride”.  It takes the experience of a classic Shoot-the-Chute ride, but doubles the action and the drops, align with a bit of gentle flume time between the two plunges and with more flume like boats, seating passengers just two-across, rather than the wider 3-5 across style boats you normally see on Shoot-the-Chutes.

    (4/2/21) Zamperla posted a new video to their YouTube channel showing off their newest creation, Gryphon, a new and interesting circular flat ride that seems perfectly  designed for the COVID era, as the riders pods consist of all individual solo-rider seat units that swing upward and drop as the whole ride spins around.
    Zamperla is also launching some new social media channels focused directly on their Roller Coasters. You can find new Zamperla Coaster feeds on Facebook and Instagram. I’m told that Zamperla’s Roller Coaster division has a lot of big new ideas they want to share with the world this year, so be sure to follow along to keep up with all their latest announcements starting with a peek at the new Dragon’s Apprentice coaster at Legoland New York making a test run.





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