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----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (7/5/20) The VOID Closes Down For Good
    (6/24/20) BREAKING - Planed July 17th Opening For Disneyland Just Got Canceled (MORE...)
    (6/11/20) Disneyland Resort Sets Dates To Reopen Parks, Hotels and More (MORE...)
    (5/25/20) Disneyland Resort - Downtown Disney Could Be Clear To Reopen Soon (MORE...)
    (5/9/20) Construction On New Attractions Begins Again


icon_STOPGeneral Resort News - (7/5/20) In an interesting twist, The VOID location at Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort in California is now said to have permanently closed due to a “license agreement breach.” While the location has been closed since March anyway, they are now closed for good after the site received a “Notice of Event Default and Lease Termination”.
    It is not known if this will have an affect on the Disney Springs location at Walt Disney World. While Disney Springs has reopened to guests, all of The VOID locations in North America are still closed under orders from the parent company over concerns of the possible spread of COVID-19.
    Globally, they do have three Disney owned IP experiences at the The VOID location at the Genting Resort in Malaysia (Avengers, Star Wars and Wreck-It-Ralph) which is actually still open, and you can currently make reservations for these Disney experiences, so whatever the problem is with the California location, it has not put a halt to Disney working with The VOID elsewhere yet.
    (6/24/20) According to the LA TIMES, the planned opening of Disneyland on July 17 has been delayed. While I have yet to see a statement from Disney about this yet, the official Disneyland website has just been updated and no longer lists the parks opening on July 17. Instead it now says that the theme parks “will remain closed and will reopen at a later date, pending state and local government approvals.” The Downtown Disney area however will still reopen on July 9.
    (6/11/20) Good news for Disneyland fans, the park has announced a series of dates for a phased reopening plan for the resort.
    Downtown Disney will open on July 9, 2020
    Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure will open on July 17, 2020
    Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel to open on July 23, 2020

    (5/25/20) While there has been no statement about plans to reopen the Downtown Disney retail area outside of the Disneyland Resort theme parks, the phased reopening plan for Orange County could soon allow them to reopen the retail zone. As of May 23rd limited indoor dining and retail malls are now allowed to reopen as long as face masks are worn and social distancing enforced.
    As we’ve seen elsewhere, the first step of a planned reopening for a Disney resort has been to reopen the connected retail zones. The Shanghai Disneyland Resort first opened their DisneyTown area approximately 8 weeks before reopening that theme park and currently the Disney Springs area in Orlando is now open as preparations begin to reopen the Walt Disney World theme parks.
    (5/9/20) According to a report posted at InsideTheMagic, construction on major projects at the Disneyland Resort has resumed, with work now pushing ahead again on the Avengers Campus and Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway attractions. Construction work is considered an essential service and has been allowed to continue in most places without pause.
    (4/2/20) Bad news for Disney employees, as CNN reports that the company has now announced that starting on April 19th they will begin to furlough staff “whose jobs aren’t necessary at this time”. With a Stay-at-Home order in place in Florida that will keep the parks there closed until at least May 1st, this will affect quite a few Cast Members. Unlike how the SeaWorld parks furloughed their staff, at least the displayed Disney staff will remain employees of the company and keep their health and education benefits during this time, while being able to ask for federal and state unemployment benefits.
    According to a second article on the matter from CNBC however, it notes that the Disney staff being furloughed will only be their “non-union” employees. Both note that staff that are needed to keep various projects in development, or who are crucial to maintaining park operations during the closure will be able to remain on duty.
    One more note for Disney theme park Passholders, the company has confirmed that those with fully paid annual passes will have their expiration dates extended by the number of days that the parks were closed. For those with monthly payment plans, Disney is temporarily stopping all payments for the time being and will actually go back to refund any payments taken between March 14 and April 4.
    (3/28/20) As expected, Disney did finally announce that their parks will remain closed until further notice. It was added that they are extending pay and benefits to Cast Members through April 18th, which falls roughly in line with Universal’s announcement timeline to extend their closure through April 19.
    As these dates get closure we will have a better idea if Disney and Universal believe they might be ready to reopen around that time, or if it will have to be extended again until May.

    (3/13/20) Disney announced late yesterday that as of the morning of March 14th the Disneyland Resort will be closing down Disneyland and Disney California Adventure through to the end of March “in the best interest of our guests and employees” in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now, there have been no reported cases attached to the Disneyland Resort, and it was nice to see Disney confirm that they “will continue to pay cast members during this time.”
    The Disneyland Resort Hotels will stay open through to Monday, March 16, in order to allow extra time for their guests to make any necessary travel arrangements.
    The Downtown Disney retail, dining and entertainment area will remain open however.
    (12/5/19) Well, it seems you can forget all about that rumor about Disney being interested in buying the Anaheim Angels stadium site if the team were to move. According to the local news the Angels and Anaheim have struck a new deal that will see the team staying in place in Anaheim through to 2050.
    (3/30/19) HUGE news from the Disney Theme Parks hit this week as they announced a complete ban on Smoking (and Vaping) inside all of their American theme parks starting on May 1st. The only place left to smoke from that point on will be in a designated area OUTSIDE the entrance of the various parks.
    Also on May 1st the park will begin restrictions on stroller sizes allowed into the parks, with a complete ban on the huge “stroller wagons”, and limiting the maximum size of regular strollers to be no more than 31” wide, and no more than 52” long.
    Loose ice and dry ice will also no longer be allowed in the parks, but sealed reusable ice packs are fine. If you have a need for loose ice in the parks, it can be obtained free at any of the various quick-service food locations inside the theme parks, along with complementary cups of ice water.
    (10/17/18) First there is a rumor that The Rio casino in Las Vegas could possibly be sold and torn down to may way for a possible new MLB Baseball stadium… and now the Anaheim Angels just opted out of their lease for their home stadium in Anaheim where they have played since 1966. While Vegas was mentioned as a possible home for an expansion team, I’m sure they would be willing to move an existing team if they were given the option as well, though the Angels may prefer to stay in the local SoCal market and play in a new stadium maybe.
    But what does this mean for Anaheim?  Interestingly enough, I had heard about three or four years ago a crazy tale, one that claimed the Angels and the stadium owner (which is actually the City of Anaheim) had just begun to get into a massive disagreement over their terms. This had led the Angels to enter into some early talks and discussions about the possibility of leaving their current home stadium.
    Now lets drop the big hammer here… and talk Disney. The Angels stadium sits on a huge piece of property, which Wikipedia claims is around 160 acres. The site isn’t that far from the Disneyland Resort and is already well connected to the local roads as well as public transportation system. That crazy tale I told you about? Apparently Disney was made aware of the issues between Anaheim and the Angels years ago and sort of let it be known at the time that they might be very VERY interested in obtaining the stadium property if it were ever to become available. Disney gaining the stadium site if the Angels no longer needed it would really be the only way that their California resort property could ever fit in a third theme park. So keep and eye on the fate of the Angels… it could have some major repercussions.


2015_ticketincrease2Ticket Pricing - (2/11/20) I told you it was coming, and this morning Disneyland followed through and raised  and adjusted their ticket prices for 2020. The biggest change to keep in mind here was a change to the old pricing tier system, replacing the former 3 tiers system (Value, Regular and Peak Pricing) with a new 5 Tier system.
    The good news is that the lower priced ticket (Tier 1) are still priced at $104 for a single day, single park admission. The bad news is that with the new 5 Tier system, there are going to be far fewer days in the year where you can get this Tier 1 pricing. On the opposite end of the spectrum the Tier 5 ticket for the most busy days will now cost you $154 for a single day / single park ticket, up $5 from the former Peak day pricing. So to break it down into the five Tiers:
    Tier 1 = $104, Tier 2 = $114, Tier 3 = $124, Tier 4 = $139 and Tier 5 = $154.
If you want a one day / two park “Parkhopper” pass, it will now cost you between $159 and $209, depending on what Tier day you visit.
    Annual Pass prices have also risen and are handing fans some of the steepest price increases of the year. The lowest level AP, the Select pass, jumped up $20 to $419. The Deluxe pass jumped to $829 and the Signature pass is now $1199. Oh… and if you go all in with your Disney habit and have the Premier Pass that gets you into both Disneyland and Disney World parks, the price just leaped up to $2,199 from the early 2019 price of $1949… which was already a huge leap above the 2018 price which was $1579.
    The price of parking will stay at $25 however.
    About this time last year I wrote a great article for BlooLoop where we looked over the history of these huge annual price increases for the Disney parks, wondering at what point they were going to go too far. We also predicted the likely prices for the parks in 2020, 2025 and 2030 based on a chart of past price increases, and our calculation for 2020 was $155 at Disneyland, so nice to see we were very close to the mark, but where these prices will go by 2025 and 2030 is kind of scary to see.
    (2/7/19) When it comes to the price of admission, how much is too much? Surprisingly, despite what your initial take is, when you get down to it, this really is more of an individual choice question. Doubly so when it comes to Disney fans and the price of admission into Disney theme parks which have steadily been on the rise each year for the past several decades. This week I decided to take a look at past price increase trends from Disney and even predict where the price is going between now and 2030, based on past increases, all in my latest article for BlooLoop.


icon_STOP2023 - New DVC Hotel Tower - (1/25/20) A piece of concept art was released for the new expansion tower now planned to be added to the Disneyland Hotel by 2023. It will feature about 350 new Disney Vacation Club rooms, a spa, meeting space and more.

    (11/23/19) While the Disneyland Resort canceled their last on-site hotel project (which was probably for the best, as it was a little funky in my opinion), the company has now submitted a new plan to the city of Anaheim for a new 12-story, 350-room hotel tower next to the Disneyland Hotel that would be for the Disney Vacation Club. This new DVC hotel may be the first dedicated DVC structure at the Disneyland Resort, though they do have a section of rooms within the Disney’s Grand Californian. With just half the rooms of the previously proposed hotel project, the new tower would be located on a grassy area next to the Frontier Tower along the backside of the current Disneyland Hotel property, which I believe is called the “Magic Kingdom Lawn” on some hotel maps. I believe the tower would take up some of the lawn and replace a current laundry facility building already on site which would be relocated. Essentially the plan would really just add a fourth similarly sized tower to the existing resort which currently has a total of 990 rooms and suites.
    If everything goes as planned, we could see this new hotel tower up and running by the end of 2022.





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