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Park News - (7/17/21) Dreamworld has announced that along with the $32 million plans for their new Steel Taipan coaster, the park will “cease operations of BuzzSaw, given the new ride’s proximity and the park’s focus on viable future development.” Technically BuzzSaw, a Maurer Rides SkyLoop coaster,  isnt’ that old of a ride, having just opened in September 2011. The last day to ride BuzzSaw will be August 31, 2021 and will leave the park with just three operating coasters until Steel Taipan is ready to open later this year.


icon_STOP2021 - Steel Taipan and Waterslides - (12/23/21) Themeparks-AU confirms that the new Steel Taipan coaster at Dreamworld opened on Dec. 15, 2021.
    (12/7/21) The local news has confirmed that the new Steel Taipan roller coaster will open at Dreamworld on Dec. 15, 2021, which also marks the 40th birthday for the theme park.
    (10/8/21) Ready to see a POV video shot from Steel Taipan’s new rear spinning seats?! Check it out below for all the crazy action, and then decide if you would be willing to pay an upcharge fee for this.

    (10/3/21) The unique rear Spinning Seat car for Steel Taipan at Dreamworld has arrived and is now undergoing testing as  you can see in the post below. Now, for all your coaster fans out there, you may be wondering just how in the world the park was going to control the extra long line they were going to have for this unique 2-seat experience? 
    Dreamworld has confirmed in a Facebook post that this will be an Upcharge experience. Or in their terms, they are going to call it a “par-per-play experience”. No word on exactly how much it will cost for the extra experience, but I’m sure the price may fluctuate while they determine the best price that their guests are willing to pay while keeping the line full.

    (9/11/21) Steel Taipan is now testing at Dreamworld in Australia. Check out the POV of it in action posted below.  The layout should look familiar to fans of Mack Rides’ BlueFire coaster at Europa Park. The main coaster layout is the same, they’ve just added a new twist to the launch element allowing the coaster to do a partial launch forward, roll backward and up a twisted rear spike track before rolling forward through the launch system again to hit full speed and complete the course. Based on the footage, it does not look like they are testing with the additional HybridTrain “spinning” car just yet.

    (11/22/20) Mack Rides has introduced a new official enhancement that can add spinning seats onto new and existing Mack Rides coasters. The official name for the new spinning car is “HybridTrain” and according to Mack the first coaster that will use them will be Steel Taipan, a new launch coaster project going to Dreamworld for 2021 where the Hybrid Train car will be used as the last car on the train.
    You can see a video of Mack Rides testing the first HybridTrain car on their own Blue Fire Megacoaster at Europa Park below.

    (8/28/19) Dreamworld has announced they will add a new launched coaster from Mack Rides to the park for next season. The initial layout of the coaster is based on Mack’s popular Blue Fire layout, but with a major modification! As soon as you roll out of the station and enter the first launch, the train will stall out going up the first hill and roll backwards through the launch and up up a twisted spike track before launching forward once again, up and over the hill and into the rest of the layout. Oh… and they also promised that the last car on the train would feature a unique spinning car that would provide the ultimate unpredictable experience.
    If you want to cool off, Dreamworld will have you covered as well with the introduction of six new waterslides to open next season. Check out the preview animation videos below to see the new coaster and waterslides.


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