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Dubai Parks & Resorts LLC, a Meraas Holding company


Amusement Resort complex featuring Riverland Dubai retail / dining area, the Lapita Hotel, and several theme parks:
MOTIONGATE Dubai (Opened Dec. 16, 2016)
BOLLYWOOD PARKS Dubai (Opened Nov. 15, 2016 - Closed April 20, 2023)
LEGOLAND Dubai - (Opened Oct. 31, 2016) & LEGOLAND Water Park (Opened Nov. 15, 2016)


----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (4/10/2024) Real Madrid World Theme Park Now Open in Dubai!
    (1/17/2024) Real Madrid World Construction Update
    (11/18/2023) Real Madrid World Theme Park Confirmed For Dubai Parks & Resorts (MORE...)
    (4/21/2023) Bollywood Park Dubai Now Closed For Good (MORE...)


Resort News - (4/21/2023) In a very sudden announcement, Bollywood Park in Dubai announced via their Instagram feed that Thursday, April 20th was the official closure of the theme park for good. However, the park really actually closed a short time ago when the park announced they were temporarily closing on March 22 for the Ramadan holiday period. However it never reopened after that.


LEGOLAND Dubai (Opened Oct. 31, 2016)

2024 - Nothing new is known to be in development at this time...


MOTIONGATE DUBAI (Opened Dec. 16, 2016)

2024 - Nothing new is known to be in development at this time...



2024 - New Park - NOW OPEN - (4/10/2024) We knew it was coming to Dubai Parks & Resorts, but I don’t think we knew it was going to open this soon. I’m talking about the “Real Madrid World” theme park, and would you believe that it has actually opened to guests yesterday? Yes, Real Madrid World has officially replaced the resort’s former Bollywood Parks Dubai theme park, and they’ve even opened the GCI wooden coaster that was built for Bollywood park as the Bombay Express that never had a chance to open. The wooden coaster has been rebranded as Hala Madrid and on a related note, the park’s Zamperla family coaster formerly known as Taxi #1 has been renamed as “Wave”. I haven’t spotted a POV video of the Hala Madrid new wooden coaster out there yet, but it is only a matter of time before someone posts it.
    According to the official website the park says they have 15 rides to offer, but I’m not sure if these are all just renamed versions of the park’s former Bollywood rides, or if anything else totally new was added. Also, while the website says “15 Rides”, this might be something of a translation error, as perhaps they mean to say 15 Attractions, as now all of these sound like actual rides, and may be walk-through exhibits.
    (1/17/2024) The construction wall is now up outside the former Bollywood Park Dubia for the new “Real Madrid World” theme park. So far the walls just say ‘Coming Soon’ instead of something more specific. The crew from Theme Park Worldwide were on site this week and posted a quick video onsite.

    (11/18/2023) Dubai Parks & Resorts has announced the official name for their upcoming Real Madrid branded football (soccer) themed experience will be called “Real Madrid World”. They have also confirmed, as expected, that this will be a full scale theme park experience that will “welcome sports fans, families and friends who can look forward to adrenaline-pumping themed attractions, immersive experiences and fan engagement opportunities. Inspired by the skills, winning spirit and values of the club, guests will be taken on a timeless journey to experience the past, present and future of the club. Here, guests will come face to face with icons from across different eras and share the passion of some of the heroic comebacks and greatest achievements that have created the legend of Real Madrid, both on and off the pitch.”
    “Real Madrid World promises to host new and exciting experiences for guests of all ages, including thrill-seeking rides, family-friendly attractions, themed food and dining, as well as unique retail stores featuring a collection of official Real Madrid merchandise. As a ‘world-first’ addition to Dubai Parks™ and Resorts, the theme park will engage sports fans, families and children, contributing to Dubai’s status as a leading tourism destination.”
    While they haven’t just come out as said it, it seems obvious that Real Madrid World will be created from the former Bollywood Parks Dubia theme park that closed in April 2023, and rethemed as needed to make way for the new additions. The closed park also has the newly built, but never opened, Bombay Express wooden coaster that could easily be given a new name, along with a rumored collection of other new rides delivered to the site that may have originally been intended for the once-planned Six Flags Dubai theme park. For now they haven’t given a time-line as to when the new Real Madrid World park will be ready to open, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it is able to open before the end of 2024 since the infrastructure is already in place.
    (11/19/22) Dubai Parks and Resorts has apparently signed a deal to build the world’s first “Real Madrid theme park” that will feature sports themed rides, attractions and experiences. According to this article the goal is to open the new attraction by late 2023, which seems like a very short timetable to me. One thing to consider however is that Dubai Parks & Resorts did begin construction years ago on a proposed Six Flags Dubai theme park, only to shelve the project in the early phases of the build. With that in mind, if the Real Madrid project is going on the same site, they may be planning on repurposing any infrastructure and grading work already done on the site for the abandoned Six Flags project to speed  up the build of Real Madrid.
    This would make sense as I believe several of the ride’s originally purchased for the Six Flags project were also moved and used to expand the existing Motiongate and Bollywood Parks on site at Dubai Parks and Resorts.
    While the idea of building an entire theme park around the theme of a single sports team of any kind seems to be a bit out there, the dream to build a Real Madrid theme park has been something talked about for many years now. While still a bit foreign a concept to the American marketplace, the fact is that Real Madrid is one of the most popular Football clubs (aka: Soccer teams) in the world today.





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