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icon_STOPPark News - (11/9/22) Just a warning, but fans of Efteling may cringe a bit watching the videos below. They show off a demolition crew slowly breaking down portions of the the old Spookslot themed exterior building. Piece by piece, brick by brick, the crumbling mass comes tumbling down as the crane operator expertly picks and claws and cuts away at it, crushing the sections into rubble to make way for the new Danse Macabre in 2024

    (1/27/22) Good news for Efteling fans… the park has confirmed that they are now reopen once again. A valid COVID passport is required to visit however, so visit the official website to read up on the latest requirements.
    (1/18/22) A quick update on the situation at Efteling, which was previously shut down by the local government’s latest COVID response plans. Initially the closure order would have allowed the park to reopen on Jan. 15th, but that did not happen as the lockdown orders were extended now through to Jan. 25, 2022. With another week to go, there is no telling if they will allow the park to reopen or if it will be extended yet again.
    (12/20/21) Bad news for Efteling today. After just confirming their plans for the 2022 season, starting with the opening of new attractions on Jan. 1st, 2022… those plans are now on hold. According to a tweet from the park, it was announced from the Netherland’s government that the country went back into COVID lockdown mode starting on Sunday, which means everyone who had a planned trip to the park and resorts through to the end of the season is now going to find their holiday plans are canceled.
    From the sound of things, the current lockdown plans will remain in effect until at least January 14th, as the park’s website mentions that show performances of CARO are now canceled through to that date. Currently the park’s website shows things opening again on Jan. 15th, but right now everything is tentative, depending on in the government decides to lift the lockdown or not.

    (7/18/21) Efteling talks with BlooLoop about the development of the park over the years, as well as a peek at where they are going, now that the park’s 2030 development plans were finally approved in June. This includes a map of the overall site, with several future areas marked for expansion or “Uitbreiding” of Efteling Park in various directions.
    (6/3/21) Efteling has won approval for the theme park resorts 2030 master plan, detailing how they would like to expand the resort over the next decade. Specific attractions are not mentioned, but they do show expansion sites for the park to use behind the Reizenrijk area, next to the Efteling Hotel and on sites currently used for overflow parking. Based on past rumors, it sounds like the expansion plans once intended for 2020 may be the first ones to be worked on in the near future, which was to add a new expansion land, possibly connected to the Reizenrijk area.


2022 - World of Sinbad / 70th Anniversary Celebration - (12/19/21) Efteling will be celebrating the park’s 70th Birthday in 2022, and the fun will start on January 1st (now delayed) with the opening of the new Sirocco and Archipel attractions. Starting in February at 4pm each day the park will host a small party event to celebrate the anniversary, and then starting in late March the park will also put on a surprise “pop-up fairy tale” each day through to early October.

    (10/17/21) According to the latest updates, Efteling’s new World of Sinbad themed area is moving forward quickly, with construction work on the Sirocco and Archipel attractions moving at a rapid pace. The $2.8m project will transform the park’s Reizenrijk area and attractions into the “World of Sinbad”, and then link it together with the Vogel Rok attraction.
    (6/25/21) Efteling will open a new attraction this winter. According to the tweet “Big plans for Reizenrijk! Adventures Maze and Monsieus Cannibale become Archipel and Sirocco! In winter of 2021, both attractions will open with a new theme of Sinbad de Zeeman, from the stories of 1001 nights!” Considering the location, this will fit right in nicely with the nearby Vogel Rok indoor coaster ride.


icon_STOP2024 - Danse Macabre and Efteling Grand Hotel - (11/2/22) According to Blooloop the new Danse Macabre attraction opening at Efteling in 2024 will feature a unique ride system not seen anywhere else in the world. They describe it as having an 18-meter wide turntable, with six smaller turntables on top, each with “six choir stalls”, holding a total of 108 guests. The larger turntable will then be able “to rise, tilt and fall, spin like a coin, and fall flat. “
    Intamin has been working closely with the park toi create the new ride system for the attraction that will replace the park’s former Haunted Castle / Spookslot attraction.

    (5/21/22) Efteling has confirmed that the park’s Spookslot haunted castle attraction will be replaced by a new dark themed attraction called Danse Macabre in 2024. The new indoor attraction is said to be the anchor of a new themed area for the park. The new attraction will use the former Spookslot as inspiration and may even feature some fun throwback elements along the way. 
    Meanwhile, guests have until the end of this summer season to enjoy Spookslot before it closes for good.

    (4/9/22) Efteling has revealed their next resort project will be called the Efteling Grand Hotel. Set to open in 2024, this will be the largest hotel at the theme park resort, and actually located within the park itself. Guests will find the new hotel overlooking the Aquanura water show and the Fairytale Forest sections of the theme park. Look for construction on the seven-story 143-room / 700 bed resort to begin this summer. Once it opens, the experience will be also available to theme park guests to come visit and enjoy the shops and two-restaurants built into the ground floor.
    (1/27/22) We also have a bit of bad news for Efteling fans. The park announced that they will be closing down the Spookslot Haunted House attraction later during the 2022 season. The attraction is leaving to make way for a new high capacity indoor attraction concept that is expected to entertain 1250 guests per hour. The new attraction will be built as part of a “renewed thematic area” between the Pardoes Promenade, Baron 1898 and Max & Moritz attractions. No timeline was given as to when the new attraction would open.
    Meanwhile the park also plans to build a new seven story hotel with 143 rooms. Both are expected to open for the 2024 season. Look for the new hotel to be built near the park entrance.
    Below you can also see a video of the Spookslot attraction experience that seems to be a blend of a walk-through experience with a big show scene for the finale.


???? - New Attraction - (10/15/20) With the announcement of “Nest!” for 2021, it seems that the previous 2020 plans that were already pushed back to 2021 way back in 2018, have likely been pushed even further back. Stay tuned!
    (10/10/18) According to the report posted at Themeparks.EU, Efteling former 2020 plans have been pushed back to 2021. This will see a new attraction expansion on the east side of the park, near the hotel, that will include a new themed area that will become part of the Reizenrijk area of the park.
    (1/20/18) Efteling is ready to begin moving forward with a dramatic plans to expand the park into new land as part of their "World of Efteling 2030" masterplan. According to a new post at BlooLoop, they have come to the government to ask for permission to begin working on the first phase of this expansion in order to prepare the 3 hectares site for a new attraction they wish to open in 2020.
    According to a map shown, the first phase site will be across the back road of the park, right next door to the Efteling Hotel. This makes me wonder if the 2020 attraction, may be part of the New Coaster rumor we heard a few months back predicted for 2019... as the location given for the coaster (somewhere between Vogel Rok and the Ruigrijk area) is also exactly where the future 2020 to 2030 expansion site lies. Stay tuned...




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