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Winter Haven, Florida
Merlin Entertainment / Blackstone




icon_STOPPark News - (10/19/21) Screamscape has posted a couple of new videos shot at Legoland Florida on Friday, showing off the park’s official 10th Birthday celebration, while the other gives us a walk-around look at the new shaded selection of MiniLand that is now open, as well as another look inside The LEGOLAND Story.

    (10/13/21) Legoland Florida Sets Opening Date For Peppa Pig Theme Park
    (10/10/21) A reader sent in several pictures showing off the new Legoland Coffee Co and The Legoland Story walk-thru display / attraction that are now soft open at Legoland Florida, ahead of the official Birthday event later this week. We also posted a few short videos shot while walking around inside on our Instagram so you can get a feel of the layout. (and if you haven’t followed Screamscape on Instagram, please do so.)

















    (10/3/21) A ton of new pictures from Legoland Florida were sent into Screamscape this week, showing off the start of the park’s Brick Or Treat event, the construction of the shade structure over MiniLand, as well as signage for the new “The Legoland Story” attraction and upcoming Coffee Co. location.
























    (10/2/21) Brick Or Treat returns to LEGOLAND Florida ever Saturday and Sunday in October starting this weekend along with another treat, “BOO-tastic fireworks and extended hours every event night.” Yep, each night for Brick Or Treat the park will stay open until 8pm.
    “Arrrgh ye ready to end yer night with a bang? Experience the tale of Captain Dreadbeard’s adventures during a siege to save Pirate’s Cove as fireworks make their return to Brick or Treat every event night. Grab a complimentary pair of special glasses from our crew because once the show starts, wearing them will cause the fireworks to fill the night sky with LEGO® bricks!”
    As for the rest of the park, look for special spooky live shows and entertainment, the Groovin’ Graveyard, Operation: Monster Squad, come in costume and go trick-or-treating through the park, meet and greet the LEGO monster characters and more. Don’t forget all the special yummy holiday snacks being offered throughout the park. Visit the official site to see more!





    (9/25/21) According to new updates, the plan is for Legoland Florida to premier a new attraction at the park on Oct. 15th for the launch of the park’s 10th Birthday. This includes the giant LEGO birthday cake we’ve seen, along with the re-launch of MiniLand with the new shade structure, and that new fountain that now features a variety of themed LEGO fig people (new pictures below)
    On Oct. 15th, the park will open The Legoland Story, a history of how the LEGOLAND theme parks are built, brick-by-brick, through a series of interactive displays that will even include a nod to the  Cypress Gardens days with a coaster car from Cypress Gardens’ Triple Hurricane coaster said to be on display. Also opening that day will be the new “Legoland Coffee Co.” location, a new cafe that will serve a number of breakfast items and sandwiches as well as the hot and cold coffee menu. 
    (9/24/21) Some new photos from Legoland Florida came in this week, with more progress shots from the installation of the MiniLand shade covering, and a look at the park’s 10th Birthday Cake.
    (9/21/21) A new construction update from Miniland at Legoland Florida has been sent in, showing off the progress on the new shade structure.

    (9/17/21) A few new pictures show off the latest construction progress in Miniland where the large new support pieces for the shade structure are being put into place all over Miniland.
    Meanwhile, the official word from Legoland Florida is that the three top winning builds from the FOX TV series, LEGO MASTERS Season Two, will be put on display inside the park’s Premium Gift Shop. The 3rd place model was put on display yesterday and the 1st and 2nd place models will go on display starting Oct. 1, 2021.

    (9/13/21) Ever wonder how much of the old Cypress Gardens park is left at Legoland Florida? Quite a bit actually, one of our local readers sent in some neat photos showing off how parts of the old Cypress Gardens park are still alive and well inside Legoland Florida.













icon_STOP2022 - Pirate River Quest - (10/17/21) We’ll have look at the Legoland 10th Birthday celebration a little later, but at the event a new attraction was announced for the park, coming in 2022, called the Pirate River Quest.
    “Set sail with a rowdy crew of LEGO® pirates on Captain’s orders to explore the murky waters and retrieve the lost treasure, stolen by a troop of mischievous monkeys. Journey through the uncharted waters of the legendary Cypress Gardens and discover the secrets protecting its canals, as this all-new story unfolds brick by brick into a family-friendly treasure hunt. Adventure awaits you at LEGOLAND® on the Pirate River Quest, coming in 2022.”
    Way back in Cypress Gardens days of the property, the park offered boat rides through the garden canals (you can see an old postcard image of the boats here) and it is thought that those old canals that have been unused for years will be brought back to life for the new Pirate River Quest attraction.
















icon_STOP2022 - Peppa Pig Theme Park - (10/13/21) According to a statement from Legoland Florida, the new Peppa Pig Theme Park (a second gate) is now officially set to open on February 24, 2022. Advanced ticket sales (and annual pass sales) are now available online here.
    The price for a 1-day ticket just into the Peppa Pig Theme Park (and not Legoland) is currently going for $30.99 for the small park with six rides. Well, technically I think it is 5 rides, as one looks like a pedal bike course.
    Annual Passes into Peppa Pig Theme Park are being sold for $74.99.
    (8/28/21) Enjoy three new pictures of the construction of the Peppa Pig Theme Park sent in by a reader this week. Most of the action is taking place behind a large wall unfortunately, but from what we understand all the rides are in the process of being installed right now.
    (8/1/21) A slew of new concept art for the Peppa Pig Theme Park was sent our way, showing off several of the new attractions and play areas, as well as a map of the mini park. We’ve also got new names and descriptions of the play spaces and areas.
     Muddy Puddles Splash Pad - Have an oinktastic time with Peppa and George doing their favorite thing: jumping up and down in "muddy puddles!” This lively play area has spouting fountains, slides and other watery surprises to keep the play experiences super fun and splashy!
    Fun Fair - Meet Peppa and her friends for a fairground adventure full of free games for the whole family, rides that take you up into the sky and lots of other fun things to try!
    George's Fort - What's making that croaking noise? Find out for Granny Pig by finding your way through the maze and exploring George's Fort!
    Grandpa Pig's Greenhouse - Discover what Grandpa Pig is growing - could it be something red and squishy? Or green and round? Slide around his greenhouse and find out!
    Peppa Pig's Treehouse – Climb into the Treehouse and join Peppa for "high tea" in her not-so-high treehouse, then slide down to the bottom for even more fun!
    Rebecca Rabbit's Playground – Get active and find all of the ways to play around the rabbit burrows, as you jump, crawl or hop over to explore Rebecca Rabbit's Playground.
    Madame Gazelle's Nature Trail - Discover what has left mysterious footprints on the ground as you explore the nature trail with Madame Gazelle!
    Mr. Potato's Showtime Arena - Join Peppa and her family under the canopy at Mr. Potato's stage with live shows packed full of songs, games, snorts, and giggles throughout the day!
    The Cinema - Take a break from the sunny fun by watching some of your favorite episodes of Peppa Pig on the big screen in our indoor cinema!
    (7/30/21) Legoland Florida has confirmed the list of new attractions that will be in the new Peppa Pig Theme Park, a mini-second gate expansion to be built next to Legoland Florida. The new park will feature six rides, a water play area and six other themed play areas when it opens in 2022. The list of attractions includes:
    Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster, Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride, Grandad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride, Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure, Mr. Bull’s High Striker, Peppa’s Pedal Bike Tour and George’s Tricycle Trail. Follow the link to see more concept art and more details about the aspects of the land, and themed play areas.
    One item to share here goes with a separate announcement from Zamperla about their new famly coaster model that features both a lift and a launch. This will be used as Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster.

    (7/21/21) While I’m not sure where this was taken, a reader sent in a picture of a new “Pigga Pig Theme Park” sign set  up at a facility in Jacksonville, FL. We can only presume this will be shipped off to Legoland Florida in the near future along with any other signage they are working on for the new mini-park.
    (2/26/21) In an article that is primarily about the Mr. Potato Head toy being rebranded simply as Potato Head, Hasbro announced that “the first Peppa Pig” theme park will be coming to Legoland Florida in 2022. Much as what was rumored, they say that the Peppa Pig Theme Park will require a separate entry ticket from Legoland Florida to experience the small list of attractions. I have to give credit to OrlandoWeekly’s report from December 2020 that nailed this rumor right on the head, including the separate admission bit.
    I’m afraid I’m also going to double-down on my own reaction to this idea from December. I don’t see Peppa Pig as being an attendance driver in the US, especially not one worthy of enticing parents to shell out money to pay for an entire extra ticket to see half a dozen Peppa Pig themed attractions located on the same property as the entire Legoland Florida theme park. Sorry… I just don’t see Peppa Pig being popular enough to have a dedicated park for an IP focused on the Age 2-5 demographic.
    Of course I guess the bright side of this is that if it tanks, they can always just drop the gate and attach it as a new land for Legoland Florida instead.
    (12/20/20) I’m not sure I buy it entirely, but OrlandoWeekly has posted their own story about the proposed Legoland Florida expansion, along with a theory that the new land could be theme to Peppa Pig.
    As I said, I’m not convinced for a number of reasons. For starters, as a parent, my kids have never cared for Peppa Pig, and none of their friends have either. This could be a local market thing, as I’m sure the show has an audience somewhere in the US, just apparently not where I am located. In addition to this, we have family and friends who work in the school systems in both North and South Carolina with elementary school age children, who also reported to me that they really don’t notice any major popularity with the character with the children they interact with once they get outside of the Kindergarten age demographic.
    My second line of doubt lines in the fact that as far as I can find, there is no official license agreement with LEGO to have Peppa Pig themed LEGO sets. This is Legoland Florida after all, and you would think that an expansion of the park would have to be themed to the LEGO toys in some way. While Merlin Entertainment, the company that owns the Legoland parks has the rights to put Peppa Pig themed lands inside their theme parks, having no link between LEGO bricks and Peppa Pig would seem to make this concept a no-go.
    Of course OrlandoWeekly’s idea is that this expansion could be set up as a stand-alone park experience… a miniature second gate of sorts, making this a mini Peppa Pig stand-alone park instead of a true Legoland Expansion. An interesting idea, but again, land around Legoland Florida is scarce and this would be a poor use of the available property in my opinion that could be put to better use as part of the main park. Instead I would suggest that a stand-alone Peppa Pig attraction like that may find a better audience if built somewhere in Orlando, perhaps near ICON park where Merlin already runs other attractions like the giant wheel, SeaLife aquarium and Madame Tussauds.
    I could be wrong about this… I just hope I’m not. Make the jump over to their site to see some really close up views of some of the plans submitted so far that make it possible to make out the style of rides being considered at this time.
    (12/17/20) We have a little more information about that planned 4.5 acre expansion in the works for Legoland Florida, thanks to our friends at BlooLoop. They’ve posted an image showing off the overall layout of the expansion site, and even overlaid it onto an aerial image of the park so we can see exactly where it will go and how the six proposed new attractions will be laid out.
    These are early plans however, so keep in mind that if you think you recognize what kind of attractions are in the plans, those are always subject to change as they work through the permit and planning process. What is still interesting is the unknown answer as to how guests will access this new land from the main park, as it sits across from a dedicated roadway for busses coming to the park, and since this is Florida the use of an underground tunnel is unlikely, so some kind of bridge may be put to use here perhaps to somehow link it to the rest of the park.

    (12/13/20) According to new plans submitted by Legoland Florida, it seems the theme park is planning a new future expansion. According to the early plans submitted the theme park wants to clear 4.5 acres of their current parking lot to expand the theme park for a project called “Legoland Venus” that would feature about five or six new rides, along with a new large building and picnic and play areas.
    According to a report at the Orlando Sentinel, it would be linked to the existing Lego Movie World area by a “pedestrian crosswalk across Bus Loop Drive”. Legoland Florida says they aren’t ready to talk about what’s in the works until sometime next year.



Track Record

Legoland Florida
Former site of Cypress Gardens
Winter Haven, FL
Merlin Entertainment

Tickets: as of 7/17/12
Adults: $75.00
Child: $65.00
Parking: $12.00
Open: Year Round

Newest Developments:
2021 - Lego Mythica 4D

2020 - Pirate Island Hotel

2019 - LEGO Movie World

2018 - The Great Lego Race

2017 - Ninjago The Ride and Legoland Beach Retreat

2016 - Lego Movie 4D, Lego Nexo Knights 4D

2015 - Heartlake City and Legoland Florida Hotel

2014 - Duplo Valley

2013 - World of Chima

2012 - Waterpark

2011 - Grand Opening on
October 15th, 2011



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