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icon_STOPPark News - (4/21/2024) Congratulations to Liseberg, as the Swedish theme park opened the other day to begin their 101st summer season! A celebration was held at the southern entrance with characters, balloons and 4000 pairs of rabbit ears handed out to young children. At noon the gates opened and guests were led down a pink carpet under balloon arches and “a sea of soap bubbles” into the park.
    From here the park sett out to achieve a new world record of sorts for hosting the ‘World’s Largest Bunny Disco” led by their rabbit characters and around 1000 children and adults invited to dance along with them.

    (4/4/2024) A new report issued by Liseberg has now estimated the damage caused by the fire to the Oceana waterpark project is be at least SEK 484 million, or $45.41 million US dollars. Overall the physical damage to the waterpark has been determined to be less than originally feared, as certain areas of the waterpark remained entirely untouched by the fire. The three main aspects that will need to be addressed include the building of “a new attraction tower, a new roof structure and new rides.”
    (2/17/2024) According to various news reports the burnt remains of a human body were found inside Liseberg’s Oceana water park that caught on fire earlier this week. A missing worker was reported immediately as the fire raged on, burning for up to three days while contained within the structure, but the ongoing fire and fears over the structural safety of the structure prevented a thorough search until Friday.
    According to a new Press Release from the park as of today (Feb. 17th) Liserberg’s board did meet on Friday to discuss their future plans for Oceana. It was decided during the meeting that Liseberg will “initiate the process for the reconstruction of Oceana.”
    (2/14/2024) According to the press conference from Liseberg, the fire in the Oceana waterpark construction site appears to have started off with a “fire gas explosion”, which I believe was caught on video yesterday. It then quickly spread through much of the waterpark causing extensive damage. Due to the flames and fear of possible collapse in some locations, rescue workers have not been able to location the one missing employee at this time.
    While they have stopped the spread and contained the fire, it does not sound as if the fire has been extinguished, and may still be slowing burning within the structure. Even so, Liseberg did say that the emergency response teams efforts have managed to save large parts of the building from the flames.
    As for the future of the project, Liseberg simply says  that they do not know at this time. Their efforts are entirely focused on taking care of all the people affected by the fire, and not upon determining the financial impact or the cost of the damage done.
    (2/13/2024) Very sad news came out about Liseberg on Monday morning as it was reported that a major fire had broken out within their new indoor waterpark, Oceana, while still under construction. The indoor waterpark was expected to open this Summer, but just taking a quick look at the video below shows an early scene when it appears that the fire was mainly inside the structure, only to explode out with great force, eventually engulfing most of the park’s outdoor fiberglass waterslide sections as well, which you can see in a video posted by the BBC.
    According to a statement from the theme park, the fire has “resulted in total destruction of the building.” 16 people were said to have been sent to a hospital for treatment for minor injuries and all were released later in the day. Unfortunately Liseberg has also reported one man is still missing who was thought to be working inside the project.
    The cause of the fire is said to still be unknown at this time, and Liseberg will arrange a press conference on Tuesday morning at 11am to discuss the situation further.

    (10/31/2023) Liseberg was looking for volunteers to undergo the Peak Fear Experiment program and now those findings are being released.
    On 11 October this year, Liseberg amusement park in Sweden carried out ‘The Peak Fear Experiment’, a field study in recreational fear. Out of 1,640 applications from 22 countries, two participants were chosen: Vicki Bth, a 45-year-old teacher from Sweden, and Helge Branscheidt, a 38-year-old hair and make-up artist from Germany. Liseberg conducted the experiment in collaboration with researchers from the Recreational Fear Lab at Aarhus University in Denmark, who will now publish the study results in The Peak Fear Report:
    "This experiment shows that subjecting yourself to recreational fear in a safe environment can improve your psychological resilience and stress management ability and help you build strategies for managing fear and negative feelings. In other words, it can help to develop you as a person," says Mathias Clasen, PhD and co-director at the Recreational Fear Lab at Aarhus University.
    For Liseberg, the purpose of the experiment was to gain increased knowledge and insight into how recreational fear can best be designed to optimise fear experiences in the amusement park:
    "Every year, thousands of guests visit Halloween at Liseberg to experience fear. The results of this report show that Liseberg has excellent knowledge in the area of recreational fear. Now we want to use these insights to further develop our fear attractions. One aspect we want to examine is whether we can help visitors to tailor their fear experiences at the park," says Karl Svedung, Head of Marketing at Liseberg.
    Both of the participants, Vicki Bth from Sweden and Helge Branscheidt from Germany, found the experiment a thrilling and fun experience that also challenged them on a deeper, more personal level:
"For me, the scariest element was the unknown, not knowing what was going to happen. It might sound very strange to others, but I enjoyed being in those scary places, letting rip and going crazy," says Helge Branscheidt from Hamburg.
Vicki Bth from Sweden had to temporarily interrupt the experiment by shouting the safe word, Peak Fear. However, she doesn’t regret taking part:
    "I had to find ways to avoid going into panic, like when I decided to get angry to manage my fear. This enabled me to enjoy the fear experience at the same time as being scared. This is the most fun and exciting thing I’ve ever experienced, and I was very proud of myself when I took control of my fear," she says.
    You can read the full report here, and they’ve also posted a video about it that you can see below.



icon_STOP2024 Delayed Indefintely - Oceana Indoor Waterpark - (2/12/2024) The waterpark erupted into explosive flames on the morning of Feb. 12, 2024, delaying the project indefinately.
    (2/5/2024) A quick construction update from Liseberg showing off their new Oceana water park project can be seen below. According to the post, this is showing off the moment when the last waterslide piece was being set into place.

    (1/17/2024) Liseberg has broken out the hoses and turned the water on to begin filling the various pools at their new Oceana Water World indoor waterpark. According to the report, it is predicted to take about four straight days to fill up the entire waterpark. The project has been under construction since late 2020, so after 3+ years of work, I’m sure everyone is very excited to see the project nearing completion. Look for Liseberg Oceana Water World to open at the start of Summer 2024.
    (12/22/21) Liseberg reconfirmed that their plans to open the indoor Oceana Water World is still on track for 2024.
    (11/16/20) According to a post on Twitter from ECC, the new indoor waterpark coming to Liseberg will be named Oceana. According to the last information we heard back in July, the plan was to open the indoor waterpark at some point after the Grand Curiosa Hotel opened in 2023, so likely in 2024 at the earliest. You can see some of the concept art in the tweet below.




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