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Park News - (5/14/21) Liseberg is now set to reopen to guests starting on June 3, 2021. This is great news for Liseberg, as the Swedish park was unable to open at all in 2020 due to the local restrictions that prevented theme parks from operating.
    (9/16/19) This will be one of the most amazing things you will see all day… an awesome drone racer pilot takes on the HELIX coaster at Liseberg for an epic fly-by follow-along on the coasters incredible layout. Watch and be amazed.



icon_STOP2021 - Underland and More - (6/30/21) A fun POV video reveals the new Underlandet dark ride just added to Liseberg, as well as the queue experience. Check it out below!







    (6/5/21) Congratulations go out to Liseberg, after being closed for the past 520 days, the theme park was able to finally reopen to guests on June 3, 2021.
“The re-opening of Liseberg on June 3, 2021 marked one of the most important and happiest days in the park’s almost 100 year history. With a limited number of guests in the park and many extensive COVID-19 measures, the Liseberg-visit will be somewhat different in the 2021-season, but nevertheless the atmosphere in the park was cheerful and optimistic.”
    The park was also able to open their brand new dark ride, Underland as well as feature several new additions to the children's area: a renovated river ride called Morotsresan (the Carrot Journey) as well as a new entertainment stage area and a rabbit-themed restaurant for the kids called Bergs Bistro.
    Elsewhere in the park two new restaurants also opened: 1923 (an Art Deco themed restaurant featuring details from the park’s nearly 100-year long history) and a rebuilt version of The Green Room, which “now serves 100% plant-based food.” The Green Room’s goal is to have zero food waste and to offer food made with primarily organic ingredients sourced from local producers.
    I haven’t seen one yet, but if you come across a POV of the new Underland dark ride, send a link my way as I can’t wait to see this new custom-themed dark ride experience.
    (10/17/20) Underland, the park’s new dark ride, is now planned to open sometime in 2021.
    (3/4/20) Liseberg has announced that guests who want to ride their new Underland dark ride this season will not have to stand in a traditional queue to ride. Instead the park has announced the development of a new virtual queuing system, separate from the park’s existing Express Pass program. Guests can register to enter the virtual queue on an app and kids can entertain themselves in a nearby playground while they wait.
    (3/8/19) Liseberg has announced new details about the dark ride coming to Kaninlandet (Rabbit Land) in 2020. The new family dark ride will be called Underland and take guests underground to experience the secret world of the rabbits. The new attraction has an estimated budget of SEK 150 million and will be located on the site of the former Children’s Theater.
    The new ride concept comes from Liseberg and Quarry Fold Studio, with the ride system coming from Gosetto SRL, themeing from P&P Projects and Animatroncis from Lifeformations. It will feature a total of 18 4-passenger vehicles, with an estimated ride length of 3 minutes and 20 seconds, with an overall capacity of 850 pph.
    (11/12/18) Themeparks-EU has confirmed our rumor from September that Liseberg was planning an expansion to their green rabbit themed Kaninlandet (Rabbit Land) section of the park for 2020 that will feature a new dark ride adventure. In addition it will feature a new show and a themed restaurant experience.
    (9/10/18) According to the latest rumor sent in to Screamscape, the new dark ride being planned for Liseberg will take the place of the Kvarnteatern theater attraction in Kaninlandet (Rabbit Land) and be themed around the park's popular green rabbit characters seen in the land and show theater.

    (9/1/18) According to documents filed here, Liseberg is planning on building a new dark ride for 2020. Anyone else know more?


2023 - Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel - (7/7/20) While Liseberg isn’t able to open for the 2020 season, the park is focused on future projects now, including the Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel, which is set to open in 2023. The 457-room hotel will include a unique restaurant and a fully functional merry-go-round from 1923. Once open they will begin work on a second phase that will add a year-round indoor waterpark to the resort.

    (10/1/19) Good news for Liseberg as the park was given permission to proceed with plans to build the Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel. The first phase will see the hotel and 457 rooms built while an indoor waterpark will be added to the hotel later on. Look for construction to begin this fall. According to the report at BlooLoop the hotel will even feature a unique slide that runs between floors in the lobby.
    (5/18/18) According to the latest update posted to BlooLoop, Liseberg will start construction later this month on their new expansion that will add a waterpark, a new hotel and even more parking. While the parking expansion should be done by 2019, the new hotel and waterpark aren't expected to open until sometime between 2021 and 2023. The waterpark, which will mostly be indoors, will be open to anyone who wants to buy a ticket, and not just guests staying and the connected resort hotel. The nice thing is that this will bring year-round business to Liseberg.
    (9/30/17) According to the latest information, Liseberg plans on opening a new themed family destination hotel and indoor waterpark just to the south of the park, but still connected to the main property by 2021. The opening should coincide with the 400th anniversary of Gothenburg and various celebrations that will take place then.
    The indoor waterpark will feature 10 slides, 8 pools and 3 play areas, while the new hotel will feature 453 guest rooms as well as a new restaurants, meeting spaces and a spa. Both the hotel and waterpark (which will also have a small outdoor section) will be themed to the 'Swedish East India Company".
    (1/26/17) According to this report Liseberg is now planning an indoor waterpark and resort hotel. The proposals were submitted for permission last year and the park is just waiting to get a final approval of their plans before they move forward.


2024 - Oceana Indoor Waterpark - (11/16/20) According to a post on Twitter from ECC, the new indoor waterpark coming to Liseberg will be named Oceana. According to the last information we heard back in July, the plan was to open the indoor waterpark at some point after the Grand Curiosa Hotel opened in 2023, so likely in 2024 at the earliest. You can see some of the concept art in the tweet below.




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