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icon_STOPPark News - (7/21/22) Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage Review
    (7/1/22) In honor of the July 4th Holiday, Six Flags Magic Mountain, the “Thrill Capital of the World,” celebrates the red, white and blue with patriotic festivities on July 2-4. Coca-Cola July 4th Fest will feature live music, limited-time culinary delights, a dazzling fireworks and laser extravaganza, and your favorite collection of world-class coasters.
    “We’re thrilled to be hosting three days of July 4th Fest, our favorite summer event. We’re offering entertainment for the entire family, including a nightly fireworks display, and all-American thrills,” said Park President Don McCoy. “We are proud to present this event to celebrate our country’s Independence Day, to display our American pride, and bring families and friends together for some summer fun,” he added.
    Visit the official website for all the details!
    (6/30/22) Six Flags Magic Mountain has now officially confirmed that Wonder Woman Flight of Courage will open to the public on July 16, 2022. Even better, this achievement will officially give Six Flags Magic Mountain a total of 20 roller coasters.

    (2/20/22) So as the re-painting of Tatsu at the park is coming closer to being finished, it looks like someone has spotted the next coaster to go under the paint roller. New test paint colors were spotted having been applied to a lower support and track section on Goliath. If they go with this new color scheme Goliath will still have Orange track (just a lighter shade) and the teal support structure will become a dark shade of red, somewhere between Maroon and Burgundy. The darker support structure should really help Goliath stand out from the Superman tower on the park’s skyline. The only thing I worry about is how the lighter orange track color might fade over time in the sun, as we can see how the darker orange has faded over the years on much of the track.

    (1/30/22) Curious to see what’s new at Six Flags Magic Mountain? Well, other than the impending arrival of a robot security guard, which we detailed here. The Coaster Kings stopped by the park for a couple of days and have posted a large new update on the park’s various off-season projects, like the repainting of Tatsu, the facelift for DC Universe and construction of the new Wonder Woman coaster. And yes, the Wonder Woman logo has been removed from the park’s old flat ride, so it looks like a new name and theme is pending. The old ride vehiclkes from The Flash (removed a few weeks back) were spotted sitting under the park’s SCREAM coaster as well, so I don’t know if they are removing them or possibly looking to keep and rebuild the ride elsewhere as part of the DC Universe remodel. As far as Wonder Woman goes… it’s still just a bunch of footers sitting there, and piles of coaster pieces in the parking lot.  For whatever reason the park doesn’t seem to keen on setting up the coaster just yet, so for those hoping for a Spring Break opening, don’t count on it, this is looking like a Summer coaster.
    (1/1/22) The latest updates from Six Flags Magic Mountain have revealed some surprising changes. The biggest may be the fact that The Flash: Speed Force flat ride has been completely removed. This wasn’t really expected, and we don’t know if The Flash has been taken down in order to relocated it elsewhere in the park or if it is gone for good. For anyone curious, yes the Wonder Woman flat ride is still standing however, making it the last of the old flat rides from this side of the park remaining.
    The area now known as DC Universe, going back to before Batman: The Ride was ever built, was always a nice little dead-end street featuring a number of popular flat rides over the years. Before Batman was built, the end of the street was home to Z-Force in the 1980’s, an Intamin Looping Starship, along with three other rides: Reactor (Enterprise), Turbo (Electric Rainbow now themed to Wonder Woman), and Subway (the Himalaya, lastly themed to The Flash). Over the years, most of these rides went by one or two other names as well, as I recall Wonder Woman was once called the Gotham Gearworks and before being named The Flash the park’s Himalaya was called Atom Smasher for many years.
    On the good news side, I’m told Twisted Colossus has returned the third train from refurbishment, enabling the coaster’s two sides to duel once again. The repaints on Tatsu is paused for the busy holiday season so they can run it for guests, but expect to see Tatsu close down again to finish the repaint in a couple days. No vertical progress has taken place on the new Wonder Woman coaster yet, but the footers have been poured and are ready so hopefully we’ll see some vertical progress on the new coaster soon.














icon_STOP2022 - Wonder Woman Flight of Courage / DC UNIVERSE / Teen Titans Turbo Spin -
    (7/21/22) Screamscape was invited to send Rob, our local area guy, out to try their newest roller coaster, Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage last week who sent back the following report about his experience on the park’s 20th roller coaster.

The battle of the roller coaster titans continues with Six Flags Magic Mountain's newest salvo, Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage. This latest entry reaffirms Magic Mountain's status as the amusement park with the highest roller coaster count. Again.
This is the latest creation from Idaho based Rocky Mountain Construction, and it also sets a few precedents for the coaster world. It's the tallest and longest single rail roller coaster, with single file seating that allows for a smaller footprint. It is also Magic Mountain's second Rocky Mountain coaster, after the massive overhaul of [Twisted] Colossus.
Set in the DC Universe area of the park, the loading station for Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage is carried over from the former Green Lantern: First Flight, a disappointing Intamin Zac Spin ride. Entry is accessed via the Embassy of Themyscira, the American office for Wonder Woman's homeland. Once inside, guests file past displays of indigenous weapons and homages to the gods of Mount Olympus.
Lockers are situated near the end of the queue, before a flight of stairs that leads to the loading station. Appropriately, no loose articles are permitted onboard, though zippered pouches are affixed to each seat to accommodate smaller items.
The most glaring drawback is that the single file seating arrangement means the wheels are situated directly under the train, necessitating that riders' legs be uncomfortably splayed apart at awkward angles. Add to that an aesthetically inelegant, cumbersome and painful overhead restraint system that often comes down hard on riders' thighs, and you have this rider wishing Rocky Mountain would spend more effort developing their harnesses. At least the shoulder restraints are fairly unobtrusive fabric straps that allow for some wiggle room.
The ride begins benignly enough, with a steep climb to the top of the 131 foot lift hill, affording an expansive view of the surrounding area. Unexpectedly, the hill employs noisy rollback teeth, giving the ascent a traditional feel due to the steady metallic "clack clack" sound during the trip up.
Unlike the other Rocky Mountain single rails coasters, Flight of Courage doesn't have a turnaround after the first lift; it goes straight into the first 87° drop. This first drop will feel radically different, depending on the location of your seat. Those seated in the front will hang over the edge, looking straight down toward the baking concrete below before picking up steam. Those seated toward the rear of the train won't even have a chance of seeing the ground before they are catapulted over the edge at considerable fury. This is the joy of seat selection on coasters. Riders can modulate the intensity of their experience, that is if they are permitted to select their own seats. It appears that staff will be assigning seats to maintain a smooth loading process, though I am certain most will be open to requests.
The remainder of the ride is a relentless sequence of textbook maneuvers, including a raven dive, zero-gravity roll, and overbanked turns. It hits all the right buttons and more. As expected, the ride is smooth as glass.
The duration also feels just right, not too short. If there are any drawbacks, the relentless nature of the sequence of elements begs for a little relief. The mid-course brake does not seem to be activated, so trains fly through the only flat section and hurl right into the final sequence of twists. We'll see if that lasts.
Capacity looks to be decent as well, with a continuous loading system in which the train steadily creeps through the station as passengers disembark and then board in a simple procedure. No waiting for gates to open and close or for riders stashing belongings in a station cubby. Though not new, this is a revolution for loading procedures.
One of the aesthetic byproducts of these single rail designs is that the structure overwhelms the track itself to the point of making it look rather flimsy and delicate, which it is not. It pretty much looks like a toy; one expects little metal balls to come rolling down the rail at any point. But let's not quibble: this is a real ride, made for real people with the courage to subject themselves to extreme speeds and forces in the name of recreation and leisure. And on that front. Wonder Woman does not disappoint.
    (7/4/22) Things are really starting to move at Six Flags Magic Mountain are crews really being to test Wonder Woman with multi-train operation for most of the day. Check it out in the video below from Theme Park ERT.

    (6/26/22) ACN is back at Six Flags Magic Mountain to post another more extensive video of Wonder Woman making test runs from a variety of angles, as well as a look around the rest of the DC Universe under construction. They even ventured out into the new neighborhood development behind the park to get a look at the new coaster in action from there.
    I have to admit that when Wonder Woman finally gets moving in this video, it looks to be seriously speeding along that rail much faster than I thought it might. Since Wonder Woman is supposed to be a near-copy (slightly expanded) of the Jersey Devil coaster, this is saying something, which makes me wonder if some small design improvements and modifications may have been made. Plus the train just sounds to be running smooth as hell over those rails. While I haven’t ridden Jersey Devil myself, in a lot of videos I’ve seen of it, Jersey Devil did sound like it had a small “rattle” sound as the train moved through the layout, which I definitely don’t hear on the Wonder Woman testing videos.

    (6/25/22) Good news for Six Flags Magic  Mountain this week, as a video was posted showing off the park’s new Wonder Woman coaster making the first full speed test run. A good deal of further testing will be needed before the ride can be certified for operations, but this is a huge leap forward for the anticipated opening of the ride.
    While I can’t say how long it will take to complete all the required testing, if I had to guess we may be looking at a mid-July opening. There is always a chance things could move along faster, opening earlier in the month, but that will all depend on how well the actual testing goes and if any adjustments are needed. Keep in mind that we also don’t know the status of the ride’s queue and other landscape/hardscape factors that will need to be finished in time to open the attraction and provide access through the DC Universe area to the Wonder Woman entrance portal.

    (6/4/22) The latest construction video shot at Six Flags Magic Mountain shows that Wonder Woman appears to have installed all but one final piece of track. Since it is June now, the park’s assembly crew has picked up the pace lately to try and get this massive project finished. Once all the track is in place, then the remaining electrical and mechanical systems will need to be put into place and tested, the train will need a pull-through test, and then everything will have to undergo a large number of successful test runs before they will be able to open the new coaster. At this point, if all goes well, I would think everyone may be waiting until some time in mid to late July before Wonder Woman is ready to roll at the earliest, possibly August. 
    By comparison, Dr. Diabolical’s Cliffhanger at Six Flags Fiesta Texas installed their final piece of track back in April and guests are still waiting on that coaster to open.

    (5/29/22) Park Journey dropped into Six Flags Magic Mountain yesterday to check on the construction status of Wonder Woman and DC Universe area. The former Orient Express (Funicular) has now been renamed Magic Mover as well. Fort anyone wondering, you can also hear the park promote the return of Fright Fest this fall, confirming that the Halloween event will indeed be returning to SFMM.

    (5/1/22) Six Flags Magic Mountian has confirmed the arrival of the “newly designed DC UNIVERSE” at the park, which will serve as home to the park’s classic Batman: The Ride as well as the newest thrill, Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage. The post also confirms that the former Wonder Woman: Lasso of Truth flat ride is being rethemed as Teen Titans Turbo Spin. The new name also works as a fun throwback to a former name for the attraction itself.
    While the original name for the ride when first added in 1974 was Electric Rainbow, it was later renamed as Turbo from 1987 to 1993, before the arrival of Batman: The Ride saw it changed once again into the Gordon Gearworks (1994-1998) which then changed to Grinder Gearworks from 1998 to 2011 before becoming Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth from 2012 to 2021. Honest, So as of 2022 it will be Teen Titans Turbo Spin, which is the 6th different name for the attraction over the past 48 years. That may actually be a record, as I’m not sure if any other ride in the park has gone by more different names than that, which is even more impressive as the ride has been standing in the same spot for all 48 of those years.

    (4/9/22) ACN is back at Six Flags Magic Mountain with as new video showing off the Wonder Woman construction site. Lots of new structure is in place and we actually see track sections in place, and workers on site putting more track up during the video. It is interesting to see how crazy tangled all the steel is and how the workers have to so carefully move their own cranes and quirement to weave between all the steel. Check it out below.

    (4/3/22) A new construction video shot at Six Flags Magic Mountain this past week shows off the current status of work on the new Wonder Woman coaster, work around the DC Universe area as well as other park projects. Lots of red support columns for the new coaster have been put in place which is nice to see as construction thus-far has been a little on the slow side. Near the end of the video they show off one of the new digital signs the park has begun installing that show off wait times for attractions throughout the park which is nice.

    (2/26/22) The latest Wonder Woman construction update comes today from The Coaster Kings website. Tons of red supports have now been put into place in the plaza in front of Riddler’s Revenge and the construction walls around DC Universe have now been painted red with the golden Wonder Woman logo. For all, the work is focused on putting up the supports, but I don’t see any track in place at this time, but it won't be much longer.
    (2/10/22) At long last it seems vertical construction on the new Wonder Woman coaster has begin. A local news site has posted the first pictures I’ve seen showing an assortment of red supports now attached to the footers near the park’s Justice League dark ride. No sign of track in place yet, but it shouldn't be much longer before the first track pieces are put into place.
    (12/15/21) Looks like the bright red support pieces have arrived at Six Flags Magic Mountain for the new Wonder Woman coaster.










    (10/21/21) Just as expected, Six Flags Magic Mountain announced the park’s 20th coaster will open in 2022 and be called Wonder Woman Flight of Courage. According to the press release, they will market this as “The Tallest and Longest Single-Rail Coaster on the Planet”.
    While the overall layout of the coaster is essentially a clone of the Jersey Devil coaster that opened earlier this year at Six Flags Great Adventure, the Magic Mountain version features an additional 300 feet of track (3,300 ft total) due to the location of the station being further away from the main layout, an the lift hill will be 1 foot taller than its east coast cousin, making it 131 feet tall. Wonder Woman will hit a top speed of 58 mph as it drops down the 87º first drop and travels through the twisted layout and through three inversions. The ride will feature a total of FOUR roller coaster trains, each able to hold 12-riders seated single-file.
    According to the park, the legacy of the Wonder Woman character will be integrated into the theming of the ride, starting with the queue which will be “influenced by Greek architecture and featuring tropical landscaping” as the hidden island of Themyscira. Guests will be immersed in the story of Wonder Woman’s life, how she obtained her powers and more.
    In addition the park’s DC Universe land will be “expanded and entirely remodeled to include a new, innovative restaurant and bar experience, plus retail locations featuring exclusive DC branded merchandise”.

    (10/20/21) Screamscape was sent an interesting rumor a bit ago, one that ties into a thought I’ve been having myself regarding the new coaster under construction at Six Flags Magic Mountain. So far the new coaster has a bunch of footers in place, and we’ve seen pictures of the track and supposed sitting in the storage lot outside the park. From what we’ve seen in photos, the track and supports appears to be painted  the same as the Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, with yellow rails and red supports. Of course Yellow and Red is a popular color at Six Flags right now, as they’ve also repainted V2 at Six Flags Great America red and yellow, it are expected to brand it for next season as a tie in to The Flash.
    Given that the location of the new coaster will place it right in the middle of the Justice League dark ride, Riddler’s Revenge, Batman: The Ride as near the rest of the DC Universe attractions, so it is very likely that the ride will have a DC Comics theme for sure.
    This leads me to the new rumor… which claims that the new coaster could very well be announced this Thursday, October 21st, 2021. Not only it really about time to make the announcement, but Oct. 21st is also going to be promoted by DC Comics as the global celebration of ‘Wonder Woman Day’, and this the day will also serve as the 80th Anniversary for the Wonder Woman character.
    Since we’ve got the colors to match, and such a big day for the character planned to take place with global media attention this Thursday, it certainly would a perfect opportunity for Six Flags Magic Mountain to also announce their new coaster if it will have a Wonder Woman theme.

    (9/21/21) One of our readers sent in a couple of construction pictures from Six Flags Magic Mountain. Mostly demolition and clearing taking place right now, while we wait for the park to still announce and confirm their 2022 new coaster project. (Photo Credit to Carl J. Petersen).
    (8/2/21) While nothing has been confirmed, the current rumor is that Six Flags Magic Mountain may announce the park’s next roller coaster (an RMC Raptor near clone of the Jersey Devil Coaster from SFGAdv) on National Roller Coaster day which is set for August 16, 2021.
    Currently track and supports for the new coaster have begun to arrive in the parking lot. We’ve also heard that some permits to demolish the former Green Lantern coaster station have been spotted, which would go against the previous rumor that the existing station may be re-purposed for the new coaster.
    Stay tuned!
    (6/22/21) I’m not completely sure how accurate this is, but a reader sent us a Tweet claiming that their brother just saw about 8 or 9 flatbed trucks nearing North on I-5 towards Valencia, just past the intersection of I-5 and 14. Each truck appears to be loaded with large green roller coaster support pieces.
    Again, we don’t know if these were really coaster parts or not, but based on the location they could have been moving towards Six Flags Magic Mountain. Putting directions from RMC in Idaho to SFMM into Google Maps reveals that if you opted for the first alternate route that would keep you away from driving through the busy Bay Area, the second fastest route from Idaho to California would end up going down 14 and turning North on I-5 to get to Six Flags Magic Mountain.
    So if you’re visiting SFMM in the near future, keep an eye on the extended parking lot areas for signs of any new deliveries for the park’s 2022 coaster project.

    (4/5/21) With Six Flags Magic Mountain now reopen to guests after a long year of hibernation, you may recall just before the park closed down in March 2020 there were early signs of construction starting to take place in the park for their next major attraction. Over the course of 2020 plans submitted by the park revealed that the next major attraction was planned to be a slightly longer clone of the Jersey Devil single-rail coaster (RMC at SFGAdv) that would take over the former Green Lantern station site and stretch over some of the Tidal Wave attraction space.
    What looked like early ground utility work had begun near the former Green Lantern station building last year, and while the new coaster was originally intended for 2021, with everything being delayed due to COVID, it is now anticipated for 2022 instead. Keep in mind the park has not announced anything regarding this project, so it could be delayed even longer.
    With that said, and the park now open, coaster fans flocked to lay their eyeballs on the location in the park, which had also previously shown signs of pre-construction survey markings, only to find nothing at all. You can watch a couple of videos below taking a look at the Green Lantern side of the project space as well as a look at the far side space between Tidal Wave and Justice League attractions below.
    But if the attraction really isn’t expected to open until Summer 2022 at the earliest, then I’m really not surprised that nothing is going on yet, as the park has got to be more focused on everything they need to do to get the park up, running and fully staffed once again after the long slumber. Maybe we’ll start to see signs once again by this Summer.

    (12/31/20) Remember those plans discovered for Six Flags Magic Mountain filed back in early 2020 that detailed a new RMC single-rail Raptor coaster was planned for the park? The layout shown in the plans detailed an expanded version of the Jersey Devil coaster originally under construction at Six Flags Great Adventure for 2020, but now set for 2021. The expanded part of the layout making the California version longer seemed to mostly be in relation to the position of the station (reusing the former Green Lantern station building) further from the main layout of the coaster and extra track required to link it up.
    In the latest update to TheCoasterKings, they’ve discovered a new update to the building permits for the project now listing the project as a “new 2021-22 RMC coaster” for the park. With new permits granted, I’d expect we may see construction for the support foundations take place over the first half of 2021.
    (10/20/20) A Screamscape reader sent in a couple of links to LA’s Permitting website that seem to indicate that the rumored new coaster for Six Flags Magic Mountain is still in development. One of them lists in the description for a Geotechnical Study, “Install Foundations for new 2021-22 Steel Roller Coaster”, which seems to indicate that the coaster once planned for 2021 may be pushed back to have a 2022 opening date. The other lists a “Building Completeness Check” as being scheduled for a start on Oct. 14, 2020 for “Foundations for new 2021-22 RMC coaster” which locks in the manufacturer as well.
    (4/14/20) Unfortunately the video going over the details of the leaked RMC Raptor plans for Six Flags Magic Mountain has been taken off-line. The Coaster Kings have now posted their own report on the subject, including a link where you can download the plans yourself from the public records site. They add that the plans were actually filed back in late January and approved by March 3rd. This doesn’t mean the park is 100% going to build this, just that they have permission to do so at this point, but with all things these days, we’ll have to wait and see if it really happens for 2021 or if it gets delayed.
    (4/12/20) It looks like Magic Mountain is actually planing a new coaster instead of the rumored Mack water coaster.
    According to a video posted by Theme Park Tracker (see below) some leaked plans for Six Flags Magic Mountain’s 2021 plans were found online. According to their anaylsis of the plans, it looks like the park would combine the sites of the former Green Lantern coaster with the Tidal Wave site to create a space for what looks like a new RMC Raptor coaster. Assuming everything works out with Jersey Devil and Six Flags is happy with the redesigned version coming to New Jersey, then a modified version of it may very well be planned for Six Flags Magic Mountain in 2021. Of course, with we’ll need to see how things are looking for the company after the chain reopens their parks to know just how much of the planned 2021 capital budget will remain intact.

    (2/14/20) A new video shot at Six Flags Magic Mountain now shows that the area around the former Green Lantern coaster is now blocked off with digging machine on site already starting the process of digging up some of the site. This could be for some kind of utility upgrades needed for the future, or this could simply be to repair some utilities for the existing food stands in the area. Meanwhile they spot crews behind the scenes who appear to possibly be doing some soil core drilling tests as well, which is a good sign that something big is planned for the area.
    On the other side of Tidal Wave there is work to remove an outdoor dining areas as well as a ton of pink painted marks on the ground all around the exit to Tidal Wave, which seems to indicate our previous rumor that the project would likely result in the removal of Tidal Wave may be on the money. Plus there are a lot of painted marks on the Tidal Wave attraction itself in the area under the bridge and splashdown pool. It is worth mentioning that Tidal Wave is also closed and drained, but it is also the off season, so this isn’t an uncommon state for the ride this time of year.

    (1/31/20) According to some posts on social media, Six Flags Magic Mountain has survey crews working in the park, looking over the area between Justice League, across Tidal Wave plaza and over to where the Green Lantern coaster used to sit. This immediately brings to mind the possible replacement of the park’s Tidal Wave water ride, which has been rumored to be removed more times than I can count over the years.
    As rumored before, the site could make a good home if they convert it for use for a Mack Power Splash, apparently Mack Rides also has a more high-thrill version of the concept called the Power Loop that would fit right at home at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Check out the animation below.

    (9/16/19) While Six Flags Magic Mountain isn’t adding any new ride hardware for the 2020 season, that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from reporting on a possible concept being floated around for 2021. According to the new rumor the park may be looking to retire the Tidal Wave big-splash boat ride, and possibly replace it with another Mack Power Splash ride, assuming all goes well with the first installation at Six Flags over Texas in 2020.
    Given the location of Tidal Wave in between the park’s two DC Universe themed ride sections, and the removal of the Green Lantern coaster taking place right now, it certainly would all fit together nicely to replace Tidal Wave with another Aquaman themed Power Splash if they go that route. Plus the park could even market the attraction as a new coaster, as the Mack Power Splash really is just a shuttle coaster that rides on the rails and only touches water when the water level in the splash channel is triggered to rise up in time to create that big finale splashdown sequence.



(1/15/20) Special thanks to Rob for attending and reviewing the new West Coast Racers for Screamscape! Now on to the review!
    After years of Apocalypse languishing all alone in its own far corner of the park since the removal of Déjà Vu, the newly opened West Coast Racers beefs up the offerings in the south west corner of Magic Mountain. Located in newly built Underground, a good portion of open space is surrounded by the new roller coaster, from Premier Rides. This newly remodeled corner of the park also has a number of shops and food spots to keep nonriders busy.
   The bulk of the queue is inside an industrial garage, a scaled down reproduction of the West Coast Customs facility in Burbank. There are various tools of the trade laying about as well as a number of placards outlining the history of the company and its numerous locations over the years. A full scale mockup of's custom Tesla is on prominent display in the front window.
    Riders make their way up a wide spiral staircase to reach the boarding level. Boarding is a fairly smooth affair, with both lap restraints and a cumbersome shoulder restraint that really doesn't seem to do anything other than appease lawyers. Each seat has its own zippered pouch for small carry-on items, such as phones or keys.
    After boarding and then emerging from the station, two trains line up side by side, awaiting the launch. Magic Mountain missed out on a great opportunity to add some flair to the launch in the form of lighting or audio cues. Alas, there is nothing of the sort, just silence until the launch system kicks in. The initial launch itself is quite mild at first, but then picks up a bit about half way to the first element, though it's not the kind of launch that will flatten your eyeballs ala Top Thrill Dragster.
    This is Magic Mountain's second Möbius roller coaster, similar to Twisted Colossus: although a pair of trains race and duel, there is actually only a single track. Riders return to the station to run a similar route that parallels the first one. It's likely that Magic Mountain is the only park in the world with two such layouts. Riders experience a high five element, overbanked turn, helixes, corkscrews, inline twists, and four fairly mild launches throughout a single ride; everything but a kitchen sink. Scratch that, there's one of those in the queue area.
    The ride quality is fairly smooth, typical of most coasters from Premier Rides, though there is a good amount of high frequency lateral movement, the effect of which results in knee banging on the inside of train. Not a deal breaker, but not entirely pleasant either. The most notable airtime occurs as the both trains drop down into the water drainage channel on the way to the second set of launch runs. Again, Magic Mountain could have dressed this area up a bit more, as the tracks are flanked by industrial walls that shield this section of the ride from public view.
    Which leads me to a small complaint about this one. Much of the ride is installed along the perimeter of this section of The Underground, defining the geography quite admirably. Subsequently, much of the ride is obscured because it sits outside of the publicly accessible areas of the park. Walking through the twisted spaghetti bowl portion of the track would certainly be an attraction for most visitors. Tear down the walls, I say!
    It's quite evident this ride is not terribly extreme, though it does contain a couple instances of airtime pops throughout the course. What it is though, is a fun launched looping coaster that most families will enjoy riding together. Oddly, its 54" minimum rider height is higher than it is for Twisted Colossus, a much more intense experience. Unfortunately, that means some younger riders will have to wait to experience Racers.

















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