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icon_STOPPark News - (11/26/2022) I have to say that I wouldn’t want to be at Six Flags Magic Mountain today. Taking a quick look at the Six Flags app, right now the park has the following major rides listed as being closed: Full Throttle, Goliath, Jet Stream, Justice League, Ninja, Scream, Superman: Escape from Krypton, Riddler’s Revenge, Twisted Colossus, on top of Roaring Rapids which is “closed for the season”.
    That is seven (7) major roller coasters closed currently today along with the park’s popular dark ride. Not counting the four kiddie coasters in the park, that only leaves 9 of the major coasters open at the moment, which is no going to go over well for those who opted to visit on this holiday weekend. Checking in the later part of the day, it looks like Justice League, Ninja and Superman did eventually reopen, but then Wonder Woman closed, so clearly there are some issues going on right now. 
    Speaking of closures however, Screamscape sources also tell us that internally, both Scream and Riddler’s Revenge are being listed as being closed “indefinitely”. The problem? Both are rumored to have blown their lift motors. Making the problem worse… replacement motors are on backorder, and we’re being told that the park’s budget is only allowing for one to be purchased at the present time.
    Oh boy… not good news indeed if this proved to be true. I’d start making calls to see if any of the other Six Flags parks happen to have a spare sitting around that they can borrow… but I’d guessing they may have already gone that route and can up empty handed by now. So the sad news is that only one of these coasters is likely to get up and running by the first part of 2023, and the other will have to sit closed until they can get approved for the necessary budget for a second motor, and then wait for the backorder issue again. In a perfect world, you would like to think that a park like SFMM, that promotes itself as having 20 roller coasters, the most of any park on the planet, would have a maintenance budget able to handle needs like these.
    (11/18/22) Six Flags Magic Mountain has revealed details about the park’s Holiday in the Park event to take place on select days from Nov. 24th through to Jan. 1st, 2023. “Beginning at 5:00pm, the magic of the season takes over as the park transforms into a dazzling winter wonderland with more than two million twinkling lights amidst a thrilling collection of world-class coasters and family attractions. The new Holiday Market offers additional merriment including holiday shopping, a nook for kids to write letters to Santa and more. From coasters to cocoa, it’s a holiday spectacular for all to enjoy!”
    New this year will be the North Pole area in Whistlestop Park, featuring Santa, Mrs, Claus and the elves. Elsewhere in the park look for the light show of Arctic Alley near Viper, the Jingle Bell Way walk-through ornaments in DC Universe, the lights and open fire-puts of Glacier Point in Metropolis, plus Polar Bear Pass in the Golden Bear Plaza. Other features this year will include the “HollyRock!” time-traveling musical show, the Peppermint Path, Gleampunk District, Holiday Square, Snowy Nights themed areas, plus don’t forget an assortment of special holiday treats and meals to enjoy.
    (11/6/22) For anyone visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain, I’m told that Goliath is now closed and while the app makes it look like your typical brief closure, the word going around internally is that Goliath may stay closed through to at least Spring 2023. I know earlier this year there was talk about shutting it down for a very overdue repaint and refurb, so perhaps it is finally time as outsourcing any parts for the Giovanola made coaster isn’t easy to do. Keep your eyes open to see if they bring the crew who repainted Tatsu last year back to tackle Goliath.
    In other news, we did hear that a number of major rides were closed on Friday, including Jet Stream, Scream, Superman, Ninja, Riddler’s Revenge and of course Roaring Rapids that is already listed as being closed until next year. Meanwhile Revolution, X2, Tatsu, Full Throttle and Batman were all listed as having single train operations as well which is never fun.
    (10/16/22) Consider this an interesting item of note for coaster fans who travel from across the world to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain. When tourists from far away come to California to visit theme parks and ride the states big roller coasters, typically another checklist item on the agenda is also to seek out and try “In-N-Out” to see if their reported legendary status burgers live up to the online reputation. While I’m not going to get into that argument, other than to say that they are good, for guests visiting Magic Mountain you can now check off both items from your must-do list on the same visit as a brand new In-N-Out Burger just opened between the theme park and the freeway on Friday at 27510 The Old Road, Valencia, CA 91355.
    (9/22/22) Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but if you look ahead at the operational schedule for Six Flags Magic Mountain, but starting in November the park will officially drop it’s highly promoted 365-day schedule. Yes, starting right off on November 1st, Six Flags Magic Mountain will be closed entirely on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thurdays for the rest of the month, with the exception of the week of Thanksgiving. The 4-day a week schedule will continue into December as well, and only return to being open 7-days a week during the last two weeks of December for the Christmas / New Years holiday time period. Beyond Jan. 1st, 2023 the park has not posted any kind of schedule yet.
    While Schedule changes are always subject to change, the switch from being open 7-days a week to just 4-days a week is a bit harder to swallow in this case, as the park has been heavily promoting their new daily schedule for the past few years as a major selling point for their Season Pass and Membership programs. So you might be wondering if any kind of refund may be offered for the loss of days, but so far I haven’t heard anything. Then again, the change appears to be a new one, so I don’t think the word has quite gotten out just yet.
    (9/4/22) We’ve talked about budget cutting causing various rides and even whole sections of some Six Flags parks to be shut down, but have the budget cuts now come to Six Flags Magic Mountain? Looking at the park’s current slate of attractions open as of today, Sunday, Sept. 4th, in the middle of the 3-day Labor Day Weekend holiday, I currently see the following major attractions closed in the park:
    Apocalypse, CraZanity, Full Throttle, Lex Lthuor: Drop of Doom, Ninja, Roaring Rapids (Closed for the Season), Superman: Escape from Krypton, and an assortment of smaller rides. For those not entirely familiar with the park, that is four of the park’s major coasters now sitting closed, plus two of the park’s biggest non-coaster rides… in the middle of what should be a busy holiday weekend. Of course, based on the previous financial reports, Six Flags parks just have not been as busy as they used to be, with the chain reporting a 22% decline in attendance in Q2 2022 compared to the same time period the year before. So is this just a bad day for the maintenance team or something more?
    According to one Screamscape source, much like how Six Flags America closed off an entire land, it was starting to sound like Six Flags Magic Mountain had opted to simply close off the attractions at the top of the mountain on weekdays. According to some reports this began a couple of weeks ago with Ninja and Superman only being open on Friday, Saturday and Sundays. Unfortunately I’ve been hearing some speculation that Apocalypse may also be given the same Fri-Sun treatment as well.
    The way things are going, it is leaving some to wonder just what kind of operational schedule Six Flags Magic Mountain will have in 2023. Are the days of being open 365 days a year coming to an end in favor of the former weekend-only schedule for the winter season? Obviously, if attendance is poor enough and they are facing a situation where they could be losing money by staying open, there may be no choice but to return to a weekend-only schedule.
    (8/31/22) On the heels of launching the new season pass and membership options for the 2023 season, Six Flags Magic Mountain announced a list of special events coming to the park from now through to the end of year.
    NEW - Coca-Cola Dreamworld Experience (Weekends through Sept. 5) - See the Dreamworld Arcade as part of Coke’s limited-edition launch of the new Dreamworld flavor.
    NEW - Tailgate Weekends (Weekends through Feb 12, 2023) - You can catch  your favorite college and professional football games at the Full Throttle Sports Bar and METRO PARK Pub.
    Fright Fest presented by SNICKERS - (Select Nights Sept. 10 to Oct 31) Haunted Houses, Monsters, Frights, Roller Coasters… sounds like a lot of fun to me.
    NEW - Kid’s Boo Fest (Select days Sept. 10 to Oct 31) A fun daytime Trick-or-Treat experience in Bugs Bunny World that offers a not-so-scary experience for the younger guests.
    NEW - Oktoberfest (Select days Sept. 10 to Oct 31) Join the festivities with this Fall’s selection of craft and season beers, delicious German fare, themed music and more!
    NEW - Veterans Day Celebration (Nov. 11 - 13) Join in as the park honors and celebrated veterans who have served and made sacrifices for our country through ceremonies and military presentations.
    Holiday in the Park (Select evenings Nov 24 to Jan 1, 2023) - The park will transform into a magical winter wonderland featuring over two million twinkling lights, holiday-themed displays, Santa and all your favorite festive food and treats.


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