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    (7/25/22) Wild Rivers Waterpark Opens Even More Attractions (MORE...)
    (7/21/22) Wild Rivers - Photos Of the New Waterpark (MORE...)
    (7/16/22) Free Ice Cream For Passholders at Sandcastle
    (7/14/22) Great Wolf Lodge To Begin Construction On New Florida Resort (MORE...)
    (7/14/22) Wild Rivers Finally Reopens In Irvine, CA... Partially
    (7/9/22) Site Clearing Taking Place for New Great Wolf Lodge Houston Resort (MORE...)
    (7/3/22) Wilderness at the Smokies to add Cloud Coaster in 2023 (MORE...)




Calypso Park (Ottawa, Canada)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time, also nothing added for 2019 - 2021 seasons.


Camelback Waterpark & Lodge / CamelBeach - (PA)
2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time, also nothing added for 2019 - 2021 seasons.


Coco Key Waterpark Resort (Mt. Laurel, NJ)

Park News - (10/24/21) The Hotel ML and CoCo Key Water Park in Mt Laurel are up for auction this month. According to this posting the starting bid for the property is $4 million.
    (3/23/20) A Screamscape source tell us that the Coco Key Waterpark Resort in Mt. Laurel, NJ has shut down for good… not just for the COVID-19 virus. The resort is said to have been on unsteady financial legs for some time now, especially as they have been in competition with the better known Sahara Sams / Diggerland complex about 20 minutes away.
    According to our source, Coco Key sent out a letter of termination to all employees a few days ago, along with notice that they were shutting down the waterpark and the hotel. The Coronavirus was just the last straw for the struggling resort. While the resort is shutting down, it is said that the owners hope this course of action will save the park, and give it a chance to possibly reopen again much later in the year after things start to return to normal. I’m guessing this may give them time to possibly enter into some kind of Bankruptcy restructuring plan, or possibly even request financial aid assistance as a business victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    So far the resort’s website only says that they are closed indefinitely due to the outbreak, but nothing more, so it does seem to follow the story that they do hope to reopen again, but it may be later than expected.


LOGO_CowabungaBayCowabunga Bay (Utah)

Park News - (5/23/20) The Cowabunga Bay waterpark in Utah has confirmed that they will reopen on May 29th. Park capacity will be limited and once met, new guests can not enter until others leave.


LOGO_CowabungaBayCowabunga Bay (Las Vegas, NV)

2022 - Nothing is known at this time...


Cowabunga Canyon (Las Vegas, NV)
    - Formerly Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

Park News - (11/14/21) You read it on Screamscape first last month and now we have official confirmation with all the extra details. Starting in 2022 Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas will be renamed Cowabunga Canyon and become part of the Cowabunga Bay brand of waterparks. The deal is even more involved than we previously knew however, as Cowabunga Bay has joined up with the new Pyek Group (pronounced “Peak”) from Texas who manages two Typhoon Texas waterparks. The original Typhoon Texas waterpark opened in the Houston area in 2016, and the group expanded with the purchase of a former Hawaiian Falls waterpark in the Austin, TX area which was rebranded as a second Typhoon Texas park in 2017.
    According to the press release, Pyek Group has now invested in the new Nevada-based partnership behind Cowabunga Bay which has now added the former Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas park, which will operate under the Cowabunga brand, with Cowabunga Bay keeping its existing brand of course.
    The Cowabunga waterparks will now offer new season pass options along with “several new perks to be announced in the coming months.” “A “sizable amount of capital will be invested into both parks for upgrades although a timetable for those updates has not been established”. Cade Vereen, who has previously served as the General Manager of Typhoon Texas park in Austin will now serve as the General Manager for the two Cowabunga waterparks in Las Vegas.
    So now all said and done, this is very exciting news for the waterpark industry in Nevada and Texas, as both the Typhoon Texas and Cowabunga Bay brands are being strengthened as a new joint player in the western US market. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them grow even bigger going forward.
    (10/17/21) Screamscape sources have sent in one whopper of a rumor about the state of the waterpark industry in the Las Vegas area. The area went from having no waterparks for nearly a decade after the original Wet ‘n Wild waterpark on the Las Vegas Strip closed in 2004, to having two brand new waterparks after the new Wet ‘n’ Wild opened in late 2013 and Cowabunga Bay opened in nearby Henderson in 2014.
    According to Screamscape sources the new Wet ‘n’ Wild park has struggled a bit over the past years while Cowabunga Bay has been thriving. I imagine that the arrival of COVID in 2020 didn’t do any favors to Wet ‘n’ Wild’s finances. Now for the juicy part… because I’m told that Cowabunge Bay is rumored to have signed a purchase agreement to take over Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas, with the deal expected to be finalized in time for the new owners to take over for the 2022 season. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.


Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark (Grand Prairie, TX)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time, also nothing added for 2019 - 2021 seasons.


Glacier Beach (Colorado)

icon_STOP2024/2025 - New Park Planned - (2/20/22) A new waterpark called Glacier Beach has been proposed for the Denver, Colorado area, with a proposed 2024 opening timeline. According to the park’s facebook page, they mention it having 9 innovate and thrilling attraction, each one able to hold between 2 to 6 guests at a time. No carrying your tube up the stairs, every slide will have an automated tube lift system. There are a couple of very interesting statements as well, one claiming an approval pending “Guiness World Record Breaking Longest & Darknest Water Slide in the World” and the other ponders the question, “What if we had a circular 360 wave pool?!?”
    Whaaaaa?!  Count me in for the dark slide, but a 360 wave pool would be very interested indeed. I’ve seen a prototype system built to do just that in Australia, but it was massive and involved the use of a giant “plunger” style device in the center to create the waves. You can see this prototype in action here.


Grand Country Resort / Splash Country Indoor Waterpark (Branson, MO)

2022 - Splash Country Indoor Waterpark Expansion - (11/26/21) The Splash Country indoor waterpark at the Grand Country Resort in Branson is getting bigger in 2022. According to a post on their Facebook page, the indoor waterpark will double in size for the 2022 season, with the new addition to feature an indoor wave pool two racing raft rides, a dark raft slide and a new basketball activity pool. Look for the expansion to be ready sometime in Spring 2022.


Great Wolf Lodge Florida -

icon_STOP2024 - New Resort - (7/14/22) Long time readers may remember a time when a Great Wolf Lodge was announced to be coming to Orlando, but alas, it was never to be. In the years that have followed we’ve seen Great Wolf Lodge build countless new indoor waterpark resorts all across the country, even in sunny Southern California. According to this article construction will begin this week to build a Great Wolf Lodge in Naples , FL.
    The plan is to open it by 2024, which sounds about right, as the typical construction timeline to build a Great Wolf Lodge is 18 months. They say it will be located on City Gate Boulevard near the Paradise Coast Sports Complex of the Collier Blvd. exit off I-75.
    I’m scratching my head at the choice of this location, as it seems about as far away as you can get from Florida’s major cities and the traditional high-traffic tourist areas. While I lived in Orlando from 2000 to 2006, I never had the chance to visit this part of the state, so I really don’t know much about what one might expect down here. Of course, I don’t recall anyone I knew at the time ever going here either for any reason... so there is that.


Great Wolf Lodge Houston -


icon_STOPLate 2024 - Under Construction - (7/9/22) According to a local news report clearing has begun on the site for a proposed new Great Wolf Lodge resort just outside Houston in the City of Webster. The plan is still to open the new indoor waterpark resort sometime in 2024.
    (1/29/22) Things are moving forward so far with the proposed new Great Wolf Lodge resort in Houston. According to the local news the Webster City Council approved a $2 million property sale agreement with the company in November to purchase the 29-acre site not far from a Top Golf location just south of the NASA Bypass. The contract requires Great Wolf Lodge to build the indoor waterpark resort ‘no less than 400,000 square feet” in size with an indoor waterpark at least 75,000 sqft, plus a 10,000 sqft convention center space.
    While the contract requires construction to begin no later than April 30, 2025, the intention by Great Wolf Lodge is to hold a ground breaking sometime in Q1 2022.
    (12/16/21) Documents obtained in this local news article confirm that a new Great Wolf Lodge is now expected to be coming to the city of Webster, TX. Webster sits just south-east of Houston, right in the existing tourist area for Houston’s NASA themed Space Center attractions, and just outside NASA’s Mission Control Center.
    The land sale documents between the city and Great Wolf Resorts were approved back on Nov. 16, 2021 for a 35.36 acre tract of land in a deal for $2 million. So far Great Wolf Lodge isn’t talking, but traditionally the typical timetable to construct one of the GWL resorts is about 18-24 months, so if they can start the project by the end of 2022, then we are probably looking for it to open in the later half of 2024 at best.


Great Wolf Lodge Maryland

icon_STOPLate 2023 - Under Construction - (6/12/22) A collection of aerial drone pictures of the new Great Wolf Lodge resort under construction in Maryland can be seen in the Facebook posting below.

    (4/4/22) Some aerial drone shots of the new Great Wolf Lodge Maryland resort under construction in Perryville can be seen below.

    (7/24/21) A new Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark resort has broken ground in Perryville, MD. The new GWL Maryland resort is expected to open in late 2023 and is being promoted as being their 20th and biggest Great Wolf Lodge yet, with 700 family-friendly suites and a 126,000 sqft indoor waterpark. Perryville, MD is located sort of right in the middle between Baltimore, Philadelphia and Harrisburg / Hershey regions, and I would also imagine it to be a popular draw from the Washington DC area as well, who will now find themselves in the middle between this new resort and the one in Williamsburg, VA.


Great Wolf Lodge at Mashantucket -

2024 - (3/20/22) I missed this story last month, but according to this article the famous Foxwoods Resort Casino says they are moving forward with plans to add a Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark resort to their property. The announcement comes as Foxwoods is celebrating their 30th Anniversary and announced a whole slew of renovations and big expansion plans.
    The casino resort is now looking to embrace a “family friendly” plan for the future of the resort, and while gambling will obviously remain, the focus going forward will be more on their various entertainment offerings, and the planned opening of the new Great Wolf Lodge in 2024 is a huge part of that. To be built on a 15-acre site, the official name of the resort will be “Great Wolf Lodge at Mashantucket”.


Great Wolf Lodge New York

???? - New Resort - Planning - (9/1/18) Great Wolf Lodge is in talks to build their first resort in New York, a new location about 90 minutes away from their Pocono's location, but this one will be in Orange County, about 8 miles away from where the new LEGOLAND New York park is being built in Goshen. The creation of the new Legoland park was likely the main drive behind this new location, as they are looking over a couple of site in the area, one that is county-owned property. If they opt to go ahead with this, look for construction to start within the year, as the project will likely be fast-tracked by Great Wolf. Typically construction time on these is around 18 months or so.


Great Wolf Lodge Poconos

2022/2023 - Renovations - (4/2/22) Great Wolf Lodge Poconos has shared plans to renovate the resort and add 30 new Villas to their lineup of guest accommodations over the next year. Other improvements to come will include a renovation of the resort lobby, a new full service restaurant, some upgrades to the toddler play areas in the waterpark and more over the next year. Look for the new villas to be ready in Summer 2023.


Great Wolf Lodge Tennessee

2024 - New Resort - (3/17/22) The land sale for the proposed Great Wolf Lodge resort in Tennessee has been approved by the city council and development board. This will see 258 acres handed over to an Industrial Development Board who will then sell 36-acres to Great Wolf Lodge for the new resort project. According to the article, Great Wolf Lodge would like to break ground on the new project sometime this Fall. Based on past project timelines, it usually takes at least 18 to 20 months to build a GWL Resort, so the earliest we might see it open would be Spring or Summer 2024.
    (2/7/20) According to a local news report, Great Wolf Lodge is eyeballing a site in Jackson, Tennessee as a possible home to a new indoor waterpark resort. According to the local “Jackson Chamber and Visit Jackson” groups, the city is 99% of the way there on a deal for Great Wolf Lodge to build a $150 million new resort off I-40. Construction could start by Summer 2021 and it should be ready to open 18-20 months after that. Jackson is located about a 2 hour drive west of Nashville, or about 90 minutes east of Memphis, putting it fairly in the middle between west Tennessee’s two biggest cities.


H2OBX (Outer Banks, North Carolina)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Kalahari Resort (Pocono Mountains, PA)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Kalahari Resort (Sandusky, Ohio)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Kalahari Resort (Round Rock, TX)

icon_STOPWaterpark News - (3/25/22) Based on the video below, it looks like the Kalahari waterpark resort in Round Rock, Texas had an encounter with a Tornado earlier this week. While you can see some damage to the building in a few spots, it looks like the trees and vehicles in the parking lot took the brunt of the damage at Kalahari. Based on other videos I’ve seen online, the Tornado did cause some severe damage elsewhere in Round Rock.

2022 - New Kids Play Area - (1/2/22) The Kalahari Waterpark Resort in Round Rock, Texas will be adding a new kids play area for the 2022 season. The new expansion is said to be inspired by the ‘Bugs Burrow’ water play area at the Ohio resort, featuring seven different kids slides, with the project coming from WhiteWater.


Kalahari Resort (Wisconsin Dells)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time, also nothing added for 2019 - 2021 seasons.


Myrtle Waves  (Myrtle Beach, SC)

2022 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2016 - 2021.


Nashville Shores (Tennessee)
Premier Parks

Resort News - (12/4/21) We’ve mentioned the Nashville Shores waterpark from time to time over the years, but the waterpark is actually just one piece of a larger resort. Industry design experts, PGAV, have announced that they are working with Premier Parks to create a new master plan for the entire resort project that includes not just the waterpark, but also a treetop adventure park, lodging and a marina.
    The long-term plan will be focused on updating the resort's operations and overall visitor experience, increasing the number of lodging sites, adding new resort amenities and more. This will actually be the second master plan PGAV have created for Nashville Shorts project, after working with Premier Parks nearly a decade ago on their first master plan for the resort which saw a great deal of growth throughout the entire project.

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Noah’s Ark (Wisconson Dells)
Palace Entertainment

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Ocean Breeze (Virginia)
Premier Parks

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Palm Spring Surf Club (Palm Springs, CA)
Owned by Pono Acquisition Partners I, LLC as of 2019

2022 - New Name / Remodeled Park - (4/17/21) Work is progressing at the Palm Springs Surf Club, which is shooting for an official opening in 2022. For now they are working on building and refining their surfable wave pool experience, testing it out with experienced surfer. You can check out the action in the video below that was actually posted in August 2020.

    (10/27/19) A quick update can be found here as plans for the new Palm Springs Surf Club have been approved and they are moving ahead to transform the property into a new attraction. Based on the concept art being shown, it looks like almost all of the waterslides will be coming out in order to bring this new vision to life, creating an entirely new location to surf. The list of removed attractions includes the Pacific Spin (the funnel shaped Tornado slide), the red and yellow slides as well as a removal of the Flowrider stationary surf simulator. The tower for Pacific Spin will remain to be used as a life-guard observation tower.
    This means the park won't be ready for the Summer 2020 season though, and Palm Spring Surf Club may be ready to open at the earliest at the end of 2020. Pricing has not been set, but they did say that they don’t plan to charge for parking.
    (10/22/19) According to various news sources the former Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs waterpark that was sold and sat closed for all of 2019 will reopen with a new name in 2020. They’re calling it the Palm Springs Surf Club and they are going through the process of planning and building a new state-of-the-art wave pool to be the centerpiece of the new park experience. Apparently the technology behind this new concept of wave pool design will  be different from anything else seen at a waterpark before. Word is it may be similar to the technology used at the BSR Surf Resort wave pool in Waco, Texas, able to create stunning artificial wave shapes. (Click here to see a quick video of a wave at BSR Surf Park)
    (6/15/19) Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs did indeed get a new owner, as the park was sold to Pono Acquisition Partners I, LLC. The new owners are performing a massive renovation to the property, and it is staying closed for the entire 2019 season. Look for the park to reopen in 2020 as a “brand new experience”, which I assume will come along with a new name.


Raging Rivers (Grafton, IL)


2022 - Mississippi Monster - (1/20/22) Raging Rivers waterpark in Grafton, IL (just north of St. Louis, MO) will open a large new waterslide in 2022 called the Mississippi Monster. The enclosed slide features three cylinder-style chambers along the way that the riders will slide back and forth across the walls, half-pipe style. Construction is already under way with the hope to have the new slide ready for the opening of the season on May 28th.


Raging Waters Sacramento (Formerly: Six Flags WaterWorld)

2022 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2015 - 2021.


Raging Waters San Dimas (San Dimas, CA)

2022 - Bombs Away - (11/27/21) Raging Waters has announced Bombs Away is coming for the 2022, a pair of new drop slides that start riders off inside drop pods before a trap door sends you flying! Each is different from the other, with one sending riders straight down to the bottom, while the other drops you into a set of spiral loops around to get down to the bottom.
    They haven’t added it to the park map yet, but this will serve as a replacement for the old Drop Out slide that was removed in 2019. Perhaps they should have names the new slides Deja Vu, as locals may be suffering a bit of it right now, as Bombs Away was actually announced along with the removal of Drop Out in 2019 as a new addition for the 2020 season before COVID arrived on the scene and delayed all those plans.

    (7/29/20) Delayed Until 2021 After 2020 Season Canceled.
    (8/13/19) It looks like Raging Waters is getting a similar slide to the one announced earlier today for Sandcastle, and even uses the same name: Bombs Away. According to the press release Bombs Away is six-stories tall and will include a pair of new waterslides that start off with a free-fall out of a drop pod, each offering a different experience. One is described as an open vertical drop slide while the other will be an enclosed “looping slide”. They promise the experience will be fun to watch from the outside as well, as the riders fly through the translucent red, white and blue layout.
    Unfortunately the park has announced they will retire the classic Drop Out slides in order to install the new Bombs Away slides. You’ve got until Sept. 21st to take your last plunge on Drop Out before it is retired forever.


Raging Waters San Jose (San Jose, CA)

2022 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2015 - 2021.


Raging Waves (Yorkville, Illinois)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Rapids Water Park (West Palm Beach, FL)

2022 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2017 - 2021.


Roaring Springs (Idaho)



2023 and Beyond - (2/18/22) The Roaring Springs waterpark just west of Boise, Idaho has announced that they will be expanding into the 12-acre empty lot to the east, which will allow the waterpark to increase in size by 40% over the next 10-15 years. They are putting a seveni-phase expansion plan in place that will start with the first phase ready to open for Summer 2023 that will feature an interactive water fortress attraction called Camp IdaH20 that will feature seven small slides and a 650-gallon “dumping potato bucket”. Other new attractions will be Class 5 Canyon (a “simulated wave” that propels guests on paddleboards) and the Critter Crossing activity pool. The park will also add the Geyser Grill & Bar, adding alcoholic beverages to the park for the first time.


Sahara Sam’s (New Jersey)

2022 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2017 - 2021.


Sandcastle Waterpark (Pennsylvania)

icon_STOPPark News - (7/16/22) I Scream, You Scream, We ALL Scream for Ice Cream! You know how it goes, and would  you believe that this Sunday (July 17) is apparently National Ice Cream Day? In celebration of this event, we’ve been informed that Kennywood, Sandcastle and Idlewild / SoakZone parks will be offering Season Passholders FREE ICE CREAM in those parks from July 17 through July 24th.
    Look for the free ice cream to be given out at the following locations:
Kennywood - Pogoda Cold Side near Garden Stage
Sandcastle: The all-new Bridge Bar & Grill near the park entrance
Idlewild: Ice Cream stand at Olde Idlewild
    (6/30/22) Sandcastle has confirmed that the park’s new Bombs Away slide will open to the public tomorrow, July 1st at 11am. Over the holiday weekend the park will also put on free concerts along with other “fun Fourth of July activities for families” as part of their Jammin’ July promotion. Visit the official website for more information.
    (4/3/22) According to a local news report the Sandcastle waterpark is in the middle of a multi-million improvements plan with projects all around the park this season in addition to the previously announced new Bombs Away slide. This includes a lot of repainting of the park’s slides, a large sandbox play area for kids, a new stone background and waterfall at the Mon Tsunami wave pool, a new look at the Mushroom Pool and Boardwalk areas and a lot of updated menu items to eat while you visit the park. The park also says we can expect a longer season (opening the weekend before Memorial Day) and longer hours throughout the season.

2022 - Bombs Away - (11/27/21) Sandcastle is getting a new waterslide next season called Bombs Away. It sounds like this will be a single slide, with a drop pod at the top, that will send riders down into a large spiral before hitting the splash-down trough at the bottom.
    If this sounds familiar, it should, as Bombs Away was actually announced back in 2019 as a new for 2020 attraction coming before the start of the pandemic.


Schlitterbahn Waterparks - These parks have their own designated page. CLICK HERE.


2018_SixFlagsHurricaneHarborConcordSix Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord
Operated By Six Flags for EPR Properties

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


2019_SFHH_Phoenix_NEWLOGOSix Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix
(Phoenix, AZ)
Formerly: Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix
Owned by EPR Properties
Managed by Six Flags Theme Parks

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


HHRLogoSix Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford
(Rockford, IL)
Formerly: Magic Waters
Managed by Six Flags Theme Parks

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


2019_SFHH_Splashtown_NEWLOGOSix Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown
(Houston, TX)
Formerly: Wet ‘n’ Wild SplashTown
Owned by EPR Properties
Managed by Six Flags Theme Parks
2022 - (5/1/22) According to a local report, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown located just outside the Houston, TX area reopened for the 2022 season yesterday. Things went a little off the rails at the waterpark last season in mid-July after over 100 people (guests and employees) at the park were treated after a chemical vapor leak took place at the park.
    The waterpark was closed for an investigation following the incident that was later determined to have been caused by the “improper installation” of a section of the park’s water filtration system. The installation work done here was actually performed by an outside third-party company and was not due to any direct improper actions taken by Six Flags. Due to the timing of the incident and investigation that lasted into August, I don’t believe Splashtown was able to reopen for the remainder of their 2021 season.
    Currently Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown appears to be showing a full season schedule on their website with weekend and some Friday operations in May, and switching over to daily operations with the start of Memorial Day Weekend. The park also has a note that they have gone to an entirely cashless system and are now only take card and mobile payments onsite, including at the parking plaza. The park does offer “cash-to-card” kiosks inside the park.


Splash Summit (Provo, Utah)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Splish Splash  (Long Island, NY)

2022 - Hyperlight - (3/25/22) Splish Splash has announced the arrival of Hyperlight to the waterpark this season. The concept is similar to what we’ve seen another park in the chain also announce, where an older enclosed waterslide has been upgraded with new lights and sound effects. In this case, it is the park’s former Abyss waterslides that have been given the upgrade and rebranding into Hyperlight.
    According to the website, “riders may choose between two different slides, each offering up to four different, visit light and sound experiences.” This is done with more than 30 color changing lights and speakers installed along the way to make riders feel like “they’ve been transported to another dimension.”


Surfworks Adventure Park (Myrtle Beach, SC)

2022 - NEW PARK - (1/9/21) I missed this announcement earlier this year but a new unique $41 million surfing park is planned to come to Myrtle Beach and start construction sometime in 2021 following an approved 15-year lease on the property. The attraction will be called the Surfworks Adventure Park. The goal is to build a park with a surf lagoon able to create four different style of waves for different experience levels, as well as include other attractions like a skate park, climbing walls, some waterslides. They also plan on building amphitheater style seating around the lagoon so spectators can watch planned pro/am surfing contests. They are also planning on adding a concert stage overlooking a nearby grass field to host music concerts as well. The goal is to open the attraction sometime in 2022 and you can see concept art posted at the official website along with some initial plans for a second site under consideration for Fort Pierce, Florida.


LOGO_TyphoonTexasTyphoon Texas (Austin, TX)

Park News - Nothing is known at this time...


LOGO_TyphoonTexasTyphoon Texas (Houston, TX)

Park News - Nothing is known at this time...


Water World Colorado (Denver, Colorado)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe  (Greensboro, NC)


2022 - Bombs Away - (11/27/21) Bombs Away confirmed a a new attraction coming to Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe for 2022. This sounds like a clone of the Bombs Away slide announced for Raging Waters in California for next year, with two different slide experiences to choose from. Riders in the one drop pod will experience a straight down high speed drop to the bottom, while riders in the other drop pod will take a more spiral journey to the bottom.


Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)

icon_STOPTo Be Renamed COWABUNGA CANYON for 2022 Season.


Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
Formerly: Wild Water Kingdom
Owned by: Premier Parks LLC

2022 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2018 - 2021.


icon_STOPWild Rivers (Irvine, CA)






2022 - New Park - (7/25/22) More good news came our way about Wild Rivers. I’m told that the Typhoon and Tortuga attractions opened on July 24th and the Pelican Plunge is slated to open sometime later this week.
    (7/21/22) We were sent a few photos taken from inside the all new Wild Rivers waterpark and it looks fantastic. From what I’m told a few of the attraction that were not ready on opening day hace since opened, including the wave pool and lazy river, with Tala amd Mano opening on July 16th. The three big slides still closed (Typhoon, Tortuga and Pelican Plunge) are all expected to open within a week or so.
    (7/14/22) After many many years, Wild Rivers has returned and finally reopened in a new location in Irvine, CA. Check out the video below that contains some good aerial footage of California’s newest waterpark. As you can see however, some areas of the park are still under construction and not quite yet ready to open to guests.

    (4/17/22) A few fun pictures of the new Wild Rivers waterpark under construction in Irvine have been posted to Twitter. Construction of several of the park’s new waterslides are already well under way along with what appears to be the entrance plaza structure. The plan is still to open the new waterpark this summer, so hopefully good weather will allow them to pick up the pace a bit.

    (1/11/22) A new preview video for the upcoming return of Wild Rivers (Summer 2022) can be found below.

    (10/19/21) A new animated fly-through video of the new Wild Rivers waterpark under construction can be seen below. If they can maintain the timetable, they hope to be able to open in Summer 2022.

    (7/12/21) It has been a long time coming, but according to the local news, construction on the new Wild Rivers waterpark in Irvine has officially started with the ground-breaking ceremony taking place just a few days ago. The currently approved plans for the park will see 20 attraction ready to go with the park on opening day, which is expected in May 2022.
    (4/29/20) According to the Voice of OC website, the return of Wild Rivers is now official, with a new version of the waterpark coming to Orange County’s Great Park. Negotiations about the lease agreement have apparently been ongoing since 2017 and have now been settled, with the city to receive either 4.5% of the park’s annual gross revenue as payment for the year, or $550,000, whichever cost is higher.
    The location of the park has changed slightly, as the original intended site is still under control of the US Navy who are still in the process of cleaning up the site. The park will now be moved to a 20 acre site at the intersection of Skyhawk and Great Park Blvd. Wild Rivers will pay to build the new waterpark while the city will pay to build and maintain as 1,200 space parking area to be used by Wild Rivers in the summer, and for general park used for the rest of the year.


Wilderness Resort (Wisconsin Dells)

2022 - New Attractions and Improvements - (3/3/22) Some new changes are coming to the Wilderness Resort in the Dells this season. For starters, the resort announced that the Wild West Waterpark will undergo a “major renovation” that will take place from this Spring through to Fall 2022. When they are finished it will feature two new slides and a Wild West themed multi-level play and spray structure, along with an assortment of other improvements. One of the new slides is said to be a two-lane dueling tube ride while the other will be a two-lane dueling mat racer. For those worried, the confirm that the Fantastic Voyage and Black Hole slides will remain.
    Elsewhere in the resort all 446 main guest rooms will be renovated throughout the year and a new film was introduced at the Take Flight Theater in January called “Flight of Aloha” featuring the wonders of Hawaii. Another new film called World Flight will also be added this summer featuring a tour of many iconic structures and views from around the globe. A new escape room experience will also open this summer called Mission Mars that will replace the former Circus room.


Wilderness at the Smokies  (Sevierville, TN)

Check out the Screamscape review of the awesome Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort.

2022 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2017 - 2021.



icon_STOP2023 - Cloud Coaster - (7/3/22) Wilderness at the Smokies will open a Cloud Coaster inside the waterpark resort’s Forest Family Adventure Park sometime in 2023. Cloud Coasters are a product of Extreme Engineering, sending riders on a suspended style coaster ride riding solo in a single chair hanging below the track. Early versions of the Cloud Coaster actually had riders seated in a canvas style seat rather than today’s version which looks more like a modern roller coaster seat.
    I’ve been able to visit the Wilderness at the Smokies resort a couple of times in the past several years, so being familiar with the property, I can see how an attraction like this would fit right in. The Forest Family Adventure Park area of the resort is essentially a large arcade area on the ground level with a very high ceiling that is home to other aerial attractions like a 3-level ropes course, a climbing wall, a multi-level laser tag arena and even a frog hopper ride. So the addition of a Cloud Coaster that would roam around the room, passing by these other attractions along the way, is sure to be a hit with the guests.
    I’ve added a couple of pictures I’ve taken of this very area back in 2014, and if you want to have a look at the rest of the waterpark resort, enjoy the video I put together from our visit below which contains some rare footage that my son took (POV and Reverse POV) of him going through the park’s Wild Vortex AquaLoop slide at about the half-way point.


Zoombezi Bay (Columbus, OH)

2022 - Nothing is known at this point in time...




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