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    (6/19/22) Japan - A Video Visit To Hello Kitty's Sanrio Puroland (MORE...)
    (5/29/22) Temporary "The Boys" Themed Attraction To Arrive In London (MORE...)
    (5/15/22) Guests Injured As Waterslide Collapses In Indonesia
    (4/28/22) UK - Carters Steam Fair Is Seeking A New Owner and New Home (MORE...)
    (4/24/22) New B&M Wing Coaster Video from China's Fantasy Valley (MORE...)
    (4/24/22) UK - New Wizarding World Addition Coming To WB Studio Tour (MORE...)


Australia - (7/10/21) Endless Surf, a new surf park experience coming to Australia has been announced and hopes to break ground in early 2022. The new project being built with WhiteWater will be located in North Queensland as part of a 100 acre NorthBreak resort project that will include the 3.5 acre Endless Surf pool.


The Bahamas - (4/3/20) The Atlantis resort soon won't be the only waterpark attraction on Nassau in the Bahamas. The Baha Mar resort, located about a 20 minute drive west of the Atlantis resort is currently building a $300 million expansion to the resort that will include a new waterpark attraction along with other entertainment offerings and improvements to the beachfront resort.
    According to a local news update, the waterpark expansion is still on track to open in 2021, despite the current issues around the globe from the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently the resort is closed due to government orders, and the shutdown does include a pause in the construction on the project. Currently the attractions in the Bahamas are hoping to reopen around May 15 or as soon as the their government says it is safe to do so.


Brazil - (12/23/21) The “Beach Park” waterpark in Brazil opened an interesting new attraction earlier this month called Tobo Musik. At the heart of things, this is a set of three head-first enclosed mat-racer slides from Polin, but with music at the heart of the experience. Tobo Musik features a custom soundtrack that begins in the queue from from music producer and DJ, Alok. As guests climb the slide tower the music will build to a crescendo, which continues as they enter one of the three slide experiences, each of which offers a unique visual experience.

    (6/7/21) According to one of our readers the São Paulo government has announced plans to build Latin America’s tallest observation wheel as part of a plan to revitalize the Pinheiros’ river area. The wheel will be installed not far from a Vans Skatepark at Candido Portinari park and is was said to be 90 meters tall (295 feet). Special thanks to João Spegiorin for sending in some pictures from the construction site. According to what I’m told, it sounded like they wanted the wheel open by the end of the year,  but typically construction of large giant wheels can take a year or more to install so it might be early 2022 before it opens.









icon_STOPCanada - (3/5/22) An all new mountain coaster experience called the Eagle Coaster has opened in the Vancouver area at Cypress Mountain. The new experience feature a single mono-rail track system and is 1.7km long. Guests looking to ride will board Cypress Mountain’s Eagle Express Quad chairlift to catch a ride to the top of Black Mountain’s peak where the Eagle Coaster’s station resides. Follow the link to see some pictures and video highlights of the new attraction.
    (12/4/21) Just a quick note for anyone who had been to the long-closed Boblo Island Amusement Park in Ontario, Canada, which I believe was just across the water from Detroit, MI. While the park closed down way back in 1993 and most of the rides were removed, over the years one remained, the Sky Tower (Space Needle). For decades the former observation tower stood tall on the tiny island, as a silent reminder of what-was, but as of Thursday the tower was quickly and fairly quietly brought down without the use of any explosives.
    (7/29/19) FlyOver Canada will soon have a sibling as adventure travel company, Pursuit, has signed a deal to build a second FlyOver Canada flying theater attraction in Toronto, next to the famous CN Tower. While it will share the same name as the attraction in Vancouver, the ride film to be shown in the new Toronto location will be entirely brand new. According to the teaser video, we can expect it to open in 2022, with construction on the new building to house it to begin sometime in 2020. (Update: 10/24/21 - I’m told that the timetable for the new FlyOver Canada in Toronto will likely not see it open until 2024.)


icon_STOPChina - (4/24/22) A great new POV video shows off B&M’s latest Wing coaster in China’s Fantasy Valley park in Xiangyang. While we don’t know the name of the coaster yet, the park and ride are said to be shown in a soft-opening preview mode. The park will also be home to a new GCI wooden coaster, but a second tweet mentions that the opening of the wooden coaster has been delayed.

    (2/4/22) China’s first “Hello Kitty” themed hotel will be opening in 2025 as part of the greater Sanya Hello Kitty Resort that will open in 2024 that will include a Hello Kitty theme park. Located in Haitang Bay, the project is from Keystone Group and Hyatt Hotels and will feature 221 themed rooms and villas themed to Hello Kitty and other popular Sanrio characters.
    Once it opens, this will actually be the second Hello Kitty theme park in China after the first opened back in 2015 in Zhejiang Province.
    (11/14/21) Here we go again!
    By that I mean… yet another Paramount branded theme park project is said to be in development, this time for China. For the benefit of those who aren’t long-time Screamscape readers, over the past 15 years or so, there have been several proposed parks in various international locations pitched to become Paramount themed parks, but none have ever actually opened.
    This list would include a proposed Paramount park in Spain, a Paramount Movie Park in South Korea that was announced, canceled, and then revived and redesigned for another location before being put on indefinite hold, along with a proposal for another Paramount Park in Osaka, Japan, another version announced for China previously, and finally there is the current London Resort project in the UK that started off as a Paramount Park project before changing gears. 
    Given the history, in some circles, just the mention of a new theme park project being Paramount themed is enough to cause involuntary eyerolls. If you listen closely enough, you may actually overhear designers trying to discreetly exit the room mention something about “the curse’ in hushed tones as they flee.
    In all seriousness though, I can’t remember which one came first (either the first Korean project or Japan) but the trend started not too long after Viacom decided to sell off their chain of Paramount Parks in North America and get out of the theme park biz. Cedar Fair bought the former Paramount Parks, but the deal did not include keeping any of the Paramount branded IPs. To avoid this huge extra cost item Cedar Fair opted to simply remove all the existing IPs and virtually overnight, the Paramount Parks were no more.
    Jump ahead to 2021 and now it seems a group in China has announced plans to build a $8 billion Paramount theme park resort project to the south-west of Yunnan province’s capital city of Kunming. The proposed resort project is said to be massive and will make use of a nearly 2,000 acre piece of property. The overall project will be more than just the Paramount theme park, but also include 11 international art museums, an art research center, a branch of China’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, some residential space and much more. The goal is to create something massive to compete with the Shanghai Disneyland and Universal Studios Beijing theme park resorts, but it will take at least 3 or 4 years to build.
    So far it has only been revealed that the park is intended to have six themed zones, with a Paramount Boulevard, A Peanuts themed kids area, an Adventure City and Wonderland themed areas that would include attractions from Paramount movies like Italian Job and Mission Impossible, a Dinotopia themed area and lastly a Star Trek themed land.
    (10/22/21) Amazing video footage shot from a variety of angles has been collected together showing off the collapse of the giant wheel in China. Check it out below.

    (10/20/21) Bad news in China today, as it was reported that a 120+ meter tall observation wheel that was in construction in Fuzhou, China collapsed upon itself during construction. The photo posted in the tweet is just incredible to see as it becomes obvious that sections of the outer wheel structure just tore themselves apart, bent inward and landed upon the large support structure holding the whole thing up. According to reports the wheel was close to installing the final section of the outer wheel before the collapse happened.

    (1/20/21) According to this article Hong Kong’s Keystone Group is planning to build a Hello Kitty theme park in Hainan, China. The project is estimated to cost $620 million and would open sometime in 2024 featuring rides and attractions based on the various Hello Kitty family of characters from Sanrio.


Colombia - (12/22/21) The former Zambezi Zinger coaster (Schwarzkopf Speed Racer) from the World of Fun theme park in the USA apparently suffered a de-rail incident the other day in its new home of Parque Del Cafe in Colombia. The coaster was renamed “Montana Rusa” upon opening at the Columbia park in 1999 and has been running successfully for quite some time.
    The incident itself was partially caught on video and posted to Twitter where you can see the train go down one hill and just barely fail to make it over the top of the next hill. It pauses at the top fort a moment before rolling back down below the camera’s view, but when it does appear again on the hill on the left side of the image, you can just see that the middle car is partially hanging off the tracks in the lower left corner of the image. I’m unsure if there were any injuries or not from the incident, as many of the reports have conflicting information regarding the incident.



Dominican Republic - (12/23/21) A ground breaking ceremony was held a few days ago for the El Dorado Park waterpark in Cap Cana. Once finished in 2023, El Dorado will be the largest waterpark in the Caribbean, but just one piece of a larger plan. While the waterpark will open in 2023, there are additional projects that will also see an El Dorado Arena built to hold 4,000 people and a nearby retail and dining complex.
    So where is Cap Cana? The city is part of the Dominican Republic, located on the eastern edge of the island just about a 14 minute drive south from the Punta Cana International Airport. If this area sounds familiar, you may recall reading reports about another theme park project coming to Punta Cana from Falcon’s Creative Group called Katmandu that is set to now open in Fall 2022.
    (7/17/21) The new Katmandu themed attraction park has now broken ground at Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) in the Caribbean. According to the update, the $100 million project is slated to open in Fall 2022 from Falcon’s Beyond Global division. Kathmandu will serve as an expansion to the existing Katmandu Park now open in Mallorca, Spain to officer “many patented, never-before-seen ride technologies, interactive storytelling, and a focus on sophisticated adult visitors from North America seeking world-class experiences and mega-park-level attractions.”

2020_KatmanduPark    (9/18/19) Falcon’s Creative Group has announced a new partnership with Katmandu Group to create a series of Katmandu branded attractions, starting with a “dynamic new entertainment venue in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.” The initial plans right now include two attractions from Falcon to be built within the Katmandu, Punta Cana project to open in late 2020.
    The “signature” attraction will be something called “Quest for the Multiverse”, while sounds like it will be the premier of Falcon’s new “Suspended Theater”, used to provide an all new flying theater style experience that will be both family friendly, and yet thrilling. The other attraction is said to be a cutting-edge dark ride experience themed around “The Legend of Katmandu”. Other attractions within the development will include a 36-hole Expedition Golf course with highly themed holes that wind around a “mountainous Nepalese landscape”, along with future plans to add other interactive rides and theater-based attractions, as well as a “ninja playground” climbing and obstacle course. Of course it wouldn’t be a major attraction without a spattering of highly themed restaurant experiences and some special nighttime entertainment offerings added into the mix as well.
    For reference, the Katmandu Group already has one themed attraction open in Mallorca, Spain where it is tied to a resort property. In addition to the planned expansion to the Dominican Republic, they are also working on another development for Tenerife, Spain.


France - (12/1/21) Would you believe that a Batman themed escape room experience will soon be coming to Paris (France) in 2022? According to this article the new attraction will be called “Batman Gotham City Adventures”, and be the first multi-room escape experience themed to Batman when it opens sometime late next year. The exact location is being kept a secret for now however, but it is said to feature live actors and some heavily themed environments as part of the experience.




- (5/29/21) A large new surf park project from WhiteWater will break ground in Germany and will actually be the first dedicated surf park in the country. The newly approved SURFTOWN MUC is now planned to open in the Munich area (not far from the airport) with construction set to begin this fall. Based on the concept art, the project will feature a very large surfing lagoon, a stationary surf wave area, a new small waterslides and what appear to be zipline towers and cables that will surround the surf lagoon mixed with a large multi-level building. The primary surf system will use a pneumatic-chamber system from WhiteWater able to be adjusted to various skill levels as well as modified to lower energy consumption levels as needed. 80% of the energy needed for the attraction is expected to come from the company’s own photovoltaic systems.
    (3/22/21) A massive new VR attraction is planned to come to Germany later this year and will be called Hologate World. The 1,200 square meter facility will include numerous VR attraction systems as well as XR Escape Rooms and an ESports Arena along with a bar, restaurant and various leisure areas to relax in with friends. On the Hologate tech side of things, the attraction will feature some never-before seen new attractions as well as their cutting edge ARENA and BLITZ systems.
    Look for Hologate World to open this September in the FLAIR marketplace in Furth, Germany.


Hong Kong - (4/16/21) Hong Kong now has a new attraction with the opening of the Nissin Foods Cup Noodles Museum in the city, the first such attraction built outside of Japan. The museum will give guests the chance to create their own noodle cup with personalized packaging, feature interactive exhibits combined with facts about Nissen Foods products.
    (11/28/20) A massive new development worth HK$20 billion called 11 SKIES has been announced to be built at the Hong Kong International Airport. The massive 11 SKIES development is said to feature 800+ shops, 120+ dining locations along with several attractions that will all vie to the attention of the millions of travelers who pass through the airport each year.
    Amongst the attractions planned so far will be a KidZania location, a Flying Theater, a SkyTrack indoor/outdoor go-kart attraction as well as several digital media and immersive experiences. 11 SKIES is planned to open in phases between 2022 and 2025.


Indonesia - (5/15/22) An unreal accident took place at a waterpark in Indonesia the other day that was actually caught on video. Without warning a section of a waterslide collapses, dropping riders about 32 feet to the ground. The video clip is short and not quite focused on what was taking place in the background. Initial reports claimed 9 injuries and were later updated to report up to 16 injuries from the incident, which included some head injuries and broken bones, but thankfully no fatalities.
    Initial reports also speculated that the slide may have been poorly maintained, but a park spokesperson later confirmed that maintenance on that slide had just been performed 9 months prior, and they believe that the slide may have been overloaded. This later thought sounds highly plausible if 9 to 16 people became injured at the same time, as most slides simply do not normally accommodate that many people at one time.
    In the past there have been some well documented accidents reported at other waterparks in the world where a number of guests either decided to all slide down at once overloading a slide, or some guests had managed to stop themselves mid-slide and cause a back-up of sliders on a section of a slide that resulted in a collapse.
    (10/24/21) According to a news report plans to build a 47 hectare theme park about a hour outside of Jakarta (Indonesia). The theme park is part of a larger development plan for a 2,000 hectare plot of land that will include a “smart city” The new theme park is being called MNC Park and it will feature a fake castle, lagoon and other visual landmarks amongst a collection of rides. Plans also mention building a film studio on a nearby 21 hectare site that may also include some attractions as well. The goal is to open by 2024. 


icon_STOPJapan - (6/19/22) Our buddy Yukendoit is back with a new video from Japan to enjoy, this time stopping into Sanrio Puroland, a theme park build around the characters and themes of Hello Kitty and friends. The indoor theme park has absolutely over-the-top theming, full of music, lights and sounds all around you.

    (1/31/22) You can see the construction progress on the former Venus GP coaster, now relocated to Himeji Central Park in the tweet below.

    (1/27/22) The former Venus GP looping coaster (Maurer Rides) that ran at Space World in Japan from 1996 to 2017 is in the progress of being rebuilt at Japan’s Himeji Central Park. The coaster was green when it was at Space World but has since been repainted white. While the pieces have been spotted at the new park since 2020, I’m told that vertical construction has finally begun. Depending on how fast they move, it could be ready to open later this year.
    (7/3/21) An official Pokemon themed park is comin to Japan it seems, to be called Pokemon Wonder. This won't be your traditional “amusement park” however, but rather more of a nature park… but one filled with hidden Pokemon to find. Built into a 48,000 sqft untouched forest area behind the Yomiuriland theme park in Tokyo, guest will begin Pokemon Researches and enter the forest in search of the elusive creatures.
    Finding them won't be easy, as these will not be jarring brightly colored cutouts or statues, but instead these pokemon will appear to be more craftily made from natural items and hidden in the natural landscape. Check out the pictures posted to Kotaku to get an idea of what I mean. It’s creative, and I can see how difficult this actually will be.
    Pokemon Wonder will be a temporary attraction however, opening July 17 and slated to only stay open through to April 3, 2022.
    (4/16/21) The world’s first Godzilla ride is said to be opening this year at Japan’s Seibuen park, located near Tokyo. The new Godzilla themed ride is currently set to open on May 19, 2021 and will open under the full name as, “Godzilla the Ride: Great Kaiju Decisive Dominance Battle” and will feature a fight between Godzilla and King Ghidorah.

    (8/19/20) BlooLoop has confirmed that the new Harry Potter themed attraction coming to Tokyo will indeed be “Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo - The Making of Harry Potter”. Look for the new attraction to open in the first half of 2023 on the site of the former Toshimaen theme park. Follow the link to see more details about what you can expect to find inside this new attraction and how it will differ from the London original.


icon_STOPMexico - (4/10/22) You probably seen our post about it on social media, but just to confirm things here, the iconic Montana Rusa wooden coaster at La Feria Chapultepec Magico (Mexico City) is officially being demolished. Like the rest of the park, operations ceased in Fall 2019 following the deadly accident on the park’s Quimera steel coaster. You can see some pictures and video footage below of the demolition  taking place, as crews are quite literally just cutting the ride into pieces to be hauled away. The video also has some aerial drone footage of the former amusement park property where you can see just how most of the park’s other attractions have already been removed and hauled away in order to allow the property to be redeveloped into something new.


The Netherlands - (6/16/20) According to this report Amsterdam is planning on building some kind of ‘Willy Wonka style’ chocolate factory attraction that will include a roller coaster. The attraction is coming from a popular chocolate maker in Amsterdam, Tony’s Chocolonely, and will be called “Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Circus”. They hope to open the new attraction by 2024 at a cost of around €100 million.


icon_STOPOman - (1/15/22) According to a tweet from ThemeparX, plans to build the first major theme park and waterpark resort complex in Oman are moving forward under the name, A’Sharq. While not part of the UAE where we have seen so many other attractions built over the past decade in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oman is located along the coastline to the south of the UAE and is known as “the oldest continuously independent state of the Arab world.”
    The project site is along the coastline and pictures posted to ThemeparX show that it has been cleared and based on a satellite photo, it looks like the foundations for the two curved resort hotel buildings have already been formed. If the concept art holds true, it looks like the highlight attraction will be an Intamin multi-launch roller-coaster featuring a large rear-spike track, not unlike Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.


icon_STOPPhilippines - (2/16/22) Star City in the Philippines has set a new official opening date for the small theme park, which is now set on February 24, 2022. Upon opening the park will only run at 50% capacity indoors and 70% outdoors to help maintain public health standards. All guests age 18 and up will be required to show proof of full vaccination to enter the park, however those under 18 will be allowed to enter regardless of vaccination status. Face Masks will be required for everyone inside the park however.
    (1/11/22) According to various news updates, Star City in the Philippines is delaying the park’s planned reopening due to rising COVID-19 cases in the area. Previously the park was set to reopen the gates on Jan. 14th. While a new date has not been set, the park says they will monitor the local health developments before announcing a new reopening date in the future.
    (1/6/22) The Star City amusement park in the Philippines has announced that they will reopen on Jan. 14, 2022. The park has been closed for over two years following a fire at the park on Oct. 2, 2019. The way I recall it, much of the park was burned to the ground, and so far I haven’t been able to locate much in the way of information about what the new version of the park will have to offer as the official website is still not online. It is worth nothing that this is listed as a “soft opening” so there may be limited attractions ready for guests at this time.







- (1/2/22) Keep an eye out for the amazing new Aquatar waterpark project coming to Qatar in 2022 at Qetaifan Island North. WhiteWater is working with them to open what will be “the highest water slide in the world” in time for the World Cup 2022. The park’s “Icon Tower” is said to be 85 meters (260 feet) tall, and will have two elevators in the center to shuttle guests up and down the tower. There will be access to two slides at each of the towers’ six different levels, for a record-breaking total of 12 slides attached to a single tower. The tower itself is in a rather unique location, positioned out on a small peninsula surrounded by water on all sides.
    All together the waterpark will feature a total of 36 different water slides of all styles and varieties. The good news is that the structure for massive tower is already in place, along with the central elevator shaft structure. You can see a timelapse video of the tower going into place below, shot between March and August 2021, and you can also see fairly recient construction pictures posted over at ThemeparX as the waterslides are being assembled in the park right now.


icon_STOPSaudi Arabia - (3/7/22) Saudi Arabia has announced yet another amazing resort project, this one featuring a unique mountain resort concept that almost defies description, other than it definitely looks like a place I would like to see in person someday. This assumes they are able to build it, but to fully realize the vision of what they are proposing for “Trojena: the Mountains of Neom” will be a tast like no other. Especially if they want to open it by 2026.
    The idea seems to feature amazing architecture built into a mountain region that will also incorporate an outdoor skiing resort (in a desert climate), wellness resorts, a man-make freshwater lake, many themed districts with a look behind it all that would seem more at place if the crew of the Enterprise were to visit another planet. Take a look and see what you think of it all.
    (10/19/21) Another fascinating tourism project has been announced by Saudi Arabia called THE RIG. The plan will see an existing off-shore oil rig transformed and re-purposed into an amazing new concept for “hospitality, adventures and aquatic sports”. THE RIG will set a new level for what an “extreme park” can be. Take a look at the animated preview below and you’ll see things like bungee and base jumping experiences mixed with roller coasters, submarine rides, waterslides, a giant wheel, a wave pool, concerts restaurants and more.

    (10/17/21) We’ve got a short update about the new Premier Rides SkyRocket II going to Saudi Arabia. According to this news article, they refer to the coaster as ‘the world’s first and largest mobile skyloop”, so it does appear that the new coaster will be able to move to other locations as needed once the winter event is over.
    If the Premier Rides coaster is anything close to the size and speed of the typical park-model version, then this new one would definitely take some records away from Olympia Looping for being the tallest and fastest portable coaster. Your typical Sky Rocket II model stands 150 feet tall and hits 62mph, though the short track length (863ft) wouldn’t come close to touching the length of Olympia Looping’s 4,101 feet of track, so Olympia would still be the longest traveling coaster.
    (10/16/21) Some pictures posted online show a Premier Rides SkyRocket coaster under construction for the 2021 Riyadh Winter Wonderland in Saudi Arabia. According to the concept art they will call it Sky Loop. While I’m not familiar with Riyadh Winter Wonderland, it is my understanding that this is a seasonal festival style event, which means that the rides and attractions set up here should likely be temporary attractions, though the popularity of the festival would also mean some permanent infrastructure would also be in place.
    I can only assume this is a permanent install and not a temporary one, but then we have to wonder if the coaster will sit unused for the rest of the year, outside of the Winter Wonderland event, or if there will be plans to run it at other times. Anyone know more?

    (7/9/20) BlooLoop has posted an update regarding the Quddiya project in Saudi Arabia that will be home to the continent's first Six Flags theme park. They discuss the planned construction project during the age of the Coronavirus, sustainability for the project and more amid the local climate and how it ties into “Saudia Arabia’s Vision 2023” plan.
    (11/7/19) Triple Five is now working with Saudi Arabia through their American Dream subsidiary to develop “the world’s largest mixed-use entertainment and shopping center in Riyadh”. The project comes with an estimated price-tag of $5 billion that will feature theme parks, water parks and other entertainment and sports related activities as well as dining, retail and hospitality opportunities.
    (8/13/19) According to Building Design + Construction the Qiddiya project that has started in Saudi Arabia is much more than the proposed Six Flags Qiddiya theme park. They refer to this as a “Giga-Project” that is expected to become the local  “Capitial of Entertainment, Sports, and the Arts” for the region.
    The overall Qiddiya resort plan will feature four gates attractions to be built around a central retail/dining/entertainment hub that will also feature hotels. This “Resort Core” area will feature large performance venue as well as skating and even skiing facilities.
    There will also be an “Eco Core” area that will feature attractions themed to nature and wildlife, including a golf course, horse riding and a resort / spa.
    Motion Core is all about experiences that a driven ‘by the science and technology of people in motion.”
    There will be a “Speed Park” area, themed around motorsports, including a race track, drivers club a “Race” themed resort and more.
    And finally there will be the Six Flags Qiddiya theme park, which is slated to open in 2022 and part of the Phase 1 roll-out of the Qiddiya resort project. Following this they also are planning to add a waterpark resort project as well in the future, but no word on if this will be Six Flags branded or not.
    Follow the link to read the article breakdown of the entire resort project, as well as get a sneak peek at some of the resort concept art.


South Korea - (5/6/21) While work was last slated to begin on the planned Paramount Theme Park project as part of the Inspire Korea resort project in 2022 with a planned 2025 opening, this timeline is now looking to be delayed due to COVID. According to this update, Mohegan is reviewing their plans and timelines with South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, who have already approved a small extension to the plans to open the first phase of Inspire Korea to 2023. This will now push back the later phases and developments, as the Paramount theme park was part of Phase 2. How long of a delay has yet to be determined, so when we find out more, we’ll let you know.
    (11/6/19) According to a new article the Paramount theme park in Korea is still in development as part of the Inspire IR complex. They claim that attention to the storytelling being done in the park will set it apart from the competition. The first phase of Insprie IR is set to open in 2022 and will feature a five-star hotel, arena, convention center and casino. The Paramount Korea theme park is expected to follow this and be ready to open in 2025 and be followed by other new attractions, developments and evn a waterpark by 2031.
    They promise new attractions will be in the park themed to popular Paramount properties: Mission Impossible, The Italian Job, Tomb Raider, Star Trek along with a Korean themed K-Pop themed area that will feature a “water roller-coaster” with on-board audio to be called Idol.


Switzerland - (1/30/22) According to this article Nestle is apparently planning to open their own Chocolate themed park in Switzerland as soon as 2025. The area chosen (Gruyere) has some deep roots in place in the history of Chocolate production as well as being home to popular tourist attractions. It is home to Maison Cailler, a chocolate factory that has been in operations for nearly 200 years already offers factory tours and a chocolate museum and will see the site expanded by Nestle. The existing museum is said to be the third most popular museum in Switzerland and Nestle hopes to expand that fan base to welcome around 1 million guests to their new theme park.
    Don’t expect to find large roller coasters here (or at least not at first), as the project manager says that the park’s attractions will be centered around offering a more educational and historical presentations about the history of cocoa and chocolate production. If the park is successful, they plan on adding a hotel and spa to the project site by 2030. If this sounds familiar at all, you may remember reading a past article on Screamscape about the opening of another chocolate themed attraction and museum in Switzerland by the Lindt company. That attraction opened in 2020 in Zurich.


icon_STOPUK - (5/29/22) Going along with the launch of Season 3 of The Boys on Amazon Video, a new themed immersive experience called “Get the V” will be opening in London. According to the articles, fitting right in with the show itself, Get the V will be an “explosive and gory” experience during the short run between June 2 through June 5th, offering only 2,000 tickets for sale.
    If you can get a ticket, you’ll be tasked with “helping Butcher and The Boys infiltrate Vought’s London HQ to smuggle out some Temp V.” For the rest of us who can’t make it, you will be able to see the experience streamed live on Prime Video’s EU Twitch channels on June 3.
    (4/28/22) I’ve been asked to spread the word that the UK’s famous “Carters Steam Fair” is currently up for sale as they finish their final tour. This is a somewhat rare opportunity for someone to actually purchase a wholly ready and functioning vintage fairground ride collection. One goal is for someone to be able to not only purchase it, but give it a permanent home as well. Follow the link to check it out and even if you can’t buy it, check out the remaining 2022 tour dates set up now through October in the UK to see the vintage rides, games and vehicles one last time.
    (4/24/22) According to the Wizarding World website, the famous Warner Bros. Studio Tour attraction in London will be adding a new addition to their “The Making of Harry Potter” area. According to the website the new for 2022 addition will see the arrival of a “Mandrakes and Magical Creatures” addition, revealing how the magical creatures of the Wizarding World were brought to life for the films.
    This is a limited time addition however, being officially offered only from July 1st through to September 12, 2022 (for now). Tickets to the attraction must also be booked in advance through the official website.
    (3/19/22) According to ThemeParks-UK, two new attractions are coming to Blackgang Chine for the 2022 season for the Land of Imagination. The new attractions will include Shipwrecked (a themed flying-carpet style ride) and Evolution, a new drop tower ride that will reach “400ft above sea level” themed as an archaeological dig site.
    (2/6/22) A fun new Zombie themed experience has been built inside the grounds of the former Camelot theme park. It is called Camelot Rises and it includes a drive-through horror experience along with a drive-in horror movie screening. As for the abandoned theme park itself, the rides have been removed but the creepy remains of the old theme park buildings have created an awesome atmosphere perfect for this kind of apocalyptic themed event.
    A great video showcasing the new experience has been posted by YouTube by ScareTOUR Videos, which you can see below! Oh and a word to the wise… you may want to lock your car doors. Looks like a blast!

    (2/5/22) Winter has finally arrived. The new Game of Thrones Studio Tour attraction has now opened in Northern Ireland. The attraction held a grand opening ceremony to “break the chains” featuring a few returning actors from the show. The Studio Tour takes guests into many of the sets used to create the world of Westeros, along with displays of costumes, props and other displays from the hit HBO series. Amongst the sets included on the tour are the Mess Room from Castle Black, the Great Hall at Winterfell and Dragonstone’s Throne Room.

    (12/7/21) Who’s ready to take on a live Tomb Raider experience in person?  Little Lion Entertainment has teamed with Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix to open a live action “Tomb Raider: The Live Experience” attraction in London in April 2022. The immersive experience will send guests off on an adventure with Lara Croft through various environments and to solve ‘environmental puzzles” along the way.
    (12/4/21) Game of Thrones fans, take note, the official Game of Thrones Studio Tour will open for business on February 4, 2022 at the Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge, Northern Ireland. The studio tour will show off some original filming locations, sets, actual props and costumes use in the production of the show, as well as several “behind-the-scenes” attractions along the way. Some of the set pieces included will show off sections of Winterfell, the Dragostone’s Throne Room, Map Room, the Mess Room at Castle Black and Cersei’s Courtyard in King’s Landing.

    (11/19/21) According to this update approval to build a new roller coaster at Southport Pleasureland has been given by the Sefton Council. The plan will see a “Thunderbolt” style 260 meter long coaster built along Marine Drive, which would seem to indicate that this is a new coaster from Zamperla. Other plans for Southport Pleasureland on the way also include a Viking themed mini-golf course and a LED-lit Observation wheel next to Marine Lake.
    (10/26/21) Merlin has announced that they will build a stand-alone attraction in Blackpool on the ground floor between Golden Mile Amusements and Funland. While they aren’t ready to reveal what it is yet, they do say that it will be a “family-focused” attraction and should be ready to open sometime in 2022.
    (1/24/21) According to this article, plans for a new £300 million theme park project in the Blackpool area are starting to shape up. The unknown 17 acre attraction would feature an indoor theme park attraction themed around various “unsolved mysteries” involving aliens and pyramids, ancient cave paintings, the monliths of Easter Island, and some of the theories presented in the works of author Erich von Däniken. The project would also include a retail and dining center, an indoor adventure sports center as well as a resort hotel and events facility.




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