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    (4/24/17) Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT Update (MORE...)
    (4/20/17) Summer of Heroes Preview Video (MORE...)
    (4/10/17) New Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT! Tower Photos (MORE...)
    (3/27/17) More Guardians of the Galaxy Tower Revealed (MORE...)

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General Park News - (11/14/16) Disney has released some new details about the new Christmas version of the World of Color show that just started on Nov. 10th that will run nightly through Jan. 8th, 2017. They are calling it World of Color - Season of Light and you can make the jump to see a few images from the new show on the Disney Parks Blog.
    (8/9/16) Riders on California Screamin' became stuck for about 45 minutes the other day when a passengers purse flew out of her hands and became wedged under the coaster in the wheels.
    (8/3/16) The Disneyland Resort has confirmed that the current version of World of Color night show will be retired and the original version of the show will return one again starting Sept. 6th.


icon_STOP2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy  Mission: Breakout - (4/24/17) DisneyGeek has posted a great update from DCA this week showing off the new Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT attraction building, now fully uncovered and in the home stretch to the grand openeing.
    (4/20/17) California Adventure has released a new cool teaser video promoting the new 'Summer of Heroes" event at the park, as well as the soon to open Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction. Check it out below, as it features cameo appearances in the park from Spider-man, Black Widow, Captain America and Rocket Raccoon.

    (4/10/17) A couple of great new pictures of the now almost fully uncovered Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction building were posted to Twitter by TPA over the weekend. I'm digging the trippy look of the new structure myself, though I'm still hoping they are going to remove those old balcony looking structures left on the side of the building. Take a look below.

    (3/27/17) More and more of the new colorful look of the former Tower of Terror, now Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, are visible across California Adventure as the scaffolding is quickly coming down. You can see several new pictures posted to DisneyGeek this week by clicking here.








A reader sent in a photo taken this week showing off the look of the backside of the former Tower of Terror with the new Guardians of the Galalxy: Mission Breakout paint job.
    (2/22/17) According to an announcement from Disney the new Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: BREAKOUT! will open on May 27th as part of a new Summer of Heroes promotion for the park. Various other Marvel characters (Captain America and Spider-Man for sure) will be available for meet and greet in the surrounding Hollywood area of the park, including Groot for the first time! Unfortunately, Disney wasn't clear if this would be adult Groot from the first film, or the new Baby Groot from the new film. Either way... "I am GROOT!"... because you just know this character will speak. It simply has to.
    Another new addition to the park over the summer will include The Guardians of the Galalxy: Awesome Dance Off! featuring Star-Lord rocking out (possibly with Gamora) with an old school Boom Box. Elsewhere you can also find the Avengers Training Initiative, where Black Widow and Hawkeye will host a training session for the kids. Think of this as the Jedi Training Academy show... but for The Avengers. You'll get double the Black Widow fun as well, as she is said to be making appearances around the park driving an armored Avengers vehicle too. Special Marvel themed food and merchandise items will also be available for purchase as well. Summer of Heroes will run from May 27 to Sept. 10, 2017.
    (2/13/17) A small section of the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout paint job has been exposed this week, looking very colorful, if not somewhat weird, when set in the skyline view as seen from with the old Hollywood section of the park.  Take a look at a great collection of photos posted to DisneyGeek to see for yourself, though I'd hope it would fit in a bit more with the look of things as this corner of the park is slowly transformed into a new Marvel themed area going forward.
    (1/8/17) Tower of Terror at California Adventure is now closed and a reader sent in a few photos of the ride as it enters into full transformation mode to become Guardians of the Galalxy Mission: Breakout. On a related note... it was mentioned earlier that the intent was to have the new version of the attraction open in time for Memorial Day weekend, but it seems this might not be possible anymore.
    Apparently there have been some "technical issues" caused by the new ride profiles they've been testing that could push back the opening until sometime in the Summer. I guess it will come down to how much time and money they can throw at it to fix the issues, and if they were still planning on having the big movie premier event in the park along with a soft opening of the new ride in early May.
    (12/19/16) A small section of the new Guardians of the Galaxy color scheme has been revealed on the Tower of Terror at DCA as a section of the top has now been uncovered. Check out the photos posted to Twitter the other day.
    (10/14/16) Another small collection of images showing workers climbing around the outside of the Tower of Terror at DCA was sent in this week. From what I’m hearing, it appears that having these workers on the tower may be causing the Tower to close one or two of the ride shafts during the day, depending on where they are working, so your wait time could be affected. By the time the last photo was taken the scaffolding had virtually covered the entire front of the tower.
    (10/12/16) One of our readers sent in some great pics of the Tower of Terror at DCA taken this week, showing off the scaffolding and workers climbing around the outside of the tower as the conversion into a Guardians of the Galaxy theme begins.
    (10/4/16) Disney has posted some great new images on their Blog showing off some detailed photos of the model made to show what the Tower of Terror at DCA will look like once transformed into the new Guardians of the Galalxy - Mission BREAKOUT! attraction.
    From the look of the model, it appears as if the rumored enclosing of the external doors is not taking place, as the doors are still clearly still there near the top end of the tower structure.
    (9/21/16) According to a variety of posts I've seen on social media over the past couple days, a large crane has arrived behind the Tower of Terror in DCA and apparently begun removing some of the exterior themeing elements from the outside of the tower structure while the attraction remains open.
    (9/1/16) The official word from Disney is that the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror at DCA will close down forever as part of a “Final Check-Out” event on the night of Jan. 2, 2017. While the exterior work to begin the conversion of the attraction into Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout will begin this fall, they can begin remodeling the entire interior of the attraction once it closes down.
   During the fall, from Sept. 9 to Oct. 31, the park will offer a special “Late Check-Out” version of the attraction, where they will feature special commemorative merchandise, special food and beverage items, and you’ll experience the ride in an all new way for the first time… in complete darkness.
   I’m not sure if this means they will be turning off some of the lighting and effects in the drop shafts, but I’m pretty sure this means the doors at the top will remain closed. Why?  Because one of the rumored new experiences for the Guardians version of the ride is said to include some kind of space themed projection effects room at the top before the big drop, replacing the sky-high view of the park below you before you plunge.
    (7/23/16) During the Marvel presentation at the San Diego Comic-Con a few minutes ago Disney took the time to also confirm and announce the conversion of the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror ride at the Disney California Adventure park into "Guardians of the Galaxy  Mission: Breakout!"
    The former Hollywood Tower Hotel will be transformed into a storage fortress for The Collector, and become the first of many, going forward, Marvel themed attractions in this corner of DCA when it opens in Summer 2017.  Guests will enter the fortress and walk through the museum like collection of artifacts (and alien species) that The Collector has deposited here. Eventually your group will be contacted by Rocket Raccoon, who informs you that he and the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy have also been imprisoned within the fortress by The Collector and Rocket needs your help to escape.
    According to the teaser video posted by Disney (see below) the ride system will be essentially the same as it is now, featuring the very fast rise and fall sensations you know and love, however how it all plays out will not only be different than how it is now, but it will be different every time you ride. Much like the Tower of Terror in Orlando, this new version of the attraction will feature several different ride programs that can take place, each with it's own motion profile, special features and even a custom soundtrack for each, as we know Guardians of the Galaxy is all about the music from Star Lord's mix tapes.
    They say that the new ride should be ready to go in time for the launch of the new film which premiers in May 2017. While an exact date to close the current tower wasn't given, they do say “early 2017”, which will probably end up being around the first or second week of January after the Christmas/New Years’ crowds are all gone. Obviously this is not a lot of time to complete the amount of work this should take to do properly, and when you consider the normal snails pace that Disney seems to work at lately on their project, I’m sure more than a few people are quite concerned about this project being finished on time and on budget. Of course, they could begin some of the exterior work before they close the ride of course, but we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out.

    (5/11/16) Screamscape sources have confirmed for us that the Guardians of the Galaxy transformation for the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror attraction at Disney California Adventure is 100% locked in now and happening. While we don't know exactly when the ride will close down (best guess is sometime after summer, either in fall or early winter) the plan is to have the new Guardians version up and running in time for the May 2017 opening of the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie premier.
    As we previously rumored, the overall theme of the building will now be based around the character from the first film known as The Collector, or more importantly, his collection of rare and unique artifacts gathered from around the galaxy. I've been told that the story will essentially be somewhat similar to the unique story told in Tokyo DisneySea's Tower of Terror...but with a Marvel / SciFi spin to it all. As we saw in the first Guardian's film, sometimes the items gathered by The Collector can be a bit temperamental, and even explosive.
    This will be the starting block for what will eventually become a Marvel themed section of the park it seems, but the main problem is that the transition from the old "Hollywood" theme into the new SciFi theme is going to be quite jarring and sudden, to say the least. So it should be interesting to see how this plays out as the first Marvel themed attraction for the US market.TZ_GuardiansOfTheGalalxy
    (3/22/16) A new Marvel themed project that many will find quite shocking is in the works... and it involves putting a Marvel theme over an existing Disney icon style attraction that has a lot of fans. Rumors of this are already starting to spread, and according to my sources the rumor has moved into discussions about parks that are quite simply not involved yet, or were not really ever intended to be involved. So what is it?
    What would you say if I mentioned that a Guardians of the Galalxy themed retrofit of the existing Tower of Terror attraction had been pitched as a possible new Marvel themed attraction concept for Disney California Adventure and the Walt Disney Studios Paris parks?  While you are picking up your jaw off the floor, yes... this is a real proposal. But that's it at this point... just an idea being proposed as a way to quickly add a Marvel attraction to DCA in time to take advantage of the Marvel Phase 3 film slate.
    How will the Tower be rethemed to fit Guardians of the Galaxy? I really don't know... though the one theory that I've heard seems to try to use The Collector character (Benicio Del Toro) in a similar fashion to Lord Henry Mystic from Hong Kong Disneyland's Mystic Manor. Guests, passing through a vault of The Collectors' rare artifacts disturb something they shouldn't that sends them on a wild adventure.
    Again... this is all just a proposal, and from what I'm hearing the concept has been pitched as both a permanent change as well as just a temporary overlay over the existing attraction.
    Unfortunately the rumor mill got a hold of this way too soon, and have already started to spread rumors of the concept taking over the Florida Tower of Terror which is mechanically very different from the others and has evolved over the years into serving as the virtual icon of that entire park. In addition, many would be quick to point out that the Tower of Terror represents what many feel is the pinnacle of WDW attraction design. Now, this isn't to say that WDW doesn't know about the plan, as they do, and I'm sure they too have played the "What If?" game to see what would happen if they jumped on the bandwagon. So while anything is possible... this was not the original intent. Nor was sticking another clone in Tokyo DisneySea for that matter. So for now... this is all we know, and nothing has been decided anywhere for any attraction. It's just a proposal, so put away the torches and pitchforks for now.


2023/2024 - Marvel Attraction / Land - Rumor - (2/24/16) A Marvel themed area has been earmarked to open at Disney’s California Adventure as the next major new “land” to follow Star Wars Land. With Star Wars Land not looking to open until about 2020, the Marvel area at DCA isn’t likely to open until 2023/2024. At the moment however, it sounds like they will be trying to dazzle all the Marvel fans with one giant E-Ticket attraction rather than an assortment of attractions. Given how far and wide spread the themeing and concepts for Marvel comics go, trying to group the entire Marvel Universe into one ride and make all the fans equally happy is likely impossible. But this project is a long ways out, so a lot can change between then and now. Another interesting item I was told was that once Marvel does open in DCA… we can expect to see the Iron Man Experience ride in Tomorrowland close. At that point in time they’ll decide to either drop it entirely, or if it is really popular they may opt to move it over to DCA somehow.
    (8/20/14) The latest updates at MiceChat are full of interesting rumors about ideas in development, but remember these are just possible ideas. Nothing has been green lit yet. Keeping that in mind, they claim that plans are now being worked on to bring a proper Marvel themed land to California Adventure. This would effectively take up the empty back corner of Hollywoodland, once pitched as a Monsters Inc. themed land before that project got the axe. As you would expect, it will be full of character meet & greet opportunities as they move out of Innoventions, and be anchored by a Marvel themed version of Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, which would located the main coaster building in the parking lot between the Tower or Terror and Luigi’s Flying Tires.




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