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Anaheim, California (Abbreviation: DCA)
Walt Disney Theme Parks




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    (2/14/18) Pixar Pier Reopening Notes (MORE...)
    (1/15/18) Pixar Pier Construction Update (MORE...)
    (12/8/17) Food & Wine Festival Expands To 6 Weeks (MORE...)
    (11/4/17) Holiday Overlays Coming To Cars Land Attractions (MORE...)

Ride Rehabs - The following information is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Redwood Challenge Trail - NOW CLOSED through Mar. 9
California Screamin’ - NOW CLOSED through June 23
Mickey’s Fun Wheel - NOW CLOSED through June 23
King Triton’s Carousel - Mar. 5 through June 23


General Park News - (12/8/17) The Disneyland Resort has announced that the California Adventure Food & Wine Festival will be expanded to last 6 weeks (Mar 2 to April 12) in 2018.
    "More than a dozen Festival Marketplaces will feature California-inspired tastes and sips. Guests will experience presentations and demonstrations with celebrity chefs such as Robert Irvine and Alex Guarnaschelli; food and beverage tastings; winemaker dinners; beer, wine and spirit seminars – all in addition to live music, entertainment and special activities throughout the festival."








icon_STOP2018 - Pixar Pier / Paint The Night - (2/14/18) Disney has confirmed that the Pixar Pier area will be ready to open to guests on June 23rd, along with the premier of the "Incredicoaster", which will see character figures, new lighting and special effects added to the former California Screamin' coaster experience. They also reported that when the Paint the Night parade returns, this time at Disney California Adventure, it will feature an all new float themed to The Incredibles featuring Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Frozone and more!
    (1/15/18) Paradise Pier is now closed down to begin the massive transformation of the area into Pixar Pier. Some pictures have been posted to DisneyGeek this week, along with a couple of photo sent in to Screamscape by a reader showing that the loop track on the California Screamin' coaster has been removed as well.
    (11/4/17) I’ve added a couple of pieces of new art from Disney showing off Pixar Pier as well as the remodeled look for the Incredicoaster station, which even offers a look at the new train design. The train looks nice, and while it still has OTS style restraints, the body does almost appear to be more open, which is a good thing if true. Or at least it does in the front row... this could just be a new lead car body shell and the continued use of the old trains from before. We’ll know more in 2018 when the real thing arrives in the station.
    Also, if you look at a close-up I've posted of the former Maliboomer site at the far end of the coaster, you can see what looks like some kind of spinning ballon themed ride surrounded by a colorful, almost library style wall. I'm guessing this is the Inside Out ride coming later on, and we're looking at a wall of multi-colored memory spheres with what looks like a Zamperla Balloon Race or Samba Tower ride in the middle. One is a very mild family ride... the other gets a lot more wild.
    (11/3/17) According to the latest information, when Paradise Pier becomes Pixar Pier in Summer 2018 the area will feature a new attraction called the Incredicoaster, themed to The Incredibles. Given that we've seen zero construction in the area for a new ride, I've got some bad news for you... this is just a new name being dropped on the park's famous California Screamin' coaster, which is somewhat of a shame.
    I like The Incredibles, and I love the California Screamin' coaster, but as a long established and terrific coaster, I feel it is completely useless to try to drop a new name and theme on it at this point... or at least without making some substantial changes to the ride experience. Plus as a fan of The Incredibles, I think they deserve their own custom built attraction. Anyway... the Incredicoaster will apparently feature some new coaster trains with an all new look, an all new musical score, and somehow some new "scenes and special effects" that will attempt to tie the experience into the upcoming Incredibles 2 film hitting theaters June 14, 2018.
    In addition to the new name on the coaster, Pixar Land's claim to fame will be 'four whimsical neighborhoods" themed to various worlds of Pixar: The Incredibles, Toy Story, Inside Out and the forth will apparently be somewhat of a mish-mash of favorite Pixar moments. An actual new attraction is said to be in the works for a future date that will be themed to Inside Out however. Mickey's Fun Wheel will also get a new look, with each of the cars themed to a different Pixar character, though Mickey's giant face will remain on the wheel.
    To allow for work to begin California Screamin', Mickey's Fun Wheel, and various other aspects of Paradise Pier will close starting January 8th, including Ariel's Grotto and Cove Bar, which will be transformed into some kind of  new Pixar themed lounge space. Meanwhile the far side of Paradise Pier (Goofy's Sky School, Golden Zephyr, etc...) will keep their themeing and become part of a new "Paradise Park" area.
    (7/20/17) Disney confirmed that the current Paradise Pier themed section of Disney California Adventure will be transformed into Pixar Pier, " as some of your favorite characters come to life on this seaside waterfront. You will discover whimsical neighborhoods filled with your friends from “The Incredibles,” “Inside Out” and even more of your pals from “Toy Story.” Building upon the evolution of Disney California Adventure park that began in 2007, we are building more new worlds for you to step into and enjoy your favorite stories.
    This permanent addition to the park will open during a new limited-time celebration taking place throughout the Disneyland Resort in 2018 — Pixar Fest! Experience the magical worlds of Pixar in brand new ways as the entire resort comes alive with some of your favorite stories."
    As part of the Pixar Fest event in 2018, they also confirmed that the Paint the Night parade will return... but this time into California Adventure with the hinted addition of a Buzz Lightyear / Space Ranger themed float.




???? - Marvel Universe Land / Avengers Attraction / Spider-Man Attraction - Rumor - (7/20/17) It was confirmed at the D23 Expo that Disney is planning on adding a Marvel Super Hero themed land onto the Disney California Adventure park, expanding upon what they have started with this year's Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Breakout!  attraction. While they did not go into specifics, they did confirm new attractions that would bring Spider-Man and The Avengers to life for park guests, which matches up with the rumors we had been hearing thus far as well.
    No timeline for any of this yet however, so stay tuned.
    (7/14/17) A few small tidbits of info regarding that proposed Marvel Universe land dropped into my ear a bit ago. Actually the first bit has nothing to do with new and expanded attractions, but I'm told we can expect to possibly hear detailed about a special Christmas Holiday themed edition of Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! announced at the San Diego ComicCon.
    The second bit of info is that the formerly proposed Avengers coaster ride has been shelved  in favor of using an entirely brand new ride system for the Avengers themed ride. I don't know too many details yet, but from the sound of things Disney is hard at work engineering their own in-house version of a ride system to take on Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey t hat would also feature bigger cars able to hold more riders at once.
    (7/13/17) Screamscape has heard that Disney may be ready to spill the beans about the next Marvel themed attractions they have in the works. However, this may not happen at the D23 Expo as some think, but this information (or at least some of it) is expected to be saved for the following week so Disney can announce it at the San Diego ComicCon (July 20-23). According to the older rumors, Disney was working on a new highly themed dark ride that would use a coaster style ride system to take you into the world of the Avengers. This kind of matches up with some of that concept art that was released for the long-term Hong Kong Disneyland expansion plans which featured a large attraction building themed as the Avengers HQ.
    At one point it was thought that this ride would be shoehorned into DCA’s North-Eastern corner and possibly cause the removal of the Monsters Inc. and possibly even MuppetVision attractions, but the latest information seems to suggest that they would instead seek to put a Marvel themed land south of the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction, taking over the final section of the old parking lot left undeveloped.
    Interestly enough, a new update posted to MiceChat a few hours ago follows along with this new location and adds in that DCA may opt to entirely remove the nearby “A Bug’s Land” and the assorted tiny kiddie rides in order to allow for an even bigger Marvel themed area. This would includes the repurposing of the It’s Tough To Be a Bug 4D theater attraction space as well. 
    (2/24/16) A Marvel themed area has been earmarked to open at Disney’s California Adventure as the next major new “land” to follow Star Wars Land. With Star Wars Land not looking to open until about 2020, the Marvel area at DCA isn’t likely to open until 2023/2024. At the moment however, it sounds like they will be trying to dazzle all the Marvel fans with one giant E-Ticket attraction rather than an assortment of attractions. Given how far and wide spread the themeing and concepts for Marvel comics go, trying to group the entire Marvel Universe into one ride and make all the fans equally happy is likely impossible. But this project is a long ways out, so a lot can change between then and now. Another interesting item I was told was that once Marvel does open in DCA… we can expect to see the Iron Man Experience ride in Tomorrowland close. At that point in time they’ll decide to either drop it entirely, or if it is really popular they may opt to move it over to DCA somehow.
    (8/20/14) The latest updates at MiceChat are full of interesting rumors about ideas in development, but remember these are just possible ideas. Nothing has been green lit yet. Keeping that in mind, they claim that plans are now being worked on to bring a proper Marvel themed land to California Adventure. This would effectively take up the empty back corner of Hollywoodland, once pitched as a Monsters Inc. themed land before that project got the axe. As you would expect, it will be full of character meet & greet opportunities as they move out of Innoventions, and be anchored by a Marvel themed version of Rock ‘n Roller Coaster, which would located the main coaster building in the parking lot between the Tower or Terror and Luigi’s Flying Tires.




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2017 - Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: Breakout!

2016 - Soarin’ Around The World and Luigi’s Rollickin’ Roadsters, Frozen: Live

2015 - World of Color - Celebrate, Grizzly Peak Airfield area replaces Condor Flats

2013 - Disney Junior Update

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