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Anaheim, California
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    (8/7/14) Big Hero 6 Characters Coming to Disneyland / Walt Disney World Parks (MORE...)
    (7/18/14) Disneyland Turns 59 and Releases First Details About 2015 (MORE...)
    (6/24/14) Photo Trip Report & 60th Announcement Day


General Resort News - (8/7/14) Disney has announced that the characters from the new “Big Hero 6” film, Hiro and his robot buddy Baymax, will arrive at the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World theme parks to meet and greet with guests this fall. There is one problem I see coming from this however… that Big Hero 6 was actually a Marvel comic and features characters who have interacted with other Marvel Universe characters. That said… technically wouldn’t any of the Big Hero 6 characters be banned from appearing at the Walt Disney World theme parks just as Spiderman, Wolverine and Iron Man are banned, due to Universal’s exclusive rights East of the Mississippi to Marvel characters at Islands of Adventure?
    (7/18/14) 2015_DL_DiamondCelebrationLogoDisneyland turned 59 on Thursday and the park announced the first official details about their plans for 2015. They are calling it the Disneyland Resort Diamond Celebration and released our first look at the special Diamond logo. While they didn’t go into details just yet about what new changes may come to the park(s), they did start a new contest where you can share your favorite Disneyland memory taken throughout the decades since Disneyland opened for a chance to win a grand prize trip to the Disneyland Resort to kick off the Diamond Celebration next year.
    Each week, now through August 27th, the Disney Parks Blog will ask you to submit a photo memory from a specific decade by posting them to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #Disneyland60Contest. Just be sure to include in the description which decade the photo was taken. This week is starting off with the 50’s.
    It is also worth mentioning that our friends at Theme Park Adventure asked many special people in the industry to submit a paragraph that would express your favorite memories or what makes Disneyland so special to you. I was honored to be asked as well and you’ll find mine right at the top of the pile. Give it a read and enjoy what this incredible collection of guest writers had to share about what Disneyland means to them.


???? - Third Theme Park - Rumor - (3/23/13) A new report from SlashFilm reports that the Disneyland Resort has been sending out surveys to passholders to ask, “How interested would you be in visiting a Star Wars themed land at the Disneyland Resort?” (For more on that, make the jump to the Disneyland page.)
   With the rumors of mini Star Wars Lands being designed for Disneland Paris and now Walt Disney World it only makes sense Disneyland would get in on the action as well. While they could find a way to fit it into Disneyland, I have to admit that I had heard long ago that a Star Wars themed land was being considered as a major land for Disneyland’s 3rd Park.
   A lot has probably changed since then since Disney didn’t even own Star Wars when I first heard that rumor, as they had bought Marvel at the time and I believe had just inked the Avatar project for Walt Disney World. Back then the one idea being expressed about Disneyland’s 3rd Park concept was that they wanted the overall concept of the park to be about Heroes and Adventure, full of heavily themed new worlds to explore.
   With Marvel freshly purchased at the time, it seemed like a no brainer to add some of the various themed from the Marvel Universe to the park. Whatever they came up with for the Avatar project in WDW, a copy of Pandora could also fit right into California’s 3rd Park too. Now with Star Wars now fully owned by Disney and plans for new films in the works, it would also seem very possible that we could not only see a Star Wars Land built here, but one themed to whatever new and iconic locations are being developed for the next series of films as well. Of course while a park with lands themed to Marvel, Star Wars and Avatar may seem a bit like a teenage boy fantasy come true, it does make me wonder what they could add as well to soften it up for the girls and smaller children. Keep in mind that the plans for the 3rd Park are being worked on and likely in a constant state of change, but with that it also seems clear that the project is getting closer to being funded and moving forward. WDI has their hands full right now with Shanghai and other projects around the world, but sooner than you think they will focus their efforts at last on that old Strawberry field location down the road.
    (6/27/12) Could Disneyland be making it’s first serious steps towards designing a third California park? According to MiceAge, WDI has been drawing up plans for a full scale Marvel comics themed park that would feature more thrill rides and fit perfectly into the available acreage, as well as serve as a template for future parks in Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. There are lots of other infrastructure issues to be dealt with before this can happen, such as making room for new resorts, and adding the extra parking spaces that will be needed with a way to transport guests and employees to all three parks.




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