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Anaheim, California (Abbreviation: DL)
Walt Disney Theme Parks




----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (11/27/15) Disneyland Opens 2015 Jingle Cruise Makeover (MORE...)
    (11/18/15) New Star Tours Video and New Signs of MyMagic+ (MORE...)
    (11/16/15) Hyperspace Mountain POV Video Looks Incredible (MORE...)
    (10/26/15) Disneyland Spotted Testing RFID FastPass Cards (MORE...)

Ride Rehabs - These dates are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.
Disneyland Railroad - Jan. 11, 2016 through to TBD
Fantasmic! - Jan. 11, 2016 through to TBD
Mark Twain - Jan. 11, 2016 through to TBD
Sailing Ship Columbia - Jan. 11, 2016 through to TBD
Pirate’s Lail on Tom Sawyer’s Island - Jan. 11, 2016 through to TBD


icon_STOPGeneral Park News - (11/27/15) The JINGLE CRUISE is back at Disneyland.  Check out the video tweeted out by the park below giving you a taste of the enhanced holiday experience that will run now through January 6, 2016.



The new adventure has been added to Star Tours along with the launch of the Season of the Force event. You can see a video of the new adventure embedded below and see how it mixes in with the other older random sequences. Don't watch if you want to be surprised.
    In other news, a reader noticed several of the outdoor vending carts at Disneyland now have a MyMagic+ style sensor reader and panel attached to them, very similar to the ones in place at Walt Disney World. If you look closely at the screen readout it says that the scanner is "Not Active" at this time, but it seems only a matter of time before Disneyland looks into launching card based NFC/RFID style payment systems for the park in time to launch a FassPass+ ride reservation system.

    (11/16/15) Attractions Magazine has posted an awesome video showing off the new Star Wars themed Hyperspace Mountain POV experience now running at Disneyland inside Space Mountain. So far Disney has yet to set an ending date for the experience, so if the public really takes a shine to Hyperspace Mountain, this special edition of the ride could be left running for awhile. Plus with the Star Tours ride next door, it all really fits together so well anyway.




Remember that story about a new barcode scanner being tested on the Space Mountain FastPass line as an alternate to having a Cast Member read all the cards?  There were those claiming they may have been testing a MagicBand style syste, but it turned out they were wrong.
    Until they weren't...
    A couple of days ago the barcode reader installed at Space Mountain was replaced by an actual RFID chip reader and guests were being given FastPass tickets with no barcodes, but seemed to be embedded with an RFID style chip inside to be read by the new test scanners. Check out the pictures of the chip-embedded FastPass cards that were used for the test as sent in by a reader.
    (10/22/15) A set of light-up barcode readers installed at Space Mountain at Disneyland this week sent many theme park news sites into a tizzy, claiming that MagicBands were on the way to Disney's California theme park. What really happened was just Disney testing an automated bar-code reader system to test the efficiency of the automated system compared to the old method of just having a cast member view the time-stamp on the FastPass ticket.
    For starters, MagicBands at Walt Disney World read an embedded RFID chip in the MagicBand (or ticket card) and are not barcode readers in any form. Disney has also said that they were not looking to bring the MagicBands to the California theme parks, though they did not rule out the use of the FastPass+ system, which allows guests to reverse ride times online prior to their visit, or with a mobile app during their visit to the park. That system also readers RFID tags, but can use RFID embedded cards rather than the more costly MagicBands.
    (10/15/15) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spider-Man will begin appearing as a character inside Disneyland as part of the opening of the revised Super Hero HQ attraction in the old Innoventions building starting on Nov. 16th. Spider-Man will be the "greeter" to welcome everyone in, where they can also see Thor and the Treasures of Asgard still, as well as the Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries exhibit. The Captain America area however will be missing in action at this time. While this will be the first appearance of Spider-Men in a US Disney park, Spider-Man has been appearing since mid-2014 at the Walt Disney Studios Paris theme park.
    (9/28/15) Interesting times lie ahead for Disneyland in the near future. The park's first "Season of the Force" special event will begin on November 16 and include the new themed layer of special effects onto Space Mountain that will see it temporarily re-dubbed as Hyperspace Mountain.
    Star Tours will also add in a new ridefilm sequence to the attraction with a location (and possibly characters) themed to the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens film opening in theaters this December.
    Plus the old Innoventions building will reopen as the new Star Wars Launch Bay exhibit for everything Star Wars related, plus a character meet & greet or two. The Jedi Training show will relanch as "Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple" show, featuring new characters from the Star Wars Rebels show. Select restaurants will also offer new Star Wars themed food items as well.
    See it while you can, because currently there is no solid closing date for the event, so there is no way to know how long you will be able to ride Hyperspace Mountain.
    There is a clock ticking down to January 11th, 2016 however... as the new official date for the closure of the Big Thunder Ranch area to begin construction on the future Star Wars land planned for the park. As part of this process, Disney has also stated that starting then, several other nearby Frontierland attraction will also be forced to close down for the next year or so. The list includes all of of the Tom Sawyer's Island and related Rivers of America attractions including: Fantasmic!, the Mark Twain Riverboat, Sailing Ship Columbia, Canoe tours, and even the closure of the Disneyland Railroad for the next year. (Sorry Railroad fans...)
    (9/7/15) A new Jungle Cruise themed breakfast experience of a lifetime is coming to Disneyland from Sept 21 to Dec. 2 called the Sunrise Safari Breakfast. According to the description on the Disney Park Blog you will begin with a welcome from the Jungle Navigation Company before you 'dive into breakfast on the African veldt of the world-famous Jungle Cruise attraction... because yes... it seems you get to dine IN the attraction itself somehow. After breakfast you get a crash course in Jungle Skipper training before you are put behind the wheel of your own boat to recite the spiel as your initiation into the elite "Fraternal League of Secret Skippers". You also get an awesome keepsake from the experience, a tribal mask inspired by the original concept art for the attraction.
    As you can guess, space is EXTREMELY limited for this rare experience, so reservations are required by clicking here. Know this... the cost is $300 per person EARLY in the morning before the park opens and admission to the park is not included in that cost. Still... talk about a rare experience you'll remember for the rest of your life, and the bragging rights.
    Oh, and speaking of The Jungle Cruise, if you need any more convincing, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has confirmed he is working with Disney to make a live-action adventure movie themed to the attraction. He wants to do for The Jungle Cruise what Johnny Depp did for Pirates of the Caribbean.

    (6/30/15) Disneyland has finally opened the newly refurbished Peter Pan's Flight ride. Check out the video below to see a POV of the new ride with all the improvements.

    (6/5/15) Disneyland has posted a fun behind the scenes video showing off some of the work that went into installing the latest improvements to the Matterhorn Bobsleds attraction.


Late 2015 / Early 2016 - Star Wars Additions - (8/21/15) As rumored, a new Star Wars Launch Bay preview attraction will be added to Tomorrowland later this  year inside the Innoventions building, alongside a revamped Super Hero HQ area which will continue to provide all the Marvel character meet & greets for Captain American, Thor as well as the return of Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries exhibit. Also to be added before the end of the year will be "a new adventure will be added to Star Tours, "featuring locations and characters from the upcoming film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens". The park's Jedi Academy will also close to undergo a transformation that will see it brought back as a new experience  featuring new characters, and a new villain to battle, from the Star Wars Rebels animated series on Disney XD.
    Disneyland also announced that the park will put on a new annual event starting in early 2016 called Star Wars: Season of the Force. At Disneyland, inspired by the long running Star Wars Weekends events in Florida, Tomorrowland guests will get to explore the Star Wars galaxy of characters, see special entertainment, sample themed food and more. During the event Space Mountain will also be transformed into Hyperspace Mountain where they will find themselves in the middle of an X-Wing Starfighter battle.



    (7/18/15) Is the Star Wars Launch Bay attraction that is coming to Shanghai Disneyland going to possibly going to open in California as well?  The latest rumor going around claims that this is what may have been planned to go inside the Innoventions building in Tomorrowland. If true... it could actually open in Disneyland first, probably in November, just ahead of the movie launch.


???? - (4/30/14) Upgrades to Mt. Toad, Show White and Pinocchio - Rumor - (4/30/14) Look for all these of these dark rides to close for refurbishments projects, once at a time, that is also expected to see show scene improvements and possibly new figures, similar to the rumored upgrades to Alice and Peter Pan slated for 2014/2015,


icon_STOP???? - Star Wars Land -  In Development - (10/5/15) Remember how I mentioned how all the Rivers of America attraction were going to close at the start of 2016 for at least a year or more, including the Disneyland Railroad and Big Thunder Ranch area, all to allow construction on the new Star Wars themed land to begin? According to an interesting image posted to SlashFilm, the reason for all this is that the back-half of Tom Sawyer's island is going to be chopped off in order to shorten the length of the river and reclaim the land back there to be used for the Star Wars land. The railroad layout would also be torn out and rebuild to conform to this new plan, so that the railroad would stay outside of the Star Wars area.




Star Wars themed lands have been confirmed for two Walt Disney theme parks so far... Disneyland in California and for Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida. Both of these similar lands will be approximately 14-acres in size, making them the largest single-themed land expansion ever added to a Disney park.
    Instead of picking one or two of the various Star Wars world's to theme the land to, they will instead theme the land to a new, never-before seen world. The Star Wars land will feature two major "signature attractions", one of which will put guests into the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. I'm not sure if the location of the land at Disney's Hollywood Studios was confirmed, but I would assume it may fit in somewhere nearby to the existing Star Tours attraction. Meanwhile at Disneyland the new land was apparently confirmed to be taking over the Big Thunder Ranch area, plus backstage property behind there. How the Disneyland Railroad will manage to pass unseen through this area remains to be seen... but I imagine it may involve a large dark tunnel.
    Unfortunately, no timeline was given as to when we can expect to see this Star Wars land open, but if we use the Avatar project as a guideline, I wouldn't expect to see the Star Wars land open until around 2020.




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Anaheim, California
Walt Disney Company

Abbreviation: DL

Tickets: as of 2/23/15
Adults (10+): $99.00
Child (3-9): $93.00
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Parking: $18.00

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Newest Developments:
2015 - 60th Diamond Celebration - Disneyland Forever, Paint the Night, improvements to Haunted Mansion, Matterhorn, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Indiana Jones

2014 - Big Thunder Mt (v2.0), Alice in Wonderland Update

2013 - Fantasy Faire, Iron Man Tech, Thor: Treasures of Asgard

2012 - New Matterhorn Sleds

2011 - Star Tours 2 / 3D
Mickey’s Soundsational

2010 - Captain EO (Limited)

2009 - Small World Update

2008 - Mark VII Monorails, Innoventions Dream Home
Sleeping Beauty Castle

2007 - Finding Nemo Subs




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