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----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (2/3/16) New Lightning Rod Photos (MORE...)
    (2/1/16) Dollywood Reveils Highly Themed Lightning Rod Coaster Trains (MORE...)
    (1/21/16) New Aerial View of Lightning Rod Layout (MORE...)
    (1/16/16) Lightning Rod's Planned Opening Date (MORE...)


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General Park News - (12/13/15) Dolly Parton has made plans to bury a time capsule within the Dollywood theme park that will not be opened until 2046. Within it she will place items from her childhood, memories from her childhood home and an unreleased music track that has never been released. The plans are for the time capsule to be opened in celebration of Dolly's 100th birthday.


icon_STOP2016 - Lightning Rod - (2/3/16)









A Screamscape reader sent in some Lightning Rod pictures from the Dollywood Winter Warm Up event over the weekend, including some awesome shots of the cars. Check them out!
    (2/1/16) Dollywood hosted an ACE Winter Warm Up event over the weekends and held an unveiling of the new Lightning Rod coaster trains for those in attendance as well as a construction tour of the new coaster. According to the report the layout is now nearly complete and the park hopes to begin testing around mid-February. For photos from the event showing off the tour and awesome themed train cars make the jump over to Coaster101. Hats off to Dollywood on this one, as the Lightning Rod trains look to be one of best looking themed trains I've ever seen.
    (1/21/16) Dollywood has posted a new aerial construction video showing off the entire Lightning Rod site as seen from a DroneCam as the twisted layout winds all around the hillside terrain. Check it out below.

    (1/16/16) Dollywood fans interesting in getting in on the first rides for the park's new Lightning Rod coaster may be interested to know that the park will be hosting a “Sneak Preview Day” for season passholders on Friday, March 18th from 10am to 6pm. On this day the park will not be open to the rest of the general public, and this also happens to be the day that they expect to open Lightning Rod.
    (1/9/16) Sorry these are late, but a reader sent in some great pictures of the Lightning Rod construction site late last month. Check them out!
    (12/22/15) Coaster101 has posted a new construction update from Dollywood, as they looked over the Lightning Rod progress.
    (12/16/15) A new video posted to YouTube gets very up close to Lightning Rod at Dollywood, shooting video while driving down the road right next to the coaster, even passing under the lift hill. Check it out below!

    (11/18/15) Our friends at In The Loop hit up IAAPA and interviewed Dollywood's Pete Owens about the park's new Lightning Rod coaster and below that video you will find a new official POV video of the entire Lightning Rod coaster experience, from start to finish.

    (11/5/15) A great time-lapse video shows off the progress made on the new Lightning Rod coaster going up at Dollywood from September through to October.

    (10/19/15) A reader sent in some great new pictures of the Lightning Rod construction site this week.
    (9/10/15) A reader stopped by Dollywood on Labor Day and sent in three new Lightning Rod construction shots. You can see the wooden structure up on the hill is getting quite tall already.
    (8/7/15) Dollywood, along with Dolly Parton, pulled back the curtain to reveal all the juicy details about their new roller coaster project for 2016 called LIGHTNING ROD! As our rumors had suggested for the summer, this will indeed be the world's first LAUNCHED wooden coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction as well as become the world's FASTEST wooden coaster.










   The launch itself will shoot the train of riders uphill, up to the top of a 20-story tall hill, at 45mph. The top of the lift hill is actually a double-crest, so you get a little air-time at the top, rise up and then drop down the big drop 165 feet at 73 and hit 73mph, making this the fastest wooden coaster in the world. Throughout the 3/4 mile track lenght, you'll hit 12 major air-time moments along the course as the train rockets over the terrain style course on Rocky Mountain's smooth-slick track through the woods. There are a ton of over-banked turns, and near inversions... but no actual inversions... and as Pete Owens put it best... "because it doesn't need too." It's going to be so fast, so smooth, so twisted and out of control feeling and as you approach the last third of the ride you'll hit an amazing Quadruple-Down series of hills as you make your way down the mountainside for the finale.
    Look for Lightning Rod to open in March with the rest of the park, in the Jukebox Junction section of the park. Check out the animation below, as well as a video below that showing off the big announcement in the park with Dolly Parton herself.

    (7/30/15) Dollywood will announce their record-breaking plans for the new 2016 attraction on the morning of Friday, August 7th.
    (7/22/15) Dollywood has filed for a new trademark last week to use the name "Lightning Rod" now... which makes it sound like they may have reconsidered their previous request to use the name "Shot Rod" for their 2016 coaster.
    In other news, a reader sent in some great new pictures of the construction site (see thumbnails below) as well this week, so take a look and enjoy!
    (7/10/15) A reader sent in two new pictures (see thumbnails) from Dollywood this week, looking into the construction area for the park's 2016 coaster project.
    (6/19/15) A reader has submitted new photos (see below) from Dollywood this week showing off a new themed construction fence put up near the rumored Shot Rod coaster site that says, ‘Dollywood 2016 Lightning Fast”. Meanwhile, over the fence, a few building foundation can be seen where the gas station building used to be, along with work on the road beyond and hillside taking place.
    (4/10/15) The big assumption right now is that Dollywood's "Shot Rod" 2016 project will likely be a launched coaster of some kind, but the latest rumors I'm hearing are telling a much bigger story.
    For example... what if I said the latest Shot Rod rumors claim it may actually be a new wooden coaster? Then... what if I said, it may be a new Rocky Mountain Construction coaster?
    Cool, right? I'm down with that too, and I'm sure most of you reading this will be just as excited about that concept if it is true.  But...
    .... and this is a big "BUT"...
    What would you say if Shot Rod was actually the first LAUNCHED RMC Wooden coaster? 
    Yep... that thought is a little mind blowing... unique... and you might say it would be a blow the doors off, rock your world, cool coaster concept.
    If only it were true...  but for now it is only a rumor... but one that would sure bring a smile to many faces and get people to make the journey to Dollywood from across the country. If it were true...
    For now... lets just tuck that rumor into a safe quiet spot in the back of your mind while we wait to see how this story develops.
    For example, take a look at this report about the various hints we've been covering about this project and they've got a new one... survey markers have now been spotted along the hillside across the road from the car ride, so it looks like the new coaster may be jumping outside the normal park boundaries.



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