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Dubai Parks & Resorts LLC, a Meraas Holding company


Amusement Resort complex featuring Riverland Dubai retail / dining area, the Lapita Hotel, and several theme parks:
MOTIONGATE Dubai (Opened Dec. 16, 2016)
BOLLYWOOD PARKS Dubai (Opened Nov. 15, 2016)
LEGOLAND Dubai - (Opened Oct. 31, 2016) & LEGOLAND Water Park (Opened Nov. 15, 2016)
SIX FLAGS DUBAI - Now Under Construction To Open in Late 2019


----    THE LATEST BUZZ    ----
    (3/31/19) Dubai Parks & Resorts Wants To Expand Existing Parks (MORE...)
    (2/7/19) Dubai Parks & Resorts Officially Puts Six Flags Dubai On Hold (MORE...)
    (2/4/19) New Attraction Thoughts (MORE...)
    (1/31/19) Six Flags Dubai - Rumored Cancellation and Corporate Fallout (MORE...)


icon_STOPResort News - (3/31/19) ThemeParkInsider has posted an article where Dubai Parks & Resorts now mentions that while Six Flags Dubai is not happening for the foreseeable future, they now have plans to expand and all new attractions to their Motiongate and Bollywood theme parks instead in order to increase their own popularity and continue the rise of attendance at these parks. While they don’t say it, we’ve heard that a number of attractions intended for Six Flags Dubai were already under contract with the manufacturers, so we very well could see some of the attractions intended for the fourth gate to find new homes at the existing parks instead.
    (2/7/19) At last Dubai PArks & Resorts have issued a statement regarding the fate of the Six Flags Dubai park project. After conducting a strategic review of their future development parks and capital expenditures revised projections were made for the Six Flags Dubai project that raised concerns with the project funders. As such “the Six Flags theme park project in Dubai cannot proceed as a syndicated finance facility is no longer available.”
    While the “Six Flags Dubai project cannot proceed at this time”, they are carefully not to outright say that it is cancelled, only that it is “on hold” for the time being. That said… I wouldn’t count on seeing this change for a long time, if ever.
    (2/4/19) It has been suggested to me that any rides ordered and already delivered for the possibly cancelled Six Flags Dubai theme park project can likely be paid for by Dubai Parks & Resorts and installed as new attractions at their Bollywood and Motiongate theme parks instead of at the Six Flags site. Just something else to think about while the fate of Six Flags Dubai is still officially said to be in the air.
    (1/31/19) Screamscape sources have quietly sent in a little more information regarding the fate of Six Flags Dubai. According to what I’m told the funding for the park was was pulled back in October, which would match up with the reports that leaked to the local news sources a few weeks later that the entire Six Flags Dubai project was undergoing “a board-mandated review”.
    According to the latest gossip, this sudden stop the project underwent after construction has already been well under way on the site, followed by this latest development, has not been well received by the many ride companies and vendors involved with the project. I’m not going to list company names, but a good number of well known ride companies were involved and were building, or had already built, ride hardware for this park and were awaiting assembly as well as payment.
    From the sound of things, many were on board as they have previously been partners with Six Flags before at their US based theme parks… but Dubai Parks & Resorts was the true owner of Six Flags Dubai and in the end, was the one footing the bill for the project, which now looks to be leaving some big names in a very awkward position. Word is some of them have asked Six Flags to bring the projects to their US parks, but the cost to launch a whole new theme park ride collection into the chain all at once would be cost prohibitive. Maybe a ride or two perhaps could find their way to the US, but then again Six Flags is also involved with building parks in China right now as well as an alternative.
    More as we find out…
    (1/30/19) Some footage of the Six Flags Dubai construction site were posted by In The Loop this week (see below), and it just doesn’t look good for the project. The entire site looks dead with zero work taking place at all and what little was done, is just sitting idle and vacated.
    On a related note, ThemeParkUniversity posted a new update this week as well claiming that not only is an announcement expected to be forthcoming in the near future that will cancel the Six Flags Dubai park, but could list a number of major changes coming to the Dubai Parks & Resorts as well. Even after seeing attendance gains, they claim that the resort may still be not breaking even, so some operational cost cutting measures may be put into play.
    This could include opening the gates to the Bollywood park and instead of charging guests to enter the park and use everything, admission into the park would be free and they would allow guests to simply pay individually for each attraction they want to try. Labor cuts are also expected to trim the workforce where possible, or hiring more temporary or seasonal workers as opposed to full-time staff where possible.

    (1/16/19) Good news for Dubai Parks & Resorts this week, as the 2018 came to a close with the resort able to report an overall 22% attendance increase over 2017. All together, they reported serving 2.8 million visitors to the resort in 2018.
    (10/12/18) Good news from DXB Entertainment as they confirm that Dubai Parks & Resorts saw a 33% increase in visitor growth during the first nine months of 2018, compared to the first nine months of 2017. This resulted in 1.96 million visitors so far this year, along with the average occupancy rate of the on-site Lapita Hotel rising to 59% from 30% during the previous year. As we approach the 4th Quarter of the year business is expected to pick up even further during the cooler months of the year, especially compared to the very slow 3rd Quarter.
    Again, this is all good news, as we saw the trend begin earlier this year, with the resort seeing good growth in a marketplace that was not accustomed to having year-round theme parks at all as an entertainment option. I’d expect to see these figures continue to rise, especially with the construction of a new Six Flags theme park in the works on-site. If any of our local readers stop by in the near future, I’d love to see some footage of how things are progressing at the Six Flags site.

    (7/16/18) Good news this week from Dubai Parks & Resorts who reports a 46% increase in attendance over last year for the first 6-months of 2018. This parked a total of 1.4 million visitors in 2018, through to the end of June, noting that they had their biggest attendance day (36,000) on April 20, 2018.
    For a market not used to having theme parks available, seeing a nearly 50% rise in attendance for the sophmore year is actually a great sign that the word is getting out to more people to come visit, plus it should mean they are getting return visitors as well. Typically in established markets, it isn't uncommon for a brand new park to actually see a slight attendance decline in the sophomore year, as guests may wait until the park adds something new to return.
    DXB Entertainments did warn that we should expect to see their numbers dip in Q3 however, as attendance did drop a good bit last year during the hottest months of the year in Dubai.
    (4/13/18) Good news for Dubai Parks & Resorts this week. According to a report from BlooLoop the theme park resort complex has already brought in 851,000 guests during the first three months of 2018, which is up 45% from the same time period last year.
    (2/1/18) According to BlooLoop Dubai Parks & Resorts that reported serving nearly 2.3 million guests in the first full year of operation. As the year came to a close the final major attractions at the parks came online and they did see a healthy increase in attendance in response to that, as well as changes in pricing and marketing put into effect by that time.
    According to the numbers thus far, they see the greatest number of visitors to the parks in the cooler months of the year, and expect the trend of higher Q1 and Q4 attendance figures to continue. DXB Entertainment will also restructure their management setup in reflection of things as well, recombining their Theme Parks Division with the Retail and Hospitality division just six months after they were split into different units.
    Again, they reconfirm that Six Flags Dubai will be ready to open by Late 2019.
    (9/30/17) According to a report the owner of Dubai Parks and Resorts has taken out a loan from their majority shareholder (Meraas) to cover operational expenses and debt payments following losses reported over the first half of 2017.
    (8/11/17) According to the local news DXB Entertainments, the company behind Dubai Parks & Resorts reported that for the first six months of operation the combined attendance at the theme parks (Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai and Legoland Dubai) was just 1 million. This is considerably behind the company's target of hosting 6.7 million guests in the first 12 months, but to be honest, I really felt that figure was a little too high to be attainable in the first place.
    To be fair, it is worth mentioning that while the first of the three parks (Legoland) opened on Oct 31, 2016... the third of the parks (Motiongate Dubai) did not open until Dec. 16th, and even then it opened with a limited slate of attractions, as the park's is still working on finishing up the last of the themed lands which will be themed to The Hunger Games film series. Now while I just pointed out why their attendance could have been soft in the first quarter due to limited operations, apparently things only got worse over the second three months, which saw only 414,000 guests come through the gates, though lower attendance was expected in the hot summer months. This makes me curious however, having never visited Dubai myself, about when exactly are the busiest tourist seasons for Dubai.
    For the remainder of the year they will be focused on driving up attendance, increasing return visitation from the local market, and revising their pricing structure to offer more value, plus offer special offers, additional discounts and benefits to annual passholders. Meanwhile it was also mentioned that Six Flags Dubai is still on track to open in late 2019.


BOLLYWOOD PARKS Dubai (Opened Nov. 15, 2016)

Park News - Nothing to report at this time...


LEGOLAND Dubai (Opened Oct. 31, 2016)

Park News - Nothing to report at this time...

???? - Legoland Hotel - (8/11/17) During a report about the first six months of operation from DXB Entertainments, I found it interesting that they mention a "proposed Legoland Hotel" and not a confirmed Legoland Hotel, which means that they will likely hold off on starting this project until they can stop the financial bleeding and get their numbers up.
    (2/15/17) According to a press release from DXB Entertainments PJSC and Merlin Entertainments Group, the Dubai Parks and Resorts project will soon be home to a LEGOLAND Hotel. The new 250-room hotel will be placed next to the new LEGOLAND Dubai theme park and feature Lego themed rooms, a Castle Play Area and more. The deal is described as a 60/40 joint venture (with Merlin being the 40%), but Merlin will also be in charge of the operations of the hotel as they are with the LEGOLAND parks.


MOTIONGATE DUBAI (Opened Dec. 16, 2016)

icon_STOPPark News - (10/11/18) Apparently some kind of Halloween event may be coming to Motiongate Dubai in the very near future… because DXD Parks & Resorts posted a very interesting tweet (see below).

    (12/11/17) I've been waiting to find a video of the new Capital Bullet Train coaster at MotionGate Dubai and at long last a video showing off the ride from several angels as well as a POV video has been posted. Check it out below.


2017_1020_LionsgateLand2_RibbonCutting - DPR CEO






















    (10/24/17) While we shared some photos taken earlier this month showing off the new Hunger Games themed area and attractions at Motiongate Dubai, it looks like the land was just "soft open" at the time, but has now officially opened as of October 20th according to a press release from the park.
    "Fans of the movies can now experience the action-packed, thrill of the beloved films that reached audiences worldwide through a first-of-its kind theme park land designed by LIONSGATE, the global film studio behind The Hunger Games movies. For the very first time, guests can experience an immersive land which includes a replication of the movie set, and exclusive video content, featuring film favorites, Effie Trinket and Caesar Flickerman, broadcasted on screens across the land.
    Also, The World of The Hunger Games is composed of two incredible attractions, one high-energy street show, an immersive shopping outlet with exclusive branded merchandise and a great street-front café taking guests on an immersive journey in the dystopian world of Panem. Thrill-seekers can soar on the high-speed, gravity-defying Capitol Bullet Train which is an adrenaline-fuelled ride aboard a half-pipe rollercoaster that offers a taste of the futuristic technology of Panem. Guests are also graciously invited by President Snow to take the Panem Aerial Tour, an exhilarating hovercraft aerial tour over the districts on the way to the Capitol.
     Visitors continue their journey with a live, high-energy show filled with exciting percussion from District 12’s coal miners who come together to entertain guests with the creative use of their work tools in this interactive musical extravaganza. Peeta’s Bakery inspired by Peeta Mellark, one of the main characters in the movies, offers more than 20 themed food and beverage choices for guests to refuel during The Hunger Games experience. Finally, guests of all ages can stock up on supplies and exclusive movie merchandise at Panem Supply Co. "
    I’ve added three new photos from the official opening event.
    (10/9/17) Special thanks to one of our readers for sending in a bunch of pictures showing off the whole Lionsgate themed land at Motiongate Dubai, including a look at the Capital Bullet Train coaster and queue as well as a look inside the The Panem Aerial Tour attraction which is also now open.



ON HOLD INDEFINITELY - New Park - (2/7/19) At last Dubai PArks & Resorts have issued a statement regarding the fate of the Six Flags Dubai park project. After conducting a strategic review of their future development parks and capital expenditures revised projections were made for the Six Flags Dubai project that raised concerns with the project funders. As such “the Six Flags theme park project in Dubai cannot proceed as a syndicated finance facility is no longer available.”
    While the “Six Flags Dubai project cannot proceed at this time”, they are carefully not to outright say that it is cancelled, only that it is “on hold” for the time being. That said… I wouldn’t count on seeing this change for a long time, if ever.
    (11/8/18) Even though the initial phases of construction for Six Flags Dubai had started long ago, this report from GulfBusiness claims that DXB Entertainment was “undertaking a board-mandated review that could see plans for the fourth theme park”, to be delayed. To be honest though, based on the slow progress seen on the site already, it was doubtful that Six Flags Dubai was going to open by the end of 2019 anyway.
    The article goes on to say that they are planning on adding “11 new shows” to the Bollywood park in the first half of 2019 and that they have also apparently just “revised” their ticket prices ahead of the busy winter season “to increase our admissions yield.” Other areas of focus for improvements involve Riverland Dubai, as well as a note about how they are “repositioning the park [Bollywood Parks Dubai] to provide a more inclusive family experience.” While I haven’t visited the park to know for sure, I'm guessing this may translating as a desire to make the park more kid friendly and in line with the offerings at the Legoland and Motiongate Dubai parks.
    In regards to the Six Flags Dubai park project, the currently strategic review will “determine scope, timeline and potential alternatives” to the project in “light of existing customer demand.” Hmmmm… this last part does not sound like this may bode well for the Six Flags product if the determine that it skews to an older demographic that they are not yet seeing demand for at the DXB parks. Though it would also be wise to remember that the younger guests who are enjoying the product being offered today will grow up and want more age appropriate attractions as well when they return in future years.
    The results of the study are expected to be presented to the board before the end of the year, along with what kind of impact it will have on the future development of the project.

    (2/15/18) While we wait to find out more about the attraction line-up coming to Six Flags Dubai, Screamscape has been informed that the park actually will NOT have an RMC built coaster when it opens. Instead the park is said to be getting a Mack Rides built Hypercoaster experience. If I had to guess, this will end up being similar to the Mack built DC Rivals coaster that opened in Australia a few months ago.
    On another note, while the official word from Dubai Parks & Resorts was that they were shooting for a late 2019 opening date, I'm told that a Spring 2020 opening date is what we should be expecting, and even that could be a partial opening for the park. The overall demand seems to be to have the entire park ready no later than Fall 2020, in time to attract all the Expo crowds coming to Dubai in October 2020.
    (12/31/17) A video showing off the status of construction for Six Flags Dubai was posted this week. Looks like a lot of ground work and early ground-infrastructure work has been taking place on the site.

    (11/11/17) A small collection of construction photos and even a video showing off the Six Flags Dubai site has been posted to ThemeparX as cranes and construction equipment are now on site clearing and prepping the site for the new theme park project.
    (4/1/17) Curious about the state of Six Flags Dubai?  The site has been walled off and cleared since groundbreaking but no sign of construction on anything yet. According to pictures and a post to ThemeparX the site various plans and ride packages for the new park are still in the process of being submitted by vendors, so we probably wont see any serious construction on the new project begin until later this year. As of right now they are promoting it as opening in 2019... most likely late 2019 if they follow the timelines of how the first three parks were opened.
    (8/25/16) According to the latest word hitting the various news sites, Six Flags Dubai is being planned to become home to the world's biggest rollercoaster when it opens. If I had to guess, I wouldn't be surprised to find a slightly bigger / faster version of Six Flags' Kingda Ka coaster build here. Kingda Ka stands 456 feet tall and hits a top speed of 128 mph in 3.5 seconds. If they really wanted to push things they could try to break the Formula Rossa speed record of 149.1mph as well, but that might require a significantly taller structure.
    (7/22/16) According to an article at BlooLoop, FORREC is acting as the Lead Design Consultant for the new Six Flags Dubai theme park project that just broke ground a couple of weeks ago. Follow the link to learn a bit more about the details of this new park development.
    (7/4/16) Dubai Parks & Resorts has confirmed that they have officially broken ground for the new Six Flags Dubai theme park. This marks the official start of construction for "Phase 2" of the Dubai Parks & Resorts project, with a late 2019 opening date for the resorts 4th theme park.


    The park will feature 27 rides and attractions spread across six themed zones, the names of which will sound familiar to many US Six Flags fans: Thrillseeker Plaza, Magic Mountain, Fiesta Texas, Great Escape, Great Adventure and Great America. While the details are not ready for release, they say that the park will feature at least three world-record breaking rides in addition to 6 coasters, 4 "aerial attractions", a 350-meter River Rapids ride and 3 performance spaces for live entertainment.
    (5/19/16) A new video showing off artwork of the proposed Six Flags Dubai park can be found over at Travellerczech this week.
    (5/5/16) A new piece of aerial concept artwork for Six Flags Dubai was released this week, showing off the design of the park, some of the likely major attractions and an new main gate concept for Six Flags. The entry of the park appears to be entirely indoor, where I believe they will likely also have a number of shops and food options, along with one coaster that runs around just outside entry plaza area. The press release does mention that the indoor promenade area will give guests direct access to three different attractions from inside the plaza.
    Inside the park, major attractions spotted include a pair of S&S style drop towers, what looks like a custom RMC style wooden coaster with inversions, a large Sky Screamer (Funtime Star Flyer), a S&S 4D Freespin coaster, as well as a copy of Mack's new innovative Power Splash water shuttle coaster concept, the first of which is just getting ready to open at Walibi Belgium as Pulsar.
    With some available indoor space you may be thinking that the park will likely get a Justice League: Battle for Metropolis attraction, but I don't believe this will be the case. There is the matter of WB using all their own DC Comic heroes and villains down the road in Abu Dhabi in their indoor Warner Bros. World park, which will likely prevent Six Flags from using the characters in the area. The press release does however promise that the park will feature a "next-generation 4-D interactive dark ride" of some kind however when it opens in 2019.
    (3/29/16) While Dubai Parks & Resorts is busy finishing up their huge 3-park resort project in time for an October opening, it seems this hasn't stopped them from already working out a deal to build a Phase 2 expansion. While the deal still has to be voted in by the shareholders in April, the proposed plan would then begin work on a $454 million expansion that will include a "Six Flags Dubai" theme park open as the project's 4th gate by late 2019.
    The timing for the expansion is also critical, as the Dubai Parks & Resort property is located very close to the planned location of the 2020 World Expo site in Duabi.
    (6/1/16) Dubai Parks & Resorts has raised Dhs 1.68 billion in funds needed to develop their planned Six Flags Theme Park expansion, which they hope to have ready to open by the end of 2019.





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