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2019-GreenLanternClosedicon_STOPPark News - (3/23/19) Screamscape was able to get an official statement from Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Sue Carpenter regarding the fate of the park’s Green Lantern coaster:
    The Green Lantern: First Flight roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain is scheduled to be removed at a later, undetermined date to make room for future development. The park has no plans to open the ride before it is removed.
    Six Flags Magic Mountain, the “Thrill Capital of the World,” continues to have an unparalleled world-class roller coaster collection.  The park is open daily and will debut the world’s first dual racing launch coaster, West Coast Racers, later this year.
    So there you have it… Green Lantern: First Flight is officially no more, and we will see the one and only Intamin ZacSpin coaster in the American continent removed. There are currently only three other such coasters, all located in Europe: Inferno at Terra Mitica, Insane at Grona Lund and Kirnu at Linnanmaki.
    (3/19/19) The rumored removal of Green Lantern from Six Flags Magic Mountain has kicked off yet again, with a post on social media from a guest starting it all over again. While things could have changed again, Screamscape did get a confirmation from Sue Carpenter at the park at the end of December that they actually planned to reopen Green Lantern. I’ll check in with the park again to see if anything has officially changed their mind.
    (1/1/19) After a few days of extreme crowds (hitting park capacity even on one day), Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced they will extend their Holiday in the Park event through to January 5th. Holiday in the Park was originally slated to end on Dec. 30th.
    (12/29/18) Six Flags Magic Mountain fans know that Green Lantern: First Flight has been sitting closed for quite some time… about a year… maybe longer? I’m not even sure anymore myself. The park’s website lists the status of it as only being temporarily closed, so I decided to reach out to the park to do a little digging since the length of the closure has led to rumors saying that the Intamin ZacSpin coaster may be removed in the near future. According to SFMM’s Sue Carpenter this is not the case. According to Sue, “We have plans to re-open it, however I don’t know the timeline.”
    (12/27/18) A new photo report from TheCoasterKings from Six Flags Magic Mountain reports that the purple train on Twisted Colossus is back from refurbishment and has added zipper pouches to every seat for guests to put their loose articles which is good. As we reported previously, the park was seen testing these same pouches on a few seats some time a go before removing them. They also report that the lap-bars on the  purple train are also different, making things a little more difficult for riders to climb past them while getting in and out of the trains, but also offering a more comfortable ride when locked in place.
    (12/23/18) Good news for fans of Six Flags Magic Mountain. I’m hearing that Viper may have reopened in time for the holiday break period, as expected.
    (12/16/18) Good news for Viper fans at Six Flags Magic Mountain. A reader visiting the park reports that while the coaster is still down for the long refurbishment project, they did see a train testing loaded with water dummies. If things go well, hopefully this is a sign that Viper could be up and running again very soon, if not for Christmas break then sometime in early 2019.
    (12/10/18) CoasterKings dropped back by Six Flags Magic Mountain this past week to check out the latest construction projects taking place around the park, as well as the ongoing clearing and prep work taking place for the installation of West Coast Racers.
    (11/2/18) With the Halloween season over, the reports from Six Flags Magic Mountain are that several park coasters are now closed for off-season rehab work, in addition to rides that were already closed like Viper. According to a report at California Coaster Kings X2 is now closed for a rumored extensive rehab, along with Twisted Colossus as well. They also show off a bit of the construction progress for West Coast Racers, meanwhile the entire former Cyclone Bay area around it is now closed off to the public. Other closed attractions include Green Lantern (yes, still!) and Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom.
    (9/19/18) Screamscape’s review of Fright Fest 2018 can be found here.

    (2/21/18) Six Flags has announced that they are now planning to add solar power systems to their two California parks (Six Flags Magic Mountain and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom) in addition to the one already announced for Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. According to the post on CaliforniaCoasterKings, it sounds like this will be done through the installation of huge solar panel topped structures over the parking lot, which had the added benefit of adding covered parking for the parks, integrated charging stations for electric vehicles and a better security camera network in the lot.


2018 - CraZanity - (7/16/18) Congratulations to Six Flags Magic Mountain for opening their new mega pendilum ride, CraZanity. Unfortunately due to unforeseen complications Screamscape was not able to have a local rep attend the opening, so I'll share a great video from SoCal Attractions 360 instead that shows off the opening ceremony and the ride in action. Enjoy!

    (6/28/18) Six Flags Magic Mountain has announced that their new Crazanity ride will be ready to open for guests on Friday, July 13th. Meanwhile you can see Crazanity testing in the latest update to CaliforniaCoasterKings. They also report that despite Summer being well under way, both Revolution and Green Lantern are still closed with no word on when either might reopen.
    (6/14/18) California Coaster Kings has posted a new update from Six Flags Magic Mountain this week, taking a look in many small changes at the park, including what could be happening in Cyclone Bay, which is sitting with many closed stores, games and food stands despite being the start of the summer season.
    Elsewhere they check on CraZanity, which still probably has a couple weeks to go before it will be ready to open, despite this being mid-June already. On an interesting side note, the park's furbished Scrambler has now been entirely covered by a giant blue awning, creating a nice shaded experience. Oh... and Green Lantern: First Flight is still closed, and has been closed for nearly a year now. Ouch... not good.
    (4/2/18) A couple of photos showing off the multi-colored steel pieces sitting in storage for CraZanity at Six Flags Magic Mountain can be found here.
    (1/12/18) The Boardwalk area at Six Flags Magic Mountain is closed off for the planned renovations, along with work now taking place on the park's bumper cars attraction, which is supposed to be enhanced somehow and reopened. A reader sent in some pictures of the progress taking place so far.
    (12/30/17) The crew at California Coaster Kings dropped into Six Flags Magic Mountain this week and posted a new construction update, showing off the CraZanity site. Unfortunately, still not a lot of progress going on here for the new ride. One items of note was that the park was busy replacing the park's logo sign over the entrance with a new and current version of the Six Flags logo (with the flags in the red exclamation point).
    (11/21/17) A quick construction update from Six Flags Magic Mountian, including a look at the CraZanity site, has been posted to ThemeParkOverload this week, including a look at the demolition of a former Metro Station.
    (11/6/17) A new construction update from Six Flags Magic Mountain showing off the progress on the new boardwalk area and the start of Crazanity was posted to California Coaster Kings this week. Check it out.
    (9/22/17) ThemeParkOverload has posted a look at the construction site for the park's new Crazanity ride, a look at Fright Fest decorations and more.
    (8/31/17) Ok... Magic Mountain got me, because I did not see this one coming at all. In a surprise move the park will be adding CraZanity for 2018, the world’s tallest pendulum ride that will spin riders at a record-breaking 17-stories in the air on a spinning disc at speeds up to 75mph. It will seat 40 riders at a time as they swing higher and higher, up to 172 feet in the air all while seated on a spinning disc.
    Also new for 2018, the park promises "Enhanced Bumper Cars", renovated attractions, as well as renovated dining, games and shopping options.


icon_STOP2019 - West Coast Racers - (4/9/19) A new construction update from CoasterKings shows off the latest happenings at Six Flags Magic Mountain this week, including a look at the West Coast Racers construction site where apparently the first footers are being formed.
    (2/17/19) The happy days are at hand, as Six Flags Magic Mountain has confirmed that the first support pieces for West Coast Racers have finally started to arrive this week. This is a good sign that the project is achieving forward momentum once again. If the region can have a relatively dry period over the next few months, we could see some rapid progress take place.








    (2/3/19) I’m afraid the rumored issue Six Flags Magic Mountain may have been having with West Coaster Racers is looking to be true, as it is currently February and not only has no serious vertical construction started for the coaster, but I’m hearing that no parts have even arrived. Without going into too much detail, the rumor suggested that major portions of the ride had to be redesigned to fit the site… which means a total redesign of the support system and footer locations, which would explain why there has been little progress so far, which of course would delay the actual production of the ride’s hardware until the new plans were finished. In other words, if all this holds true the opening of the actual coaster could be delayed by months, missing the prime summer opening window. Stay tuned!
    (1/4/19) A new piece of art showing off the trains for West Coast Racers released by “West Coast Customs Design” gives us an updated look at the themed Premier Rides coaster trains and restraints. One happy item worth noting… unlike the animation version released by the park back in late August, this latest rendering shows that the train will use the same standard lapbar only restraint that Six Flags Magic Mountain already uses on Full Throttle, instead of the one with the added over the shoulder harness shown in the animation.
    So the question is... has the park changed their mind about the OTS restraints? Or was this simply a bit of artistic license by West Coast Customs Design?
    (12/31/18) A strange rumor was sent my way claiming that an interesting issue had come up regarding the park’s upcoming West Coast Racers project that is likely to delay the construction a bit. Again… this is only a rumor, and nothing confirmed at all, but if the details are even close, it could be awhile longer before we see track and supports start to arrive on site. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.
    (10/26/18) A cool look at the construction progress at Six Flags Magic Mountain on the new West Coast Racers coaster over at CaliforniaCoasterKings. The park has also opened an official “Preview Center” for the new coaster offering early merchandise and a look at some new concept artwork, not just for the ride but showing off the themeing of the entire area around it, updating it all to have a cool SoCal street scene feel.
    (9/4/18) I'm passing on a quick note from those who strive for accuracy... while Six Flags is promoting West Coaster Racers as the "World's First Quadruple Launch Twin Lap Racing Coaster" (which is a mouthful...) they are  not claiming it is the world's first "Quadruple Launch Coaster". That honor would go to Fiorano GT Challege in Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World park, which had two side-by-side but separate tracks that race each other, each with four launch sections.
    (8/30/18) From the minds of Six Flags and Premier Rides comes an unique new thrilling steel coaster experience to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Opening in 2019 is West Coast Racers, the world's first racing launch coaster, a one-of-a-kind racing coaster that will feature two side-by-side tracks with four individual high-speed magnetic launches. While this is a racing coaster, it is all just one big track, so riders will get to go around twice and experience both sides of the ride experience, just like on Twisted Colossus.
    The layouts feature several airtime hills, extreme high-banked turns, several over and under near-miss moments, and while you pass through the station to begin your second lap, riders will experience an immersive real time "pit stop" designed and produced by the world famous West Coast Customs team and narrated by West Coast Customs founder and CEO, Ryan Friedlinghaus.
    The custom race-car themed trains (from West Coast Customs designs) will seat riders two-across in 6 rows (12 riders per train-load) and take you on a 3-minute experience with four inversions, 14 track crossovers, side-by-side airtime hills, a high-five moment, at speeds up to 55mph as you race across the finish line.
    The new West Coast Racers will be part of a "new LA centric urban-themed area where guests will enjoy a high-energy street vibe". The new themed area will also include the Apocalypse wooden coaster and the Cyclone 500 Go Karts which will be rethemed. New dining, games and retail locations will also be added to the area.


icon_STOP2020 - New Attraction - Speculation - (4/6/19) An early rumor has surfaced regarding a 2020 attraction in talks for Six Flags Magic Mountain. If the rumors are true, the park may be planning on what will become ‘the world’s largest Star Flyer’ attraction. Currently, I believe that distinction goes to the Orlando Star Flyer that opened last year at 450 feet. Location wise, it seems they may want this one to be very visible outside the park, so it could be located where the current “Pistachio Park” is located, which I believe was formerly the Swiss/Sierra Twist ride location from 1973-2008 before it was removed.
    Of course, this is Six Flags, and new rides are always subject to change before the final announcements come in August, but so far Six Flags has been on a roll with adding these style rides to nearly ever park in the chain thus far, even dropping one into the newly rebranded Six Flags Darien Lake for this season. I believe the only Six Flags branded parks without one thus far are Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Magic Mountain.
    (3/24/19) With the confirmation that Six Flags Magic Mountain is officially retiring the Green Lantern: First Flight coaster, this also changes the number of coasters SFMM will have when West Coast Racers opens, going back from the previously anticipated 20 coasters, to a still world record holding 19. (For those keeping track: Cedar Point will have 17 this season.)
    With that in mind, the early expectation is that The Mountain will want to add another coaster in 2020, in order to get their total up to “20”. This will be made even more important to them after SeaWorld San Diego surprised everyone by announcing that they will open Mako in 2020, a B&M Dive Machine coaster. So time for a little speculation… what could SFMM build in 2020??
    While anything is possible, I’d like to be the first to say that they are unlikely to replace Green Lanter with an S&S 4D Free Spin coaster. While it might seem logical to do so, given the smaller footprint and similar sized ride, it would be difficult to market it to the general public. While we theme park fans immediately know the difference between the two, the general public may see it as being the same old ride with a new name… and even worse, those who really had a dislike for Green Lantern, may not want to return to ride a similar ride from another manufacturer.
    With the release of the next Wonder Woman movie in theaters in June 2020, I’d like to suggest that whatever kind of coaster will be coming, it could very well come with a Wonder Woman theme attached. That said, I don’t think it will be an RMC single-rail coaster like the Wonder Woman coaster built at Six Flags Fiesta Texas… the limited capacity of that ride system would simply be too much for a park the size of Magic Mountain. However, this could all change if RMC is ready to release the two-across-seat “T-Rex” full-size version of the Raptor concept.
    Again… no rumors here… just speculation on my part.


Future Projects Under Consideration - B&M Dive Machine - Rumor -
    (2/18/16) While the focus this year at Magic Mountain is on The New Revolution, there are early rumors suggesting that the park has some loose plans in store for the future, with a design idea for their next large coaster. If the rumors are true, they may have tasked B&M to design the first Dive Machine coaster for the Six Flags chain. Based on the landscape of the park, I can only assume they might try to use the mountain itself to offset some of the expensive structure cost by allowing it to serve as part of the lift and then take the vertical dive off the edge of the top half of the mountain, perhaps in the back where they may be clearing out the old stunt show arena, or maybe diving towards of the old Deja Vu location.
    No Six Flags parks has built a Dive Machine to date, though I'm hearing that the corporate office will keep a careful eye on how Valravn performs at Cedar Point this summer before making the final call on the SFMM ride... which will probably be just a bit taller and longer than Valravn as well if they build it.




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