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& Resorts World at Sentosa
Sentosa Island, Singapore
Genting International, Star Cruises, Universal Studios


General Resort News - (6/2/18) The new Jurassic World experience and live show is now up and running at Universal Studios Singapore for the summer. Check it out in the latest update posted to Dejiki.
    (5/30/18) Dejiki reports that Universal Studios Singapore has built up a huge Jurassic World themed stage area and is planning some kind of special event in the very near future called Jurassic World: Explore & Roar along with adding Jurassic theming around the park.
    (3/13/18) From now through April 29, Universal Studios Singapore is holding a "TrollsTopia" special celebration event, with special Trolls themed photo areas, facepaint booths, Troll wigs and more. Follow the link to get all the official details.
    (6/10/17) A new trip report from Universal Studios Singapore has been posted by Dejiki this week showing off the latest developments for the park. This includes the addition of new Mummy merchandise themed to the new film. They also reported that the Chocolate Adventure temporary attraction that was supposed to have closed down on April 28th has seen the run extended twice already... first through to May 28 and then again to keep it open through to June 11. Apparently it has become very popular and is likely to return in some form next year, though I think the time is up for this year, as they will need the space in Soundstage 28 for Halloween Horror Nights very soon.


icon_STOP2018 - Halloween Horror Nights - (7/6/18) Universal Studios Singapore just announced their lineup of haunted attractions for Halloween Horror Nights 8. They also did so in style, with a great themed announcement event at the park and Dejiki was there to capture the glory and guts of it all with his camera. (Seriously, follow the link to see the photos...)
    In addition to the previously announced Stranger Things haunted maze, the park will feature 4 new asian themed haunts this year. This includes an overall theme around something called the Killuminati, a Chinese secret soceity of Vampires and worshipers hidden in the shadows of Hong Kong, who of course will have their own featured haunt. This particular haunt will offer something new as well... starting things off with a theatrical pre-show event that will separate the audience into taking two different paths, and may even offer secret rooms for those who stumble across them.
    Pontianak - Haunted female spirits that often appear and pale women with long hair coving their faces. The legends and stories of these vengeful spirits have been around for decades and especially popular in Malaysian and Indonesian culture where they have been the subject of numerous horror films.
    The Haunting of Oiwa - USS will bring the legend of Japan's most famous ghost to life in the form of this Samurai era themed haunted tale about Lady Oiwa.
    Pagoda of Peril - A Chinese themed haunted house about the Yin demon who traps spirits and feeds off them to gain power. You'll travel through five realms of the spirits, beasts, demons, Yin's lair and even a "jade maze".
    Besides the five haunts, HHN8 will feature the return of Zombie Laser Tag upcharge attraction, but with an arena double the size of last years. There will be two scare zones: Apocalypse: Earth (in the New York area) and Cannibal (in the Egypt area) as well as three live shows: Opening Scaremony, DEAD Talks and Blood & Bones.
    (4/4/18) Universal dropped the bomb a few hours ago by making their first company wide announcement for the first maze to be featured at the 2018 Halloween Horror Nights event... and there was much rejoicing across the internet. If you haven't already read in our tweet or Facebook post earlier, you will be able to venture into The Upside-Down this fall as a new awesome maze themed to the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, will be brought to life at Universal Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore parks for HHN.
    Universal bought the world to life in front of our eyes already in the form of a custom teaser trailer that shows off the entrance to the theme park, as seen from inside The Upside-Down. According to the final details, this maze will stick to the story told in Season 1, allowing you to venture into the Mirkwood and then on into the Hawkins National Laboratory... and you know things just go horribly wrong from there, because the Demogorgon is never far. Just take a look at the awesome preview poster art they made as well featuring the boys on their bikes in front of the park's iconic entrance portal... or at least The Upside-Down version. I can't wait for this one.


2018 - Nothing is known to be added this year...


???? - New Attraction - Rumor Only - (6/10/17) It's been a few years now since we've seen a new major attraction added to Universal Studios Singapore, so many are wondering about what might be next?  Would you believe that Harry Potter may be under consideration? I'm hearing that it is being discussed, though to build a Wizarding World of Harry Potter would take up a considerable amount of space, and something in this small park would have to go to make way.
    So where would it go? If they opt to move ahead with it, I'm hearing that the land of Far Far Away would be removed to make way for Hogwarts Castle. It currently takes up a large section of the park but offers little in the way of major attractions, featuring only a kiddie coaster, the Magic Potion Spin kiddie wheel, a couple of small theater shows (Donkey Live & Shrek 4D). It is interesting that it does also feature the park's newest attraction, Puss in Boots' Giant Journey, but that could be given a Potter themed makeover perhaps, along with converting the Enchanted Airways kiddie coaster into another Flight of the Hippogriff coaster.
    So will it happen? Time will tell, though with the way that Comcast's ownership of NBC/Universal has been going, there may first need to be some business dealings taken care of first to allow them to possibly take over control of the theme park, as the Singapore park is the only one now not fully owned by the company at this time. If that happens to pass, then I would think Potter's arrival would almost be a sure thing to happen, because the addition of Harry Potter always comes with huge profits soon following.




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