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    (1/22/21) Zoombezi Bay To Transform This Fall Into Something New (MORE...)
    (1/9/21) Surfworks Adventure Park Coming To Myrtle Beach in 2022 (MORE...)
    (11/16/20) Kalahari Opens New Texas Waterpark Resort (MORE...)
    (10/15/20) Is A New Great Wolf Lodge Being Considered For Florida? (MORE...)
    (10/1/20) Water World Colorado To Add Two Major New Attractions In 2021 (MORE...)
    (9/4/20) Splash Summit To Add Rainforest River in 2021 (MORE...)



The Beach (Cincinnati, OH)

Park News - (11/15/19) It sounds like Ohio may be on the brink of losing a waterpark as I’m told that “The Beach” waterpark across the freeway from Kings Island is now listed as being up for sale. Even more telling, the park is also not pre-selling 2020 season passes, which makes it sound as if they have no plans to open in 2020 at all, no matter if they have sold the site or not.

2020 -  Nothing is known at this point in time... and nothing added for the 2016 - 2019 seasons.


Big Surf Waterpark (Missouri)

Park News - (5/20/20) According to a new Facebook post, Big Surf Waterpark in Missouri is planning on reopening on June 12th.


Calypso Park (Ottawa, Canada)

2020 - Nothing is known at this point in time, also nothing added for 2019 season.


Camelback Waterpark & Lodge / CamelBeach - (PA)

icon_STOPPark News - (7/7/20) A few notes were sent in to Screamscape about the status of some attractions at the Camelback waterpark and related attractions. For starters, I’m told that the park’s Vortex and Spin Cycle bowl slides are not open, and rumored to be closed for the season. The rumored reason is said that the staircase for that tower now needs to be rebuilt.
    Elsewhere at the resort we were sent a rumor that the Pocono Pipeline Mountain Slide that reopened in 2017 may now be closed for good. There are reports of possible track damage that may force it to be retired and it is now no longer listed as an attraction on the official website. Please do not confuse the older Mountain SLIDE attraction with the newer Appalachian Express Mountain Coaster which is still in operation and runs along coaster style track, as opposed to the Mountain Slide which runs down a trough. You can see a POV video of the closed Mountain Slide below.
    If you visit and notice that the Mountain Slide has reopened, please do let me know.

    (6/20/20) According to this report Camelback’s Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark reopened on June 19, 2020. Currently the waterpark resort is limited to 50% capacity.

2020 - Nothing is known at this point in time, also nothing added for 2019 season.


Coco Key Waterpark Resort (Mt. Laurel, NJ)

Park News - (3/23/20) A Screamscape source tell us that the Coco Key Waterpark Resort in Mt. Laurel, NJ has shut down for good… not just for the COVID-19 virus. The resort is said to have been on unsteady financial legs for some time now, especially as they have been in competition with the better known Sahara Sams / Diggerland complex about 20 minutes away.
    According to our source, Coco Key sent out a letter of termination to all employees a few days ago, along with notice that they were shutting down the waterpark and the hotel. The Coronavirus was just the last straw for the struggling resort. While the resort is shutting down, it is said that the owners hope this course of action will save the park, and give it a chance to possibly reopen again much later in the year after things start to return to normal. I’m guessing this may give them time to possibly enter into some kind of Bankruptcy restructuring plan, or possibly even request financial aid assistance as a business victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    So far the resort’s website only says that they are closed indefinitely due to the outbreak, but nothing more, so it does seem to follow the story that they do hope to reopen again, but it may be later than expected.


Cowabunga Bay (Utah)

Park News - (5/23/20) The Cowabunga Bay waterpark in Utah has confirmed that they will reopen on May 29th. Park capacity will be limited and once met, new guests can not enter until others leave.


Epic Waters Indoor Waterpark (Grand Prairie, TX)

2020 - Nothing is known at this point in time, also nothing added for 2019 season.


icon_STOPGreat Wolf Lodge General News:
    (10/15/20) According to the local news plans to build a 500-room Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark resort are being discussed for Collier County, FL, south of Fort Myers on the west side of the state. The plan would be to build it next to the Paradise Coast Sports Complex.
    Indoor waterparks often seems to be a good idea, though this wouldn’t be the first time a Great Wolf Lodge was proposed for Florida. As I recall one was supposed to be built in Orlando, about a decade ago right across the freeway from Walt Disney World, but never progressed from the news stories into any real-world construction.
    (8/25/20) Great Wolf Lodge in Gurnee Illinois reopened on Monday with a 50% capacity limit in effect. Social distancing and face masks are required while visiting, though I assume you can take them off while swimming or on one of the water slides. All waterpark guests will also be given a contactless temperature scan before being allowed to enter.
    (7/26/20) For those wanting a little safe indoor fun, if you have a Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark resort nearby it could be your answer. It appears all of the closed resorts now have set dates to reopen (listed below) and according to the website the rest of them now appear to be open already. Here’s the list of where and when you can get your waterpark action on again.
GWL - Colorado Springs (CO) is now open to reopen on July 30
GWL - Chicago (IL) is now set to reopen on August 24, 2020
GWL - Niagara Falls (Canada) is now set to reopen on August 27, 2020
GWL - Charlotte (NC) is now set to open on August 28, 2020
GWL - Boston (MA) is now set to reopen on August 28, 2020.
GWL - Williamsburg (VA) is now set to reopen on August 28, 2020
GWL - Manteca (CA) will have a Grand Opening on September 1, 2020
GWL - Anaheim (CA) is now set to reopen on October 1, 2020
    The rest of the GWL Resorts are all currently listed as open in: Poconos (PA), Kansas City (KS), Cincinnati (OH), Minneapolis (MN), Sandusky (OH), Michigan (MI), Wisconsin Dells, Atlanta (GA), Grapevine (TX) and Scottsdale (AZ).
    (6/4/20) Great Wolf Lodge Georgia (LaGrange, GA) has confirmed that the waterpark resort will reopen on June 16th.
    (5/25/20) Great Wolf Lodge Arizona has announced that they will reopen the waterpark resort on June 9th, 2020.
    (3/15/20) While it appeared at first that the Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark resorts might be staying open, the company released a press release to say that they would close all their resorts starting at 2pm today, March 15th, with the intention of reopening on April 2. Any guests affected by this will get a full refund and they will be providing pay for their “pack members during this period.”


Great Wolf Lodge Manteca

2020 - New Resort - (5/5/20) According to the local news the new Great Wolf Lodge Manteca location has pushed back their grand opening of their new resort to August 1st, with advanced booking available online for dates through to the end of 2020.
    (1/29/20) The new Great Wolf Lodge Manteca has now set August 1st, 2020 as their official opening date. Those who make early reservations in for a qualifying date can also get up to 30% off the the rate when booking online with the promo-code, “GRAND” if you book before Feb. 28 online or call 888-966-9653.
    (8/14/18) The local news reports that a second Great Wolf Lodge is coming to California, this time in the Northern half of the state in Manteca (South of Sacramento, East of San Francisco). They hope to begin construction on the new waterpark resort before the end of the year that will feature a 95,000 sqft indoor waterpark area, 500 rooms, plus a 45,000 sqft family entertainment center that will offer a ropes course, mini-golf and the MagiQuest interactive game system installed throughout the resort.


Great Wolf Lodge New York

???? - New Resort - Planning - (9/1/18) Great Wolf Lodge is in talks to build their first resort in New York, a new location about 90 minutes away from their Pocono's location, but this one will be in Orange County, about 8 miles away from where the new LEGOLAND New York park is being built in Goshen. The creation of the new Legoland park was likely the main drive behind this new location, as they are looking over a couple of site in the area, one that is county-owned property. If they opt to go ahead with this, look for construction to start within the year, as the project will likely be fast-tracked by Great Wolf. Typically construction time on these is around 18 months or so, so look for it to open as early as 2021.


Great Wolf Lodge Tennessee

2023 - New Resort - (2/7/20) According to a local news report, Great Wolf Lodge is eyeballing a site in Jackson, Tennessee as a possible home to a new indoor waterpark resort. According to the local “Jackson Chamber and Visit Jackson” groups, the city is 99% of the way there on a deal for Great Wolf Lodge to build a $150 million new resort off I-40. Construction could start by Summer 2021 and it should be ready to open 18-20 months after that. Jackson is located about a 2 hour drive west of Nashville, or about 90 minutes east of Memphis, putting it fairly in the middle between west Tennessee’s two biggest cities.


H2OBX (Outer Banks, North Carolina)

icon_STOP2020 - CLOSED FOR THE SEASON - (7/7/20) According to a Facebook post the H2OBX waterpark in North Carolina’s Outer Banks area has confirmed that they will not open at all in 2020. They say that the current restrictions from the Governor that extended the state’s Phase 2 until at least July 17th will prevent the waterpark from being able to open. All 2020 Season Passes will be valid in 2021 instead. Previously the waterpark had planned to reopen on June 20th and has seen the window of their available season shrink to the point of not being feasible.


Kalahari Resort (Pocono Mountains, PA)

Resort News - (6/13/20) Kalahari’s Pocono Mountain resort in PA is now slated to reopen to guests on June 19, 2020.

2020 - Nothing is known at this time...


Kalahari Resort (Sandusky, Ohio)

Resort News - (6/16/20) According to a reader who dropped  by the Kalahari Sandusky this week, the waterpark’s indoor Zip Coaster slide has been removed from the park, as well as from the website. The water coaster style slide was one of the few made that used powered high speed conveyor belts to propel the rafts, rather than the old Master Blaster style water jets or newer Hydromagnetic style. To my knowledge, few of these were built as the concept was quickly replaced by the more maintenance friendly Hydromagnetic version which doesn’t suffer from the wear and tear issues that the conveyor belt version does.
    If anyone visits when the indoor park reopens on June 19 or later, have a look around and report back if it looks like they saved any of the supports to rebuild a new version of the slide in the future, or if it was scrapped entirely.

    (6/13/20) An Ohio area Judge has ruled that the Kalahari indoor waterpark resort is allowed to open “immediately”. According to the ruling Ohio’s state government “overstepped” in shutting down the waterpark, despite the park filing a safety plan to stay open. Kalahari Sandusky is said to be opening their outdoor waterpark area today, and the plan is to reopen the indoor waterpark and everything else on June 19.

2020 - Waterpark DIVR and Mini Golf - (2/5/20) A reader visited the Kalahari - Sandusky location and reported in on a couple of new features. The waterpark is now offering a new Waterpark DIVR experience, which sounds as if it is a snorkeling style experience, but you are wearing VR headgear with your snorkel instead of a see-through dive mask. Meanwhile they sent in a picture showing off a new mini-golf course that is now under construction outside as well that has not been mentioned on the website yet. As you can see in the photo, it is going in next to the ropes course attraction.



Kalahari Resort (Round Rock, TX)















icon_STOP2020 - NEW RESORT - Now Open -
(11/16/20) The new Kalahari waterpark resort in Texas is now open. According to the local news the first guests arrived on Nov. 12th, though the plan for now is to only book the resort up to 50% capacity.
    (8/15/20) One of our readers sent in a five new photos showing off the new Kalahari waterpark resort in Round Rock, Texas. They couldn’t get any closer than this, but as you can see the project site is very large and coming together nicely ahead of the grand opening in November.
    (7/23/20) According to the local news the new Kalahari indoor waterpark resort in Round Rock, Texas will official open on Nov. 12, 2020.
    (6/13/20) I’m not sure if things are still on track or if construction was affected by COVID-19,but according to the official website the new Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, Texas is listed as being ready to open in November 2020.
    (2/11/20) The local news has posted a bunch of new concept art showing off the interior and features of the new Kalahari Resort opening later this year in Round Rock, TX. Make the jump over to see them in the slide show.
    (6/6/19) Construction on the new Kalahari Resort in Texas is well underway and is looking to have it open by the end of 2020. When it does, they say that the new Texas resort will take the title of being America’s largest indoor waterpark with 225,000 square-feet of waterpark space as well as a “Tom Foolery’s” indoor amusement park area similar to the Dells Resort that will apparently feature an indoor spinning roller coaster.
    (5/16/18) Kalahari Resorts has broken ground on their next mega indoor waterpark resort, this time in Round Rock, Texas. This will be their forth resort property and it is slated to open in 2020, making this Kalahari's first expansion into the Southwest. The new resort will feature nearly 1,000 rooms, a convention center,  Tom Foolery's Adventure Park, dining, a full-service spa, shopping and more, all in addition to the waterpark fun Kalahari is known for.
    A few other factoids: this will be America's Largest Indoor Waterpark at 223,000 sqft, and the Tom Foolery's Adventure Park will feature over 80,000 sqft of rides, ropes courses, climbing walls, ziplines, bowling, laser tag, mini-golf and more.


Kalahari Resort (Wisconsin Dells)

Resort News - (6/13/20) Just a quick note to say that Kalahari’s Wisconsin Dells indoor waterpark resort opened to guests once again back on May 27, 2020.

2020 - Nothing is known at this point in time, also nothing added for 2019 season.


Myrtle Waves  (Myrtle Beach, SC)

2020 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2016 - 2019.


Nashville Shores (Tennessee)
Premier Parks

Park News - (9/26/19) If you’ve seen our coverage of the sudden closure of Clementon Park, there has been some concern and talk about the status of Premier’s three waterpark properties. One very telling factor in the downfall of Clementon Park is the fact that the park’s website is not even trying to pre-sell 2020 season passes.
    With this in mind we did a quick scan of the websites for Premier’s three waterparks and discovered that all three are actively pre-selling season passes for 2020, which is a good sign that these parks had been performing well thus far, or at least better than Clementon Park. 
    You can find 2020 Season Pass sales info for each park at the following links:
Ocean Breeze -
Nashville Shores -
Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto -

2020 - Mega Mayhem - (1/1/20) I missed this message when it was sent to m e several weeks ago on Facebook (tip - always email in tips… I don’t check messages on the Facebook page very often) but Nashville Shores will be adding a new slide for 2020 called Mega Mayhem. The article describes it as being the biggest slide in the park, but they expect it to be ready by May 2. This is a hybrid-slide creation that will feature a mini-funnel style element at the top half and a drop into a half-pipe wall style element near the bottom.


Noah’s Ark (Wisconson Dells)
Palace Entertainment

icon_STOPPark News - (8/24/20) I missed this update earlier this month, and I’m not sure what the park’s original schedule was, but according to the official website Noah’s Ark is now closed until 2021.
    (8/2/20) Noak’s Ark is in Wisconsin Dells is now closed until further notice following the notification that two park employees tested positive for COVID-19. No timeline has been set to reopen, but given typical quarantine protocol I would guess that the park will have to remain closed for at least 14 days to see if any more employees test positive.
    (7/30/20) According to this news article the General Manager of the Noah’s Ark waterpark was fired by Palace Entertainment after referring to the Coronavirus pandemic as a “phantom China virus” in a statement against a possible mandatory mask policy by the county. He also went on record to say he had “a religious problem with it… the mark of the beast”.
    After firing him, Palace Entertainment issued their own statement. “We understand the challenges local governments face in trying to protect their constituents in these uncertain times. Noah’s Ark and Palace Entertainment commit to comply with local, state and federal guidelines, and support our local leaders as they serve the public health needs of the community.”

2020 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


Ocean Breeze (Virginia)
Premier Parks

Park News - (9/26/19) If you’ve seen our coverage of the sudden closure of Clementon Park, there has been some concern and talk about the status of Premier’s three waterpark properties. One very telling factor in the downfall of Clementon Park is the fact that the park’s website is not even trying to pre-sell 2020 season passes.
    With this in mind we did a quick scan of the websites for Premier’s three waterparks and discovered that all three are actively pre-selling season passes for 2020, which is a good sign that these parks had been performing well thus far, or at least better than Clementon Park. 
    You can find 2020 Season Pass sales info for each park at the following links:
Ocean Breeze -
Nashville Shores -
Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto -

2020 - Operation Splashdown - (5/3/20) A reader passed by the Ocean Breeze waterpark this week and discovered that the slide tower has now been put up not far from the water pool.

    (4/27/20) A reader sent in some pictures of the new Operation Splashdown waterslide pieces now on site at Ocean Breeze.


    (9/29/19) A bit of good news for Ocean Breeze, as the local news reports that the waterpark will open in 2020 with a new family raft slide called Operation Splashdown. The new slide will be 7-stories tall and 600 feet in length. According to the article, it looks like this is the long-lost ProSlide Mammoth slide that was originally announced as being on the way for the 2018 season, but failed to materialize. Look for it to be built somewhere behind the Runaway Bay Wave Pool.


Palm Spring Surf Club (Palm Springs, CA)
Owned by Pono Acquisition Partners I, LLC as of 2019

Late 2020 - New Name / Remodeled Park - (10/27/19) A quick update can be found here as plans for the new Palm Springs Surf Club have been approved and they are moving ahead to transform the property into a new attraction. Based on the concept art being shown, it looks like almost all of the waterslides will be coming out in order to bring this new vision to life, creating an entirely new location to surf. The list of removed attractions includes the Pacific Spin (the funnel shaped Tornado slide), the red and yellow slides as well as a removal of the Flowrider stationary surf simulator. The tower for Pacific Spin will remain to be used as a life-guard observation tower.
    This means the park won't be ready for the Summer 2020 season though, and Palm Spring Surf Club may be ready to open at the earliest at the end of 2020. Pricing has not been set, but they did say that they don’t plan to charge for parking.
    (10/22/19) According to various news sources the former Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs waterpark that was sold and sat closed for all of 2019 will reopen with a new name in 2020. They’re calling it the Palm Springs Surf Club and they are going through the process of planning and building a new state-of-the-art wave pool to be the centerpiece of the new park experience. Apparently the technology behind this new concept of wave pool design will  be different from anything else seen at a waterpark before. Word is it may be similar to the technology used at the BSR Surf Resort wave pool in Waco, Texas, able to create stunning artificial wave shapes. (Click here to see a quick video of a wave at BSR Surf Park)
    (6/15/19) Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs did indeed get a new owner, as the park was sold to Pono Acquisition Partners I, LLC. The new owners are performing a massive renovation to the property, and it is staying closed for the entire 2019 season. Look for the park to reopen in 2020 as a “brand new experience”, which I assume will come along with a new name.


Raging Waters Sacramento (Formerly: Six Flags WaterWorld)

2020 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2015 - 2019.


Raging Waters San Dimas (San Dimas, CA)

icon_STOPPark News - (7/29/20) Raging Waters (San Dimas) has sadly announced that they are now cancelling the park’s 2020 season entirely. The remaining uncertainty about the future possibility of opening has gone on to the point where it is no longer worth hoping to open in 2020. Raging Waters has now set their sights on reopening the park in May 2021. All 2020 Season Passes and pre-sold tickets are automatically being extended to be valid for the 2021 season.

2021 - Bombs Away - (7/29/20) Delayed Until 2021 After 2020 Season Canceled.
    (8/13/19) It looks like Raging Waters is getting a similar slide to the one announced earlier today for Sandcastle, and even uses the same name: Bombs Away. According to the press release Bombs Away is six-stories tall and will include a pair of new waterslides that start off with a free-fall out of a drop pod, each offering a different experience. One is described as an open vertical drop slide while the other will be an enclosed “looping slide”. They promise the experience will be fun to watch from the outside as well, as the riders fly through the translucent red, white and blue layout.
    Unfortunately the park has announced they will retire the classic Drop Out slides in order to install the new Bombs Away slides. You’ve got until Sept. 21st to take your last plunge on Drop Out before it is retired forever.


Raging Waters San Jose (San Jose, CA)

2020 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2015 - 2019.


Raging Waves (Yorkville, Illinois)

2020 - Aussie Mat Dash - (10/18/19) Raging Waves will open a new six-lane mat racer slide in 2020 called Aussie Mat Dash. Check it out below.


Rapids Water Park (West Palm Beach, FL)

2020 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2017 - 2019.


Sahara Sam’s (New Jersey)

2020 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2017 - 2019.


Sandcastle Waterpark (Pennsylvania)

2020 - Bombs Away - (8/15/19) A quick update on the Sandcastle slide, Bombs Away. Since the chain already opened a Bombs Away slide at the Raging Waters park in San Jose a few years back, I can only assume this is the same kind of slide, which appears to be a ProSlide SuperLOOP slide, which is a non-inverting drop-pod slide.
    (8/13/19) According to the local news the new attraction coming to Sandcastle will be called “Bombs Away”. The waterslide will start off by climbing inside a trap-door drop pod for a near freefall plunge into a high speed layout. There may be a little confusion here as the park’s press release describes the new attraction as “a high altitude looping free-fall body slide”, but on all the public materials on the website and social media posts they don’t use the work “looping” at all, or even begin to describe this as an inverting / looping style slide. Unfortunately, the park did not release any concept art of the slide either, which only adds to the confusion. Hopefully this can be cleared up soon.



Schlitterbahn Waterparks - These parks have their own designated page. CLICK HERE.


2018_SixFlagsHurricaneHarborConcordSix Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord
Operated By Six Flags for EPR Properties

icon_STOPPark News - (8/6/20) Six Flags has announced that Hurricane Harbor Concord will not open at all for the 2020 season.

2020 - Nothing is known at this point in time...


2019_SFHH_Phoenix_NEWLOGOSix Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix
(Phoenix, AZ)
Formerly: Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix
Owned by EPR Properties
Managed by Six Flags Theme Parks

Park News - (8/6/20) Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix has announced that the  waterpark will not re-open at all during the rest of 2020.
    (7/1/20) Due to rising infection rates in Arizona, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix has closed once again and is said to remain closed until at least July 27th, when they will re-evaluate the situation in the area.
    (6/4/20) Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has announced that the waterpark will reopen June 12 for Members and Passholders, and will open to everyone else on June 15th. Online reservations are required in order to visit the park, which you can do through the park’s website.

    (3/13/20) Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix has announced that the park will suspend all operations from now through to the end of March.
    (2/13/19) With Six Flags now in control of the Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix waterpark, they announced they will rebrand it as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Phoenix this season. To go along with the new Hurricane Harbor name, look for some new tropical theming to also be added to the park along with other internal improvements.

2021 - Paradise Island - Delayed To 2021 Season
    (8/29/19) Hurricane Harbor Phoenix will add Paradise Island in 2020.

HHPX New for 2020 | Six Flags


HHRLogoSix Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford
(Rockford, IL)
Formerly: Magic Waters
Managed by Six Flags Theme Parks

icon_STOPPark News - (7/12/20) The local news has confirmed that Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford is now scheduled to open on July 20, 2020. The park will be open from 11am to 5pm on weekends and select weekdays through to Sept. 7th. Reservations are required to visit however, so visit the official website for details.
    (7/7/20) The word from the local news is that Six Flags has now begun the process of hiring Lifeguards for the Hurricane Harbor waterpark at Six Flags Great America as well as the one in Rockford. While no date has been set to open either waterpark for the season, apparently Six Flags was informed by the governor's office that waterparks will be able to reopen soon.

icon_STOP2021 - Tidal Wave - (7/23/20) While we just posted pictures of workers attempting to finish up the new Tidal Wave slide at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford, the park’s website has now been updated to confirm that the slide will not open until the 2021 season.
    (7/20/20) A reader sent in a couple of pictures of Six Flags Rockford showing off construction workers finishing up the park’s newest waterslide.


    (3/24/20) For whatever reason the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford website is STILL showing incorrect photos and video to represent their new Tidal Wave attraction. If you are curious to see what it will really look like, a reader sent a few links (here and here) to a presentation Six Flags made at NoCoasterCon a while back, where they actually had the correct graphics to show what it will look like.
    (3/19/20) A reader drove past Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Rockford and grabbed a couple of pictures of the slide pieces sitting on site waiting for assembly. From the look of things, it appears that the park may have opted to either switch the kind of slide they are adding a Tidal Wave, or that they promo-video package they used just flat out used the wrong footage. The footage seen in the preview video from August (below) very clearly shows that Tidal Wave is a large Bowl style waterslide, which slightly comes into conflict with website description that only refers to Tidal Wave as “the MidWest’s first and only tailspin waterslide” that will “send riders gliding through three high-speed turns” along with claims of “radiant Aqualucent special effects”
    Based on the look of the parts on site, this certainly does not look like your typical Bowl slide parts. Instead it looks closer to one of WhiteWater’s Constrictor style slides that send sliders through straightaways into extremely tight spiral-turns taken at speed on the walls on the larger tube sections. If you take a look at the green and yellow Constrictor slide on this WhiteWater page (just scroll down a bit), you'll see a slide that doesn’t look too different from what is described in the text on the Six Flags website, but looks nothing at all like what they video is promising.


    (8/29/19) Magic Waters will become Hurricane Harbor Rockford in 2020 and add Tidal Wave, the mid-west’s only tailspin waterslide. Based on the preview video, this appears to be a large cannonbowl style tube slide.


2019_SFHH_Splashtown_NEWLOGOSix Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown
(Houston, TX)
Formerly: Wet ‘n’ Wild SplashTown
Owned by EPR Properties
Managed by Six Flags Theme Parks

icon_STOPPark News - (2/22/21) Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown is planning to open for the season on May 1st
    (8/6/20) Six Flags has confirmed that Hurricane Harbor Splashtown will remain closed for the 2020 season.
    (6/29/20) Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Splashtown will not reopen this week as originally planned. Previously the plan was to open for passholders June 29 to July 2 and to the public on July 3, but according to this news article those plans are now on hold indefinitely in order for the park to follow the local Harris County health guidelines. This comes after a Harris County Judge issued a new ‘stay-at-home’ order on June 26.


Splash Summit (Provo, Utah)

2021 - Rainforest River - (9/4/20) The Splash Summit waterpark in Utah has announced that they will transform the park’s Lazy River into a new “Rainforest River” attraction. The new river experience will have added Rainforest theming, waterfalls, as well as new water pumps and motors to increase the flow and filtration of the water. Look for the new Rainforest River to be ready when the park opens for the season in 2021.


Splish Splash  (Long Island, NY)

Park News - (7/30/20) The official word from the Splish Splash waterpark is that they have given up on opening in 2020 and are now focused on opening the park again in May 2021 according to their website.
    (6/21/20) Screamscape has been told that the Mutiny Bay attraction at the Splish Splash waterpark in New York has been removed entirely from the park, as well as from the park’s website. A rare thing to find in a water park, Mutiny Bay was actually a Splash Battle ride, where guests climb aboard a slow moving boat outfitted with water guns to shoot at targets and bystanders watching from outside the ride. Of course those same bystanders could grab a nearby water cannon of their own and shoot back.
    The attraction just opened in Summer 2014, so unfortunately it seems this was a short lived attraction for the park.

2020 - Nothing is known at this point in time, also nothing added for 2019 season.


icon_STOPSurfworks Adventure Park (Myrtle Beach, SC)

2022 - NEW PARK - (1/9/21) I missed this announcement earlier this year but a new unique $41 million surfing park is planned to come to Myrtle Beach and start construction sometime in 2021 following an approved 15-year lease on the property. The attraction will be called the Surfworks Adventure Park. The goal is to build a park with a surf lagoon able to create four different style of waves for different experience levels, as well as include other attractions like a skate park, climbing walls, some waterslides. They also plan on building amphitheater style seating around the lagoon so spectators can watch planned pro/am surfing contests. They are also planning on adding a concert stage overlooking a nearby grass field to host music concerts as well. The goal is to open the attraction sometime in 2022 and you can see concept art posted at the official website along with some initial plans for a second site under consideration for Fort Pierce, Florida.


Water World Colorado (Denver, Colorado)

2020 - (5/25/20) The popular WaterWorld waterpark in Colorado surprised everyone when they announced they are canceling the park’s entire 2020 season due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In the explanation they site that while plans were being made to open the park under new safety guidelines they have not had the time to begin the extensive and lengthy process of hiring and training staff. Mixed with the news that public officials have given “no indication that an aquatic park of our size and scope, which operates with larger guest attendance, will be permitted to open within our short summer operating season.“ Based on previous schedules, it appears that the park’s 2020 season would have ended immediately following Labor Day Weekend (Sept. 7).
    On the bright side, they do state that they are looking forward to the 2021 season and will have “some EXCITING news to share” over the summer about the park’s 2021 plans.

icon_STOP2021 - Alpine Springs - (10/1/20) Water World in Denver has announced two major new attractions are on the way for the 2021 season as part of the Alpine Springs area. The first is Roaring Forks, a 2-Lane Racing Water Coaster experience that will be joined by Centennial Basin, a 2-Person Bowl Slide). You can catch the concept art in the video clip from the park below.
    According to a reader the new slides are replacing the old “Fun House” play area as well as the old body bowl slides.


WaterWorks Park (Redding, CA)

2020 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2018 - 2019.


Wet ‘n Wild Emerald Pointe  (Greensboro, NC)

2020 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2016 - 2019.


Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)

Park News - (6/2/20) Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas has confirmed that the waterpark will open for the 2020 season on June 22, 2020.


Wet ‘n’ Wild Palm Springs (Palm Springs, CA)
Reopening in 2020 as Palm Springs Surf Club


Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto (Toronto, Canada)
Formerly: Wild Water Kingdom
Owned by: Premier Parks LLC

Park News - (9/26/19) If you’ve seen our coverage of the sudden closure of Clementon Park, there has been some concern and talk about the status of Premier’s three waterpark properties. One very telling factor in the downfall of Clementon Park is the fact that the park’s website is not even trying to pre-sell 2020 season passes.
    With this in mind we did a quick scan of the websites for Premier’s three waterparks and discovered that all three are actively pre-selling season passes for 2020, which is a good sign that these parks had been performing well thus far, or at least better than Clementon Park. 
    You can find 2020 Season Pass sales info for each park at the following links:
Ocean Breeze -
Nashville Shores -
Wet ‘n’ Wild Toronto -

2020 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2018 - 2019.


Wild River Country (Arkansas)

Park News - (2/15/20) Wild River Country, a small waterpark in Arkansas, is now set to be auctioned off after suffering from five years of tax delinquency, and now owes the government $282,000. The auction will be canceled if the park can pay the total sum owned before the April 14th auction, but according to this report, even if the park is sold at the auction (starting bid is $282,000) if the owners can pay off the taxes within 10 days after the auction, the sale will be cancelled.
    There are some other issues pending however, as there is a lawsuit against the owners for $1.47 million on a loan that goes back to 2000, and $608,088 owed on a mortgage. This is not the park’s first run-in with tax problems either, as the park was shut down in 2005 over $170,000 in unpaid sales taxes, along with other issues later that same year which were eventually settled out of court.
    If the park is in good shape and does manage to go up on the auction block, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the various chains of experienced waterpark operators out there were to make a bid on it with a starting price that low. The biggest problem though would be that a sale in mid April could prevent a new owner from getting things up and running in time for the summer season, depending on the current state of the park.


Wild Rivers (Irvine, CA)

???? - New Park - Proposed - (4/29/20) According to the Voice of OC website, the return of Wild Rivers is now official, with a new version of the waterpark coming to Orange County’s Great Park. Negotiations about the lease agreement have apparently been ongoing since 2017 and have now been settled, with the city to receive either 4.5% of the park’s annual gross revenue as payment for the year, or $550,000, whichever cost is higher.
    The location of the park has changed slightly, as the original intended site is still under control of the US Navy who are still in the process of cleaning up the site. The park will now be moved to a 20 acre site at the intersection of Skyhawk and Great Park Blvd. Wild Rivers will pay to build the new waterpark while the city will pay to build and maintain as 1,200 space parking area to be used by Wild Rivers in the summer, and for general park used for the rest of the year.


Wild Water & Wheels (South Carolina)

Park News - (1/1/20) Wild Water and Wheels has now confirmed that they will be able to reopen for the 2020 season after all, with opening day slated to be on May 23rd. Season Passes for 2020 are now also for sale online.


Wilderness Resort (Wisconsin Dells)

2020 - Take Flight - (4/13/20) Would you believe that a huge flying theater attraction is on the way to the Wildnerness waterpark resort in the Winconsin Dells?  It will be called “Take Flight” and a special Facebook page has posted some incredible construction photos to show just how far along it is already. The theater is huge and will feature two rows of seat, side-by-side, on three different levels. The plan is to open it in Summer 2020.


Wilderness at the Smokies  (Sevierville, TN)

Check out the Screamscape review of the awesome Wilderness at the Smokies Hotel & Waterpark Resort.

Resort News - (5/26/20) The Wilderness at the Smokies waterpark resort has announced that they will reopen on May 28th. For the time being the resort will no longer sell day-passes to visit the waterpark, so only resort guests will be allowed to use the facilities.

2020 - Nothing is known at this time, nothing was known to be added from 2017 - 2019.


Zoombezi Bay (Columbus, OH)

icon_STOPPark News - (1/22/20) Zoombezi Bay at the Columbus Zoo has announced an interesting new project for Fall 2021. The mini amusement park will transform into Zombiezi Bay this fall, a new haunted park experience that will feature four haunted houses, two scare zones, the Sea Dragon roller coaster as well as an assortment of other non-water rides.

2020 - Nothing is known at this point in time...




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