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    (7/14/20) Jurassic Coaster Update (MORE...)
    (7/11/20) Jurassic Coaster Construction Update (MORE...)
    (7/9/20) Jurassic Coaster Now Topped Off (MORE...)
    (6/5/20) More Jurassic Coaster Construction Footage (MORE...)

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General Park News - (1/24/20) Universal Orlando has announced that Confisco Grille at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park now features a new menu of exciting dishes cooked up by IOA’s Executive Chef, Jason Glus and his culinary team. The new menu will feature a mixture of different global cuisines, including Asia, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Poland and more. New dishes include: Pork Belly Banh-Mi Sandwich, Chilled Tuna Noodle Bowl, Grilled Lamb Meatballs, Sweet and Sour Sticky Ribs and Chicken Curry Chakra.



icon_STOP2021 - Jurassic Park Coaster - (7/14/20) OrlandoParkNews has posted a new construction update for the Jurassic Park coaster at Islands of Adventure.
    (7/11/20) Orlando Experience has posted a new video showing off a look at the latest construction work on the Jurassic coaster at Islands of Adventure, including the now complete top-hat and theming elements now being added.

    (7/9/20) Good news from Islands of Adventure, as I’m told the new coaster has now been topped out, with the highest point of track having been installed and now flying a Jurassic themed flag from the top.

    (6/5/20) New beautiful photos of the Jurassic coaster at Islands of Adventure, which is going  up very quickly, have been posted to the Midway Mayhem FB page, which you can see below.

    (6/2/20) Some amazing new photos of the Jurassic Park themed coaster going up at Islands of Adventure have been posted on the ‘net over the past day or two, as some large turns are now going in very close to the back patio of The Three Broomsticks. The track is very beefy… featuring double-spines under the rails, which is usually an indicator that the trains will be flying through these high-g turns at full speed.

    (5/18/20) Amusement Insider has tweeted out some great aerial photos of the new Jurrasic Park themed coaster under construction at Islands of Adventure.

    (4/13/20) While I mentioned a while back that the work on the Jurassic Park themed coaster was slated to come to a halt any time now, the latest video from Midway Mayhem shows that workers are still keeping busy with all the coaster tracks they have in storage, loading up select pieces to take to the park.
    Bonus - Watch the second half of the video below if you want to see work still progressing over at the future site of the Epic Universe theme park as well.

    (3/31/20) For those wondering, I’ve been told that construction on the new Jurassic Park themed coaster has come to a halt during the coronavirus shutdown, but not necessarily because of it. From what I’m told they were fairly ahead of pace anyway on the project and simply got to the point where they had no more steel and other materials to put into place. Due to the shutdown, they now have to wait until the health-restrictions begin to lift in order to get the new materials to the park.
    (3/26/20) Attractions Magazine has posted some fantastic aerial shots of Islands of Adventure this week that focus on the roller coaster under construction in the Jurassic Park area. It really gives us a good look at the huge scale of this ride, and just how much work has been done on all the infrastructure for the various structures to go up around the ride, as well as all the footers already in place and more.
    (3/22/20) Some great photos of the Jurassic themed roller coaster construction site at Islands of Adventure can be found at ThemeparX this week.
    (2/15/20) Special thanks to a Screamscape source for sending in some new photos of the Jurassic themed coaster construction site at Islands of Adventure. Lots of ground work is still taking place all around the backside of the JP Visitors Center building, footers are carefully placed and poured while the shape of the shoreline is being carefully adjusted to accommodate the new coaster.
    If the rumors are true, I’m hearing that the first sections of vertical construction on the new coaster could actually begin sometime between mid-March to mid-April.







    (1/14/20) A new giant photo update from Islands of Adventure shows off the construction on the Jurassic Park area coaster, some work in the Popeye & Bluto area and more. Follow the link to OrlandoParkNews to check it out.
    (1/9/20) A quick video clip posted to Twitter shows off a close-up look at the footers in place between Popeye and the JP Discovery Center building for the new Jurassic coaster under construction at Islands of Adventure.





    (12/13/19) Orlando Park News has posted a batch of new photos showing off the construction site for the yet-to-be announced Jurassic Park themed roller coaster project to be built and travel all about the themed land. Be sure to move on to the second and third pages as well to see photos taken from within Jurassic Park. Keep on scrolling down and you can see the new menu now posted at the Green Eggs & Ham building at Seuss Landing as well which has added a collection of “tots” based dishes and “Who Hash” to the menu, plus S’mores Nutella.
    (11/15/19) A reader sent in a couple of construction images showing off work taking place for the new Jurassic coaster project along the water’s edge, behind the JP Discovery Center building. I’m not sure if they are just trying to work on an area to install footers in the water, or if they are perhaps installing walls for a dry channel area that would allow for the coaster to dive below the water level. Hard to make out from this angle, but we do know that the coaster will travel along the water's edge here a few times.
    (8/13/19) has posted a new photo update from Islands of Adventure this week. Scroll down about half way to see the Jurassic Park section of the update where they look over the site of the park’s next future coaster project, with more photos on page 2 showing off all the clearing that has taken place on both sides of the JP Discovery Center building.
    (8/1/19) Looks like we have a possible name for the new Jurassic themed coaster coming to Islands of Adventure in 2021. A new trademark filing from Universal has been posted for the name, “VELOCICOASTER” as of July 24, 2019.  Personally… I’m kind of hoping they reconsider this one… I get what they are going for, but while it sounds interesting to say it out loud, it just looks odd to me when written out. Maybe that’s just me, but it’s almost a little too tongue-in-cheek of a name, that sounds more like something from the newer Jurassic World era park, than a classic Jurassic Park era attraction such as the “Jeep Tours” and “River Adventure”.
    Then again… if the long term plan is to upgrade the Jurassic Park River Adventure into the new Jurassic World themed version, like what was just done in Hollywood, then maybe we are on to something here after all.
    (6/21/19) While visiting Islands of Adventure last week, I was shocked to see just how much land has now been cleared out for rumored the 2021 Jurassic coaster project. The work space is huge, having cleared out the entire lush jungle-like landscape between Camp Jurassic and the JP Discovery Center building, plus all the land behind the Discovery Center as well.
    I did a quick layout showing off the general site area being worked on at the moment to show everyone just how large it is, easily taking up enough space to build another Incredible Hulk sized coaster if need be. Oh, and while the park did remove the former short-cut bridge that ran from The Lost Continent to Jurassic Park, they have now built a new bridge that crosses the water at a different angle to be further away from the construction zone. No peeking at the site from there though, the view from both sides of the bridge is blocked by very tall walls.
    (4/26/19) A few photos showing off the new construction in the Jurassic Park area of Islands of Adventure for the park’s next big coaster can be seen at OrlandoParksNews this week.
    (3/31/19) Some great photos showing off the now cleared backside of the Jurassic Park Welcome Center building have been posted to Orlando Rising along with a few other pics of park construction sites in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the former T2/3D theater and future Today Cafe site.
    (2/4/19) Disney & More takes a look at Island of Adventure this week at the area behind the Jurassic Park Discovery Center building where construction for the unannounced next roller coaster project has begun and sections of the site is being cleared to make way for coaster footers.
    (1/25/19) Did Comcast slip up and confirm that a Jurassic World update was coming to Islands of Adventure? During an earnings call they apparently mentioned that ‘Jurassic World attractions” were coming to their domestic parks. Attractions… as in plural… more than one.
    Of course these are Comcast boardroom execs who may mispeak and call things by their wrong names, and may not differentiate between Jurassic PARK and WORLD the way us theme park fans do. But still… just something to keep in mind while I bring this next piece of information to light.
    Screamscape sources decided to fill us in on another new ride experience rumored to be in development that is most definitely themed to “Jurassic World”. For quite some time now we had heard that Universal Creative was working on ideas for a way to bring the Gyrosphere ride experience to life and now we finally have some details on the proposal.
    From what I’m told the experience will blend the use of VR on guests seated inside a “Gyroscope” style vehicle that is really mounted to a motion-base, outfitted with an array of 4D theater style enhancement effects systems such as water splash, air blasts, and themed scents. In classic Universal style ride form, guests go on a dinosaur tour in the Gyroscope when the inevitable “something goes wrong” moment happens and you are suddenly surrounded by a stampede of dinosaurs… including a big toothy one who bashes you about and attempts to eat your Gyrosphere. The final result is expected to be stunning, with 90-frames a second fully rendered VR visuals.
    On a final note… please keep in mind that this attraction may not be for Universal Orlando at all, and with a new park under construction in China, this kind of attraction could very well premier first in Beijing before it does in the US.
    It may also be worth mentioning that I did spot an interesting VR / Motionbase simulator ride experience set-up at IAAPA in November. While this isn’t the same thing that Universal is working on, it sounds like others are also working in similar concepts.
    (1/22/19) Looking pretty much as we described it last week, the local news has posted an overhead drawing showing off how the layout of the new Jurassic themed roller coaster coming to Islands of Adventure will look when it opens. With construction walls going up and work rumored to begin very soon, I’d guess that we’ll see this ready to go sometime between mid 2020 and Summer 2021.

    (1/17/19) We spoke about the rumors a few days ago and now I’m hearing that new construction walls are starting to go up within the Jurassic Park land at Islands of Adventure, a sign that work on that rumored new roller coaster may be kicking into high gear.
    Meanwhile, shot about a week ago, Midway Mayhem did post an extensive video with lots of footage in the Jurassic section of the park, detailing what is already going on and rumors about what is to come, which  you can see below (I jumped it ahead to begin at the Jurassic section). The break down some of it, if you don’t have the time to watch, the midway games are already walled off and rumored to be moving closer to the Discovery Center building. The Raptor Encounter is also rumored to be moving to a new location on the other side of the pathway to allow the space it uses as well as the rest of the former Triceratops Encounter forested area to be used for the rumored new coaster. Speaking of which, they also report that the ride will feature a launch system as well as some interesting elements to be placed directly behind the Discovery Center, forever changing the view back there.

    (1/15/19) While Islands of Adventure has “Camp Jurassic”, Universal has filed a new trademark for a curious new attraction named, “Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous”. Given the rumors of a possible plan to update all of the existing Jurassic Park section of Islands of Adventure to use the new Jurassic World branding, this could very well become a new name to be used for Camp Jurassic when the times comes.
    (1/12/19) While we are still waiting on Universal to actually give their new 2019 addition an actual name, I think it’s time to begin talking about just what may be Islands of Adventure’s next new project… or perhaps it may be best to say… projects. With the rumored Zelda project said to have been put on hold until they can open Super Nintendo World, it would seem that it is time for dinosaurs to rule the Earth once again… or at least the focus of Islands of Adventure.
    The big project that has been spoken about in hushed tones and dark corners for some time how is the plan to add a large new coaster to the park in the Jurassic Park area. According to the rumor mill the coaster is expected to have a station and queue placed in the area formerly used by the Triceratops Encounter attraction, and will then run around this more forested and green area of the park for a bit before heading out back behind the JP Visitors Center building and event off into track elements placed over the water in the central lagoon before heading back to the mainland.
    The good news is that unlike the earlier rumors that talked about a JP themed mine train style family coaster, this one is expected to be a high speed thrill coaster, which is much needed at the park after the demolition of the two beloved former Dueling Dragons coasters. The placement of the coaster more towards the center of the park can also be seen as a more strategic move as well, as Universal had some well known “noise” concern issues with the neighbors over the placement of Dueling Dragons, which led to the construction of that massive wall back there.
    Unfortunately, don’t look for this to be another B&M coaster… as I’ve heard that the coaster will most likely come from Intamin who Universal worked with to build both the current 2019 coaster project as well as Escape from Gringotts.
    Don’t go yet though…. A new coaster may not be all that is on the way. In fact there is a chance that the entire Jurassic Park land may get an update to take on the new Jurassic World theme instead, including a possible  overhaul and update to the Jurassic Park: River Adventure ride. That said… I think they are waiting to see how the conversion of the original Jurassic Park ride in Hollywood goes over with the public in 2019 before they give the green light to do it again in Orlando. After all, we’ve seen what happens when an attraction from the Hollywood park gets cloned a little too quickly in Orlando.
    (8/24/18) While we know the Jurassic Park ride at Universal's Hollywood park is already announced to become a Jurassic World themed ride in 2019, Universal and Amblin filed new trademark paperwork on Aug. 13th for the "Jurassic World" name to be used not just as an amusement park ride but also to use the name as the title of a whole park or as the name of a themed area within a park.
    Since we know this later part wouldn't really apply to the Hollywood theme park where the Jurassic ride is one of many rides in the Lower Lot section of the park, next to the Transformers and Mummy rides, it does make me wonder if there could be plans to transform the Jurassic Park land in Orlando, or possibly build an entirely new Jurassic World themed area inside the next new park.
    (7/20/17) It is just a rumor at this point, but Screamscape has heard that Creature Technology may have been hired by Universal Creative to make some more large scale animatronic creatures for them. Creature Technology was the group Universal hired to build the new giant Kong figure seen in the Skull Island attraction and if the rumors are true, the group could be working on building some new dinosaur figures for Islands of Adventure. I don't know if these are for something new, or if perhaps the time has come to upgrade the old figures in the River Adventure ride. With a new Jurassic World film coming out next year, the timing would be right to perhaps introduce some new dinosaur encounters into the ride.


icon_STOP???? - Tolkien Middle-Earth / Lord of the Rings Land - Rumor - (1/5/20) Theme Park University is back with an interesting update, claiming that Universal Orlando may be quietly working on a Lord of the Rings themed land one again. Screamscape readers will remember that we talked about such an idea a couple of years ago as a possible replacement for Toon Lagoon at Islands of Adventure. At this time the Nintendo project was also announced as being in development, and it was also rumored that Toon Lagoon was also being eyeballed as a possible location of a separate “Zelda” themed land, as a sort of follow-up to come after Super Nintendo World would have opened in Universal Studios Florida as a replacement for the kiddie area.
    We know all these plans changed, and Super Nintendo World is now destined to go into  Universal’s new Epic Universe theme park instead. This changed a lot of things, as there was a bit of a scramble between many other project ideas in the works, which also included an idea to turn the kids land at the Studios into a Pokemon attraction area instead, before the Zelda and Pokemon concepts were apparently shelved.
    At the time, the idea to make a Hobbit or Lord of the Rings attraction area faced some difficulties, as the rights to the IP was involved in a bit of an ongoing legal struggle with the Tolkien family estate. Things have apparently calmed down a bit since then, especially in light of the fact that Amazon was able to buy the rights in 2017 to create an all new Middle-Earth themed prequel series for Amazon Prime. This is just a thought, but given the timelines involved, it may actually benefit Universal more to invest in attractions themed to this new Amazon created Middle-Earth series than to get behind the two previous series that have been over and done with for years now.





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Universal Orlando
Islands of Adventure

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Tickets: as of 4/18/19
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Parking: $25.00

Open: Year Round

Notes: The Universal Orlando Resort consists of two theme parks, one waterpark, four hotels and the Citywalk retail and entertainment zone.

Fun Fact: Poseidon was actually the bad guy in the first version of Poseidon’s Fury who fights against Zeus at the end who had been disguised as your guide.

Islands of Adventure
Abbreviation: IOA
Opened: 1999

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