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    (4/17/14) Disney - Tron LightCycle Action via Oculus Rift
    (4/15/14) Cedar Fair vs Jack Falfas Case Hits Ohio Supreme Court (MORE...)
    (4/14/14) Internet Fun - Coaster101 2014 Attraction Awards Nominations (MORE...)
    (4/11/14) Theme Park Studio - Program Update (MORE...)



2012 Park Attendance Report - (6/5/13) The 2012 TEA / AECOM Global Attractions Attendance Report has been released and can be downloaded in PDF form here. Most of the numbers are as you would expect to see from the major players, with Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom topping the North American market with over 17.5 million guests, up 2.3%. The big mover this year was Disney’s California Adventure which opened Cars Land in 2012 and saw park attendance rise by 22.6% to hit an all time high of 7.775 million! Meanwhile nearby Universal Studios Hollywood also wowed the same local market by opening Transformers: The Ride 3-D and saw attendance at the Hollywood park soar 15% to 5.9 million. Both of those parks invested heavily in major new attractions and it really paid off for them both… so let that be a lesson to the rest of the industry.
    By contrast, the only top park in North America to see a big decline in 2012 was Knott’s Berry Farm who saw attendance drop 4% to 3.5 million, which was likely due to the lengthy delay in opening the park’s new Windseeker ride… quickly followed by the shut down of Windseeker a few months later as some guests may have held off their visit until they knew the new ride was running.
    The European market was a bit on the soft and runny side however, with many parks seeing sagging attendance figures and only Parc Asterix pulling in a solid increase of 8% aided by the addition of their OzIris B&M inverted roller coaster.
    You can also still download the attendance reports from several previous years too:
Download the 2011 Report
Download the 2010 Report
Download the 2009 Report
Download the 2008 Report
Download the 2007 Report
Download the 2006 Report


icon_STOPGeneral News - (3/26/14) More details about how the Mobile version of Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 will work, as well as a promise that the PC version will be an entirely different animal, can be found at DigitialSpy.
    (3/18/14) Time for a little Good News / Bad News. 
    The Good News is that Atari is releasing Roller Coaster Tycoon 4.
    The Bad News is that it is Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 MOBILE…
    More Bad News… it is only for iOS (Apple) devices which is kind of inexcusable in this day and age I think…
    And the worst possible news… it looks TERRIBLE. Or at least it does in the demo video.
    Ok… it isn’t all bad news. According to their Facebook page, the Mobile version is just the first version to come out and they are planning a PC game experience to launch in Fall 2014. Hopefully they mean a true full game experience is coming to the PC and not just another RCT-Lite style social Facebook game version.

    (2/15/14) Curious to know when your favorite parks will be opening for the 2014 season? CoasterOfTheDay.com has you covered with a list of known dates for over 75 different theme parks all assembled into once place.
    (12/2/13) Disney & More welcomes a new contributor this past week…one I’m sure many of you may have heard of. Gard Goddard has joined up and will share his own stories from the theme park attraction design universe with the world week after week. Gary starts things off this week with some new concept art from new attractions in the works as well as many more for attractions than never got off the ground. Always fascinating to see and looking forward to reading more from Gary in the near future.
    (9/25/13) Valtiner & Partner GmbH have announced that 2013_0924_EMotionBoard1they will reveal a new ride system to the world at IAAPA this November. This is a new motion theater style concept, one that you will experience standing up. They have been working to perfect the system for years, including trying out a prototype at Vienna’s famous Prater, then refining the system and experience, and finally they have built a full scale system in their factory of what they call the E-Motionboard.
    The guest experience is where the E-Motionboard stands out from its peers.  Instead of sitting in a seat riders stand in front of the Motion Grid, and that instantly engages and immerses them in the action.  Valtiner said, “Riders are not just watching images on the screen, guests feel like they are flying.  It is like nothing else the industry is currently offering and we are very proud of it.” Look for the E-Motionboard to be on display at the Ride Entertainment Group’s IAAPA Booth (#5151).
    (8/21/13) An interesting statistc was posted to AmusementToday this week. According to this report theme park visits by “teens” has declined by 9% over the past 5 yeas. The believe price may be a primary factor behind this decline, which makes sense. Only a portion of the teen demographic has a real-world job due to age restrictions, and of course we all know the job market these days is a lot slimmer than it was 5 years ago. Meanwhile the price of admission or a season pass has only gone up, while disposable income for teens is getting hard to come by. Plus you’ve got to consider there is steep competition for what income they have, especially if you consider how fast smartphone usage has spread over the last 5 years as well. It makes me wonder if some parks may be on the verge of pricing themselves out of reach from a valued demographic.


icon_STOPInternet Fun -  (4/14/14) Coaster101 has begun accepting nominations for their 2014 Attraction Awards in six categories: Best New For 2014 Attraction, Best Park Entrance, Best Park Scent, Best Sweet Treat, Best Theme Park Smartphone App and Best ‘Under 100-Footer” Steel Coaster. You can nominate your favorites here, now through to April 18th.
    (3/14/14) I love me some ScareHouse videos… and they are back with a new “Welcome to The ScareHouse” YouTube channel video, as they prepare to unleash an assortment of new great videos over the coming weeks and months. So Subscribe already!

    (3/10/14) Our friends at Coaster101 have told us about the production of a planned new Amusement Park Travel Show to be called “For Your Amusement”. The group has started a Kickstarter to fund the project, that will highlight more than just rides, but overall theme park history, and hope to fund $37,000 by April 4th in order to shoot the pilot episode at Knoebels. Click here to read up on all the details.
    (3/4/14) Andy Shine is back with a second Picture Quiz this month… give Picture Quiz 2 a try and see how you rank. This one was a bit harder for me, being US based... I only got 18 right out of 25.
    (2/26/14) Anyone want to buy their own theme park? For just 1.62 million Euros (or $2.2 million US) you can buy the abandoned Spreepark in Berlin, Germany on Ebay. Spreepark has been closed for well over a decade now and has fallen into disrepair, but terms stating that the property must remain in use as an amusement or recreational park until 2061 is keeping land developers away at least. Take a look here.
    (2/21/14) Know your coasters on site?  Then take Andy Shine’s Coaster Photo Quiz this week and see if you can identify 25 different coasters by their pictures. I managed to get 22 out of 25 right, how many can you get?
    (2/7/14) Our friends over at the Lost Parks of Northern California web video series have a bigger vision in mind for their future and have officially sent out their “pitch” for make a new TV show called Great America Thrills. You too can view the pitch for their new travelogue show concept below, which will feature Kris Rowberry and crew traveling the country to find their next big thrill. The shows future destinations will be based on suggestions and recommendations sent to them via Social Media.
    They will need help getting this show on the air, and they are asking all theme park fans who want to see the show to write in and tell their favorite cable networks that you want to see Great American Thrills on the air this summer.

    (2/1/14) The results are in from the 2013 Mitch Hawker Wooden Coaster Poll and there was an extremely close theee-way race for first place between El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure), T Express (Everland, South Korea) and the new Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City. While I don’t always agree with the poll, as I think it has serious flaws (see below) that allow some results to be hijacked, it does still give you a good sense of what the best wooden coasters in the world truly are.
    Flaws? Over much of the last decade I’ve noticed that the poll seems to be hijacked by what may be less than deserving coasters that also happened to be major highlight events traveled to by various coaster enthusiast traveling tour groups around the globe. I’m not pointing the finger at the tour groups (RCCGB, ECC, TPR, ACE, etc….) themselves, but the impact these groups have on the voting each year does have an impact on the results which can be seen clearly when coasters in Korea or China hit high rankings in the polls despite only having 17 or 18 riders vote for them.  I know the poll does have a minimum number, but I’m not sure what it is, but I think it seems to be set higher than it currently is… perhaps somewhere between 30-36 at least to qualify into a top ranking position and help remove some of the “tour” factor from the results. Just my opinion…
    (1/28/14) Andy Shine’s Coaster Quiz is back with a new format called Quiztime. Currently there are 24 different quizzes now online, each now featuring a timed format that will allow players to enter their names / scores onto a leaderboard at the end of each quiz.
    (1/14/14) It seems there is a Snoopy’s World attraction in Hong Kong. While it is nothing huge, I’m sure Snoopy fans will get a kick out of it. You can see pictures of it over at Westcoaster this week.
    (1/7/14) Want to see a crazy coaster?  A reader sent me this video link to the 1982 Rose Parade where Honda built a float that featured a functional roller coaster that carried riders in three cars through a helix and a vertical loop. Keep watching, because as the float goes around the corner the train almost has a rollback. I can only assume that the coaster was destroyed along with the rest of the float following the conclusion of the parade, but it sure would have made someone a fun little backyard roller coaster if they kept it.
    (12/24/13) Ballots are now being accepted for the 2013 Mitch Hawker Wooden Coaster Poll, perhaps the most detailed coaster poll to endure over the years. Vote here!
    (12/23/13) Christmas fun time… as our friends at Coaster Radio have created a new holiday classic you have to watch… A CoasterBoy Christmas.

    (12/10/13) The Park of the Year voting has now moved up to the final eight, who will battle it out in the latest round of voting. The final eight parks are: Universal Studios Florida, Dollywood, Disneyland, Cedar Point, Universal Studios Hollywood, IdleWild, Silver Dollar City and Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Click here to vote.
    (11/28/13) Need an idea for a special gift to your favorite coaster enthusiast? The great 2014 Roller Coaster Calendar from the folks at Coaster Talk No B.S. Zone have now added a 15% discount on it, dropping the price to $14.02 plus you can get free shipping by entering the promo code FREESHIP, plus get an additional 18% off with the code FBC18. Click here to purchase one!
    (10/16/13) A fantastic looking new 2014 Roller Coaster Calendar is now available for sale online, created by the folks at Coaster Talk No B.S. Zone. You can see images from the calendar on their Facebook page and can be purchased here for just $14.84 right now while there is a 10% Early-Bird Special going on. They are also selling some mini-prints and poster versions of some of the same photos here.


BandB_CanLogoicon_STOPB&M - (2/26/14

2014_0223_BM_YellowTrack (10)

2014_0223_BM_YellowTrack (2)

2014_0223_BM_YellowTrack (3)

2014_0223_BM_YellowTrack (4)

2014_0223_BM_YellowTrack (6)

2014_0223_BM_YellowTrack (8)

2014_0223_BM_YellowTrack (9)


2014_0223_BM_YellowTrack (5)

) Our local Screamscape spy dropped by the B&M Track Fabricator plant in Ohio and snapped up pictures of brand new bright yellow coaster track. If I’m reading the label right this is for a new B&M Flying coaster, and they do have one on the way to China for the Wanda Group set to open in 2014 at the Xishuangbanna International Resort park. The concept art for this coaster found on VHCoasters however had blue track and not yellow, so while this track could be for another project, I’m still thinking this is still the Wanda coaster unless someone knows of another B&M Flyer in the works.
    (8/7/13) Truck loads of blue supports have been spotted at the B&M track fabricator (see below). While they didn’t get close enough to see an ID sticker, it does look to be for the same project that the blue station track was for. (Update - It was for Banshee at Kings Island)
    (7/29/13)  All new blue supports (that appear to be for a Transfer track or station structure) have appeared on site at B&M’s fabricator in Ohio. According to the label, these are for a new Inverted Coaster for somewhere. Could this be for Kings Island or will it go somewhere else. (Update - It is for Banshee at Kings Island)
    (7/19/13) According to several sources that single piece of green B&M coaster track sitting at the plant in Ohio is assumed to be an old piece intended for Ocean Kingdom in China that never made the trip. It is assumed to be either defective or damaged and will likely be scraped in the future.  


icon_STOPCedar Fair - (4/15/14) The Ohio Supreme Court has been listening to the case between Cedar Fair over the reinstatement of Jack Falfas this past week. So far no judgment has been determined, but feel free to read through the official report and catch up with what’s been going on since 2010.
    (2/21/14) Cedar Fair posted their Q4 report showing that their final quarter loss had nearly doubled from the previous year’s quarter to $20.48 million.Net revenues increased by almost $10 million from the previous year however to $139.08 million. You can listen in to the Q4 conference call here.
    (2/13/14) In an odd find, it seems Cedar Fair has filed for a trademark to use the name “FURY”. The odd thing is that it isn’t listed for direct use for a new ride, but a more generic use for merchandise. However… Cedar Fair has been using the name FURY for the past three years already, ever since they opened a highly promoted new Halloween Haunt house at Carowinds with the name. Perhaps they are preparing to expand the use of Fury beyond Carowinds and into more parks this fall… though I can’t think of a time when they ever trademarked the use of a Haunt name before either.
    (11/8/13) Cedar Fair has reported their Q3 results and you can read a good detailed report over at Marketwatch. The company reported record net revenues of $592.1 million in Q3 (up 7% over Q3 2012) and park attendance was also up 2% compared to the same quarter last year. “On the strength of its core operating season, the Company now expects to achieve full-year net revenues between $1.125 billion and $1.135 billion. It also anticipates being at the high end of its Adjusted EBITDA guidance range of $415 million to $425 million, a 6% to 9% increase over last year's record Adjusted EBITDA.”
    (10/23/13) Cedar Fair reports that they have signed an updated contract with CEO Matt Ouimet to keep him with the company through to at least Dec. 31st, 2016, along with a an increase in his base annual salary from $850,000 to $900,000 through to June 2015.


Chance Rides - (3/26/14) A fun video clip shows off Chance Ride’s latest flat ride creation, the Freestyle, which can be seen in action at the Houston Rodeo this week.

    (2/1/14) Chance Rides is known for their well built equipment and especially fine line of mini-trains. But I don’t think the Chance engineers ever imagined one of their mini locomotives would ever be put to a crash test like this one… watch what happens when a train goes one-on-one with a stupid driver who ignored the train crossing signs at Hermann Park in Houston, Texas on January 18th. (see below)
    Need to see the aftermath from another angle?  As you can see, it looks like there was only cosmetic damage done to the C.P. Huntington locomotive as it jacked the clueless Honda driver’s car up on the cow-catcher about 30. Here is the view from the back of the car.  According to one report, while several train riders were a bit shaken up by the incident, there were zero injuries reported. Don’t mess with the train… they always win.


icon_STOPDisney - (4/17/14) Tron LightCycles plus Oculus Rift headgear?  Count me in, I want to try the RiftCycles Project, where you can take a virtual reality ride into a fan made recreation of a Tron inspired LightCycle arena. It would be great to see Disney embrace this and bring it to the Tomorrowland Starcade or into DisneyQuest in Orlando.
    (2/10/14) Following the runaway success of Frozen, which has now surpassed The Lion King as Disney’s all-time highest-grossing animation film, Variety reports we can expect to see the Frozen IP kept alive and well for years to come through various new projects. They are already looking into possible film sequels, a Broadway adaptation, video games and of course… ways to integrate Frozen into Disney’s theme park empire.
    While it seems almost a sure-thing that Frozen can and likely will take over the Norway pavilion at EPCOT at Walt Disney World, just how and where Frozen can be added to the other Disney resorts around the globe remains to be seen.
    (1/30/14) Curious to know more about the upcoming Marvel Universe Live traveling show, produced by Feld Entertainment?  According to the latest update at Disney & More new details about the show have been released, including the overall storyline as 25 different Marvel Universe characters will battle in this huge special effects filled live performance to gain control of the Cosmic Cube, the source of ultimate power.
    The list of Marvel characters in the show includes: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Loki, Captain America, Wolverine, Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Red Skull, Madame Hydra, Aldrich Killian, Electro and many more.
    To find out more be sure to also visit the official Marvel Universe Live website which has already posted many of the showdates, starting with Tampa, FL in July 10th and then running all across the nation with dates through to 2016.
    (1/22/14) While ABC’s Extreme Makeover may have been off the air for the past couple of seasons, the show’s former host (Ty Pennington) will be in Orlando on Friday morning for one more “big reveal” at the Give Kids The World resort that will be shown live on Good Morning America. Catch it live or set your DVR.
2014_0110_Marvel-Experience-Dome    (1/10/14) The first concept art of the traveling “The Marvel Experience” superhero amusement attraction has been released, featuring a huge 6-story dome structure. Inside will be 4D rides, games and interactive Marvel character magic that will let the guests become part of the Marvel universe. The dome itself is themed as a S.H.I.E.L.D. Mobile Command Center, and through this portal you will soon find yourself engulfed in a story that will unfold before you as you travel through the attraction and interact with both Marvel Superheros as well as the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
   Coming in at a budget of at least $30 million, the traveling experience will be visiting cities across the US and Canada, able to set up shop on any available 2 acre site. The cost of admission is expected to be in the $30 price range.
    (12/31/13) Disney will hold a webcast to discuss their Q1 report results on February 5, 2014 at 5pm (EST) / 2pm (PST). Click here to listen in.
    (12/9/13) You know it wouldn’t take long for this to happen once Disney purchased LucasFilm, but this week it was confirmed that Disney has reached an agreement with Paramount to take over the future of the Indiana Jones film franchise as well. Paramount will retain ownership of the four existing completed films in the series, and will apparently get some kind of “financial participation” on any future films that may be produced and released.
    While the future of any Indy 5 production approval was always in question, this seems to ensure that Indy 5 will be moving forward after all.
    (12/5/13) Is there something special about the Chicago area house Walt Disney was born in? Brent and Dina, the founders of attraction design and animation firm Super78 are hoping so, as they have just purchased the Disney birth home for about $173,000. When the Disney family sold the home and moved to Missouri Walt was just 4 and his brother Roy O. was 12.
    Since then the home has had several owners and undergone a lot of upgrade work over the years, but the new owners have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $500,000 to restore the house back to it’s original state and hope to have it granted official landmark status. Make the jump over to check out their Kickstarter campaign, see what kind of goodies you can earn if you donate towards the project as well as check out the concept art and official plans.
    Oh… and Brent? When you’re done with the Disney house, can we start a campaign to renovate my home next? I’ve got some ideas…


icon_STOPDynamic Attractions - (1/16/14) Empire Industries Ltd has announced that their Dynamic Attractions division has signed two new major ride contracts, both for the United Arab Emirates, but each for a different customer. One is to deliver one of their Dynamic Flying Theater attractions (like Disney’s Soarin’) and the other is for a new “special effects indoor roller coaster” attraction. (Note: Dynamic Attractions provided the hardware when Disneyland rebuilt their Space Mountain coaster in 2005 and was confirmed as the fabricator for the new track system installed on Big Thunder Mountain reopening in 2014.) Both contracts will be executed over the next 18 months.
   Any ideas who these may be for? Dynamic already built a Flying Theater at Ferarri World that opened back in 2012 called Flying Over Italy, so perhaps they will return for an indoor coaster, or perhaps the indoor coaster could be for the IMG Worlds of Adventure park, who also appears to have bought a second attraction from Dynamic as well.
(8/8/13) Empire Industries has announced that their Dynamic Structures unit has been awarded an $18 million contract to build a new ride for “a global leader in amusement parks” that will be installed in a park in China over the next 18 months.
    Screamscape Translation – The contract has been signed for Dynamic Structures to build the long rumored Soarin’ over the Horizon ride for Shanghai Disneyland.
    (5/6/13) Empire Industries has announced they were awarded of a new $30 million contract to build a new attraction for a major theme park in the United States through their Dynamic Structures business unit. According to the press release the contract will be “executed” over the next two years.
    Dynamic Structures is known best for building the Harry Potter ride for Universal Orlando as well as several high profile rides for Disney over the last decade including the two Soarin rides, Test Track, Radiator Springs Racers and the revised Space Mountain at Disneyland.
    I’ve got a feeling that this contract may have been the official signing off for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride system for Universal Studios Hollywood, as a nearly identical announcement also came from Empire/Dynamic Structures 1 year ago for another $30 million contract (over 2 years) for a “media based attraction” going into a theme park for “a global customer”. Last year’s contract was likely for the same ride system now being installed at Universal Studios Japan in late 2014. The statement also mentions that the deal was important to Empire because this was the third such contract awarded to them, and this would be the third version of the ride system to be built.


Great Coasters International - (2/2/14) A peek at the layout for GCI’s new Viper coaster going to China in 2015 was tweeted out by ACE over the weekend.
    (11/20/13) GCI will build their biggest roller coaster ever in China to open in 2015 at the Wanda (Nanchang) Culture Tourism City. Check out the preview video animation of “The Viper” below featuring a 50 meter (164 ft) tall lift hill and 1,500 meters (4921 ft) of track.


Great Wolf Lodge - (6/18/13) According to this article Great Wolf Lodge is looking into a plan to buy an existing Holiday Inn hotel and expand and transform it to become a new Great Wolf Lodge waterpark resort in Fitchburg, MA.


Herschend Family Entertainment - (10/2/13) In a move that I did not see coming, Herschend Family Entertainment has announced they signed a deal to purchase the Harlem Globetrotters traveling show company for an undisclosed amount from Shamrock Holdings, an investment company started by Roy E. Disney.
   While HFE is a theme park company, their portfolio also contains a number of other location based attractions such as aquariums, musical theater shows or Ride The Ducks tours. However this seems to be an interesting new branch-out for them to enter the Arena / Traveling Show marketplace dominated by Feld Entertainment. Feld runs not only the Ringling Bros. shows, several motor sports shows but also Disney on ICE, Disney Live and the upcoming Marvel Universe Live show for Disney. It should be interesting to see how the Globetrotters fit in with HFE’s current efforts.


IAAPA Conventions - (12/23/13) IAAPA has announced that the IAAPA Asian Attractions Expo 2014 will take place from June 17-20 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing. This will be followed by the Euro Attractions Show in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Center from Sept. 23-25, and then IAAPA Attraction Expo 2014 in Orlando, FL will take place from Nov. 17-21 at the Orange County Convention Center.


Merlin Entertainment - (1/29/14) In an interesting move the Displays Development Director at SeaLife (part of Merlin Entertainment) is reported as teaming up with the WDC organization (Whale & Dolphin Conservation) to create the world’s first Dolphin Sanctuary. The Sanctuary’s purpose is to rehabilitate retired captive dolphins and eventually attempt to release them back into the wild. They do note that this will be on a case by case basis, as for some the option of release “may just be too cruel”. In those cases they will still be taught to catch live prey with the goal of retiring them to “huge sea pens at the Sanctuary” where they can live a more natural life. While I am not opposed to park’s like SeaWorld, I respect that Merlin has opted not to continue the practice of keeping dolphins in any of their parks and is taking a realistic pro-active approach as to how they will take care of the dolphins that are still in their care for the years to come.
    Of course while the article doesn’t come right out and say it in the main text, if you read the sub-text under the last three pictures on Page 3 it says, “People from all over the world will be able to visit the facility, which will create an unprecedented experience. Observance of the retired dolphins would be through one-way glass.” While they don’t mention an admission charge, I can only assume that there would still be a cost associated with visiting a Merlin Dolphin Sanctuary, as the costs for the care and rehabilitation of these dolphins is going to be astronomical.
    So for the cynical out there… while Merlin has the best of intentions, have they really just created the Next-Gen concept for the next wave of Marine Life Parks? Those who are highly critical of SeaWorld’s own motives have long claimed that the true purpose of SeaWorld’s many rescue and rehabilitation programs was the abuse the loophole that would allow them to keep any rescued animals that they deemed were not suitable for release. Time will tell I suppose, but I do wish Merlin the best in their efforts as they are still seeking a proper site in which to locate their first Dolphin Sanctuary.
    (1/16/14) Merlin are planning to add a new and unique attraction to London in the same County Hall building structure where the SeaLife Aquarium and London Dungeon are located. The new unknown attraction will take groups of 40 guests on a tour through a series of 10 show rooms, with each experience to last approximately 6-minutes, one of which will also include a simulator ride to be located in the “Rotunda space”. The space they are taking over was formerly home to the London Film Museum.
    (12/27/13) Merlin is making some changes to the Merlin Annual Pass system for 2014. The price of the Standard pass has been “frozen” I’m told, and the Premium has some new additional features, such as adding extra FastTrack tickets for Merlin parks, birthday vouchers so you can bring up to 3 friends with you for just 10 each within 7 days of your Birthday and other extras. There will also be a new “VIP” pass option also launching in March 2014. It appears as if the VIP pass will be limited to just 1,000 and offer special “Extraordinary experiences”, so expect this to be a high priced item.
    (12/11/13) BlooLoop reports that Merlin will open a new Madame Tussauds location in Singapore at Imbiah Lookout on Sentosa sometime later in 2014. The new wax museum will open next to the existing Images of Singapore attraction which will also be “refreshed”.


NoLimits 2 - (1/13/14) Coaster101 has tested the new NoLimits 2 simulation program this week and has posted their own detailed review on how this new version compares to NoLimits 1, the new features and just what kind of system requirements you need to have to get the best performance. See NoLimits 2 and download a demo here.
    (1/2/14) The official release date for NoLimits 2 has now been set for January 10th, 2014.
    (12/27/13) Another new video from the NoLimits 2 team was released this week showing off an S&S 4th Dimension coaster system as well as a nearby Arrow looper, B&M Dive Machine, Arrow Suspended and a B&M Flyer. While NoLimits 2 is still officially listed as “Coming Soon”, I’m told that we wont have to wait much longer before you can get your hands on it… it is very close to final release.

    (12/16/13) The NoLimits 2 team have posted an incredible new video this week showing off the powerful new editor system, as well as our first look at official Timberliner trains in action on the track! Many new features are visible in the preview video including the new easy-to-use track editing system, automatic banking controls, track de-pumping, terrain layer painting and a new animated logo screen. Check it out below!

    (11/26/13) The new NoLimits2 team has posted a new progress update with new screen shots… this time showing off some incredible looking new wooden coasters. They also breakdown the pricing information between the regular version of the software and the “Pro” version.
    (11/4/13) Screamscape

NL2_Suspended_5 (1)





NL2_Suspended_1 (1)

has been granted an exclusive reveal this week for NoLimits2, showing off the brand new Suspended style coaster trains in action. I’m told that to date these trains have not been seen outside of the development team. The suspended style is shown in full glory and in full swing! The swinging motion is dynamic and affected by the forces acting on the coaster through the track. The swinging is calculated in real time and looks fantastic!  Check it out!!
    (10/18/13) NoLimits 2 has posted a new update showing off a new 4D Train option along with important information like system requirements, a list of new features, package prices as well as an expectation to see it released before the end of 2013.
    (9/23/13) The latest episode of the Season Pass podcast talks about the creation and development of NoLimits and the follow up, NoLimits 2 that is currently in the works. Give it a listen!
    (6/17/13) It has been some time since we’ve last heard about the No Limits 2 coaster simulator program, but a new demo video has been released today showing off the fruits of their latest game engine. As you will see, No Limits 2 has the ability to produce both coasters as well as flat rides as well as environmental features like lighting, atmosphere and more. The start of the video shows comparisons from NL1 and NL2.
    (1/29/13) ThrillNetwork has published a new set of teaser images (showing off one of the new train designs) for the NoLimits 2 roller coaster simulation software as well as an interview with the creative forces before NoLimits 2.
    (1/3/13) The team working on NoLimits2 posted an update on new features coming to the follow-up edition of the coaster simulation software program. According to the update NoLimits2 will feature new building methods for the coasters, including a radius comb, new track textures (like rust and peeling paint), an auto-generated catwalk system, switch tracks for dual sided stations, and confirmations of 4D coaster track, B&M Flyers and the addition of the B&M Dive Machine style “splash effect”.


icon_STOPPARC Management - (4/7/14) Over the last couple years we’ve seen PARC Management lose some management deals or be forced to close or sell off certain attractions and now Screamscape sources tell us another similar wave of change may be coming over the next month that could possibly impact their remaining Myrtle Beach, SC properties... the Myrtle Waves waterpark and the nearby NASCAR Speedpark. Stay tuned for the details as we uncover them.
    (1/9/14) Last month we reported that PARC Management had failed to renew their management contract for the Pavilion Nostalgia Park and Carousel Park at Broadway at the Beach. Since then their PavilionNostalgiaPark.com website has been taken down and now auto-forward you to the Broadway at the Beach website.
   This week it was confirmed that their NASCAR Speedpark attraction in St. Louis has also closed down for good as well. While the attraction has closed, it was built in as part of the St. Louis Mills mall (now renamed St. Louis Outlet Mall). It is worth noting that while run by an entirely different company, the former NASCAR Speedpark that closed last year at the Concord Mills mall has apparently leased out outdoor portion of the attraction to a new operator who has kept the karts and mini-golf up and running, and renamed it as “The Speedpark”. It is possible that a similar resurrection could be possible in St. Louis.


icon_STOPRide Entertainment Group - (3/24/14) Want to see a little more about how the AirSurfer attraction? Then check out a video made for the Branson SkySurfer, featuring “Greg Brady”. I’ve also got the skinny on how the two are related. The Branson SkySurfer was a home brewed attraction that opened in 2013, but Ride Entertainment has since purchased the intellectual property for the Branson ride and now own it, and are reengineering the attraction and operating system to better fall in line with true amusement industry standards, as well as improve the ride experience.
    (3/21/14) I have not been able to confirm if there is an official connection or not, but it seems the first AirSurfer style attraction exists in Branson, MO under the name SkySurfer at the Xtreme Racing Center of Branson. Has anyone tried it yet?


(3/20/14) Ride Entertainment Group sent Screamscape a picture of their newest attraction concept, a little something they call AirSurfer. Before you go any further, click on the concept artwork… and when you done picking your jaw up off the floor, come on back.
    Yes, you are looking at what appears to be a Stand-Up ZipLine style experience, that is also able to navigate through tight turns as well as go down… and up inclines. If you don’t want to take on the ride standing up, Silver Surfer style, then you can also ride it sitting down, or even laying down in a Superman style flying pose.
    According to the press release, they already on finalizing plans to debut the first AirSurfer somewhere in the United States by late 2014. I can’t wait to see where this ends up… and where it goes from there, as the possibilities for this kind of concept could be limitless.
    (10/10/13) According to a press release from Ride Entertainment Group we can expect to see a crazy new Skycoaster open “early next winter” with a custom monopole design, installed on the edge of Mexico’s world-famous Copper Canyon. The ride will be located at Parque de Aventura Barrancas del Cobra in Chihuahua, Mexico. I can’t wait to see a picture of what this looks like…


Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - (4/17/13) Royal Caribbean has announce




d some interesting details about new features that will be built into their two newest ships, Quantum of the Seas (Launching Fall 2014) and Anthem of the Seas (Spring 2015). For example, take a look at a little thing they call the North Star, a large glass capsule that will hold 14 people, attached to the end of a large arm that will rise up and swing out into the sky high above the ship. They are expanding on the Disney Cruise Line concept of the virtual porthole technology used for interior rooms and will instead offer “Virtual Balconies” instead on their interior cabins.
        There is also the SeaPlex, described as the largest indoor sports and entertainment venue at sea. The multi-level space will feature roller skating, a flying trapeze school, full size basketball court, dance floor and… BUMPER CARS. Yes… they are putting bumper cars on a cruise ship if you can believe it. (I think I’d almost rather have bumper boats though… since you could use them as a lifeboat in case of emergency.) On top of the ship they will off RipCord, the first virtual skydiving wind tunnel experience at sea and along the back they will offer a FlowRider stationary surf wave. They will also offer a new two-story music / dance / concert facility call Music Hall and a new entertainment venue in the aft of the ship called Two70, which evolves from a relaxing place during the daytime into a unusual entertainment venue at night.
    With three very active kids and a limited budget, my wife and I don’t usually get to play in the cruise industry, but I’d love to try out the Quantum of the Seas someday. To date we’ve only managed to try one cruise ever (without the kids I might add) on Carnival which we enjoyed. Maybe someday we’ll try again…


S&S WorldWide - (1/21/14) S&S has come up with a Next Generation version of their 4th Dimension coaster that will feature the ability for the seats to freely spin instead of being locked to a 3rd rail. They have built a prototype test track at their Utah HQ and ThemeParkReview dropped in for a visit and a test-ride on the test track. The video shows off the new concept with both on and off ride video footage, so check it out below! Looks like an incredible new experience I can’t wait to see in a theme park in the near future.


Sally Corp. - (11/22/13) Our friends at Sally Corp. (Hi Drew!) talk about their latest Dark Ride projects with Coaster Crew on the IAAPA show floor this week. Screamscape also has to send our congratulations to John Wood for being inducted into the IAAPA Hall of Fame. Check it out below!


icon_STOPSeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
- (3/20/14) According to the Orlando Biz Journal, SeaWorld Entertainment is looking to grow and add more parks. Domestically they indicate that they may look into building more Sesame Place, Discovery Cove or Aquatica style parks, while saving the SeaWorld brand for potential new international projects… if they can find the right international partner to make a deal with.
    You may recall it wasn’t all that long ago that SeaWorld announced plans to build not just one, but four new theme parks, in Dubai on the outer island of the Palm Jebel Ali project, which would have been reshaped to resemble a giant killer whale. Those plans quickly folded along with the rest of the big blue sky dreams of Dubai launched around that same time period. With the world economy now settling back down, it looks like SeaWorld is looking to kickstart their international expansion plans once again.
    (3/12/14) Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late great Steve Irwin (aka: The Crocodile Hunter) has joined with SeaWorld for the new SeaWorld Kids program, and talked with Behind the Thrills about her goals, her new Generation Nature efforts, Blackfish and her father. While PETA hasn’t wasted any time in slamming Bindi, and the entire Irwin family for “exploiting animals for years”, the interview and about her new projects are well worth checking out.
    (2/7/14) PETA was planning on trying to put their few shares of stock in SeaWorld Entertainment to use this year, but will apparently not be allowed to do so. According to the Orlando Sentinel, PETA has submitted a proposal in advance of SeaWorld’s first annual stockholder meeting to urge the company to develop “coastal sanctuaries” and bring about an end to keeping the park’s marine mammals in captivity.
    SeaWorld has already blocked this request and filed a report of their own to the SEC informing them that they will ignore PETA’s request… not just for the reasons you think, but because Federal law requires all shareholders to have held stock in a company for at least one full year before they are allowed to submit recommendations for a vote by the other shareholders. Since SeaWorld hasn’t been a public company for even a year yet, no one would meet these criteria.
    (12/2/13) In an interesting article, it seems the current strategy of the SeaWorld Entertainment parks is to sacrifice a little attendance, but aggressively raise their prices and put new “ticketing strategies” into play. So far the parks have pulled in 1 million fewer guests so far in the first 3 quarters of 2013 resulting in a 5% attendance drop, but guest PerCap spending however has jumped 10% in the same time period. Click here to read more.
    (11/21/13) I’m a little shocked by this, but the Blackstone Group who has held the controlling interest in the SeaWorld Entertainment company since it’s departure from Anheuser-Busch/InBev has filed a plan to sell off enough of it’s shares that it will no longer be the majority shareholder. Blackstone will be selling as many as 15 million shares, and pull in an estimated $480 million. Once complete Blackstone’s ownership percentage will drop from 63% to 43.6%.
    The spun-off SeaWorld Entertainment company says they are in talks to buy back 1.5 million shares from Blackstone as well. With the departure of Blackstone as the majority shareholder, internal changes will also have to be made within the spun-off company, including a reconfiguration of their Board of Directors within the year to be more independent of Blackstone, who currently has 3 Blackstone members on the board. Make the jump over to the Orlando Sentinel to read more details.
    (9/27/13) Odd new developments from SeaWorld Parks this week. For starters they applied for a new Trademark for the name, “Yonaguni”, but not for the typical park attraction use, but instead as something that could be used for an animated television series, live-action & animated entertainment shows, interactive programs, audio/visual media, as well as to be used in theme park show and costume character form. So this begs the question, is Yonaguni a show title or the name of a new character?
    Meanwhile they have let the previous application for Taruka Rush die. Taruka Rush was the rumored possible name for the new slide attraction coming to Aquatica Orlando.


Simworx - (9/18/13) Simworx has announced the creation of a new 4D simulation attraction called the Immersive Tunnel. It uses a 30-passenger tram style simulator car (using 1, 2 or 3 linked together) and the cars can either sit static, or be mounted to a track system that will transport the ride into a show theater area and back out again. The simulator platform can rise and fall, sway, and is armed with an assortment of 4D theater style effects systems along with dramatic lighting effects, all the while the tram cars are surrounded inside a 3D projection tunnel room with screens on both sides as well as in front of the tram.
    If the Simworx “Immersive Tunnel” sounds strangely familiar… it should. In short they have built their own ride-system based clone of Universal Studios’ King Kong 360 3D attraction, right down to the promotional artwork showing off a bunch of hungry dinosaurs attacking the tram cars. Check it out here.


icon_STOPSix Flags - (4/10/14) The local TV news got the story about “Flume Dog” wrong it seems. According to this article Judge Price “issued an opinion letter siding with Six Flags and its request to award Harris nothing.”  In short, it seems the Judge ended the case by siding with Six Flags before the official jury trial was to have begun on Monday. The end result is that nothing has changed and Flume Dog is still banned from all of the Six Flags theme parks across the nation due to his past disruptive behavior. .
    (4/9/14) Remember the story of “Flume Dog” from last year?  (See 11/13/13 story) He was banned from Six Flags parks after asking a few too many parents if he could take their young sons on flume rides and waterslides with him. He has since filed a lawsuit against Six Flags which ended in some kind of private settlement this week.
    (2/20/14) Six Flags latest quarter results show that while profits drooped in Q4, the theme park chain ended the year with a 2% attendance increase. Click here to read all the details.
    (11/13/13) Would you let this man ride alone with your kids?  According to this article a self confessed flume ride fan named Jay Marc Harris, who calls himself “Flume Dog” currently has a ‘nationwide ban’ from Six Flags theme parks since 2006 for his behavior, but is taking the theme park chain to court to get it reversed.
   So what did Flume Dog do to get banned from every Six Flags park in the nation since 2006? It seems the final straw was when he was visiting Six Flags Fiesta Texas and was reported to the park after he asked three different women if he could take their children on the flume ride with him. Previous hits on his Six Flags record come from Six Flags over Georgia where Security found him chained to a tree in the park. Security over at Six Flags Great America near Chicago found him inside the park before it had even opened and discovered that he had apparently slept somewhere inside the park overnight.
    So what’s Flume Dog’s excuse?  He claims he is being discriminated against “based on gender and religion” because he is a Hasidic Jew.
    I’ll let that one sink in for a moment.
    Ready?  Good, because I don’t get it either. Granted, I’m not Jewish, but I don’t see where trespassing or trying to ride flume ride’s alone with children have any remote connection to possible religion discrimination.
    Digging a little more, I found another article which goes into a little more detail, but it also seems as if some of his questionable actions were also in the waterpark at Fiesta Texas, where he was reported as seeking “young boys” to ride with him on a 2-person raft side. While this sounds immediately terrible and shocking, he claims innocence, as his religious beliefs would not allow him to ride with a female. I can see how this kind of thing would get out of control quickly… it sounds almost like an outtake from one of the Leslie Nielsen “Naked Gun” movies.
    Still… is Flume Dog just misunderstood? I can’t say… I do understand the love of theme park rides and wanting to travel across the nation from park to park. Still… it’s hard to excuse some of the things he is said to have done. Perhaps Flume Dog just needs a traveling companion to keep him on a short leash.


icon_STOPTheme Park Studio - (4/11/14) For those wondering, a pre-release partial beta build of Theme Park Studio is available to download through Steam for those who ever funded for that perk in Kickstarter, or for those willing to pre-pay for the program before they are finished with it. You can find all the details at Steam regarding how the program will be released in phases (1 through 8!), with Animated Rides in Phase 2 and Coasters in Phase 3.
    (10/21/13) Theme Park Studio has posted a new update and video regarding the program on their Facebook page. Check it out the update for new details, along with a great new video showing off the kind of detailed parks you can create. They have also posted a new updated timeline as to when the program is likely to be finished, and now soon those who supported their Kickstarter campaign can expect to get their hands on a early release version of the software to help test some of it out ahead of the final release.
    (8/23/13) Theme Park Studio is back with a new update about their progress















in adding to the game’s features and content. They also point out that anyone who missed joining in the Kickstarter campaign can still provide funds to the project and get into the closed Beta by clicking here.
    They report having expanded the art team and are creating many assets as well as fulfilling the ride requests from the Kickstarter backer rewards. More progress on the lightning module, expanded custom scenery importing, a file exchange system and lots of polish so they can move towards an Alpha test as soon as possible. In the meantime, a ton of new pictures have been sent out for you to enjoy.
    (7/25/13) Theme Park Studio is back with a new progress update showing off several new highly detailed coaster train designs, some of which will be familiar to Cedar Point and Hersheypark fans.
    (5/22/13) Pantera Entertainment tell us that while the initial funding of Theme Park Studio on Kickstarter is over, the group is now trying to achieve their “stretch goals” and has launched a new crowd-funding site for this purpose. The great news is that all the great rewards they offered on Kickstarter are still be offered for a limited time. The stretch goals posted note include hitting the $130k mark would fund a Mac version of the program. $180k will see money and theme park management aspects added in and $250k will see them create a PS3 version of the program as well. Find out everything you could want to know about Theme Park Studio at the new official funding site.
    (5/20/13) Good news for Theme Park Studio fans, the simulation game achieved their Kickstarter funding goal the other day and had released new screenshots (see below) and video showing off how simple it is to make well themed pathways as well as giving us our first look at peeps to populate your park with.

    (5/13/13) It is crunch time for Theme Park Studio this week as the project enters the final week of funding on Kickstarter. As of this morning the project has earned $69,000 of the needed $80,000 goal price. If they don’t make it to the full $80,000, they lose it all, so if you really want to see this project get made, this may be your last chance to help fund them.
    We have seen how great the rides in Theme Park Studio will look, but over the last week the program has really been showing off just how well you can use the program to create themed environments. For example they have posted a picture of some great old west Saloon style buildings made with the software as well as some fine examples of realistic looking theme park pathways lined with realistic trees, sidewalks, benches, popcorn machines and plenty of flora. They have also posted another video showing off the “particle effects” of the software, which shows off some of the night lighting you can do with the park, lighted fountains in lakes and much much more.
    Theme Park Studio is more than a theme park simulator or roller coaster creator. We’re looking at an entire themed environment design studio that could very well be used by both fans and professionals alike to show off their visions for things even beyond the theme park world with ease… from public parks to a haunted ghost town. Once this hits the streets and the public community gets their hands on it, there is no telling how many fantasic new themed worlds you will be able to download, share and experience. I can’t wait… but they’ve only got 6 days left on Kickstarter, so if you want to get in early, fund their effort and earn yourself a copy of the program at the same time.
    (5/1/13) Theme Park Studio has made a few more announcements regarding new features on Kickstarter. Over the past couple of weeks they have shown off several new coaster types that will be included in the game including the Mack Blue Fire style launched coaster system, wooden coasters, a B&M Inverted coaster and now an Intamin Hyper/Launched Coaster Train design. Now I’m curious… if they are going to simulate all these rides, how realistic are they going to be?  Will launched coasters mis-fire from time to time and experience roll-backs?  So far they are a little over 50% of the way to their goal, but only have 19 days left.
    (1/21/13) The Pantera Game Studio crew has sent out a few new images from the Theme Park Studio game, showing off some incredible looking ride models they’ve created to show off an Troika flat ride. These and more can also be seen on their official Facebook page.
    Earlier I had a chance to ask a few questions about the program to someone at Pantera.  For starters, this software is being designed for the PC at first, however they have borrowed a lot of code from their own proprietary game engine which can also run on Xbox 360, PS3 and OpenGL ES, so future ports of the program to work on consoles as well as Mac are indeed possible, based upon public demand of course.
    I also decided to bring up the one thing I know I had always wanted to do with Roller Coaster Tycoon but was never able to build…. A true Dark Ride experience. You will be happy to know that they are indeed targeting for the creation of custom dark rides in the game as well. “Our goal is to allow the consumer to be as creative as possible.” This alone excites me quite a bit, as it’s great fun to see homebrewed coasters in action, but I think the creations that have really impressed me the most were some of the coaster videos on YouTube where the creation attempted to make a dark ride style environment for their attraction. With the right software, like what you can do with Theme Park Studio, I can’t wait to see the kind of dark rides (dry or wet) that people can dream up.
Stay tuned… I think more good stuff is coming soon!
    (1/4/13) Screamscape was contacted by Pantera Entertainment, a video game developer, who wanted to tell us all about a new project they have in the works that will be of interest to coaster and theme park fans. The new title is called Theme Park Studio.
    “Theme Park Studio merges all the flexibility of an advanced coaster design tool, with a full graphics' engine, rich with powerful features and technologies. 'Oasis' is Pantera Entertainment's custom graphics' engine used in video games and medical software, for the serious games industry. We exhibited our technology at the Game Developers Conference and the Austin Game Conference. Many of its features have been integrated into Theme Park Studio, providing unprecedented control over the theme park design process.”
    They’ve posted some images showing off just what can be done with Theme Park Studio on the program’s official Facebook page here along with a couple of videos showing off the program in action. They didn’t specify, but I can only assume that this will be a PC program at launch, as I’m not sure if a console version is possible. More as we find out.


Triotech - (1/22/14) A nice interview with Triotech, a Canadian company who’s name is quickly becoming known in the themed attraction industry, was published by the Financial Post. Triotech are the ones behind the technology being used to create the interactive elements for Wonder Mountain’s Guardian this year at Canada’s Wonderland, but they are involved in so much more with projects installed so far in 40 different companies around the globe. Beyond plans to install attractions at major theme parks around the world, they also talk a bit about their efforts in China as well as how they predict that their most positive future growth is likely to be from revenue sharing partnerships.


Universal Studios - (1/9/14) Brian Roberts, Comcast’s CEO, predicted on Tuesday that they expect to take marketshare away from Disney and other theme park chains with their plans to invest in their Universal Studios theme parks. “We’re doubling down on theme parks.”
    Meanwhile, while neither Comcast or NBCUniversal will say a word about any of the rumors about a new theme park in China, confidential Screamscape sources have confirmed that the a rough deal to build “Universal Studios Beijing” is fairly solid at this point. Enough so that Universal Creative is already starting the process of gearing up the staff needed to make it happen. Much like Universal Studios Singapore, the park and surrounding resort is expected to form very quickly once the green light is given, though it is said Universal will have a little more control about the rest of the resort complex as well this time around.
    (1/7/14) According to this report at ThemeParkInsider, a report found from Shanghai Securities News claims that an application to begin construction on a Universal Studios park in the Tongzhou District of Beijing was filed, with work to begin in late 2014 on this $2 billion project. They claim that demolition of existing structures and site clearing on the site has already begun, with a goal of opening the park in 2018.
    (1/6/14) Is Universal Studios working on a new theme park concept for China once again?  It was reported back in March 2012 that Comcast/NBCUniversal was meeting with the city of Tianjin (China’s sixth largest city) to discuss a possible park or studio in the port city. Previously there are said to have been many on and off again discussions for building a possible Universal theme park in China over the years going back to when Hong Kong Disneyland was first announced.
    Today we have a small piece of evidence that suggests that negotiations with China are still taking place and may be moving forward, as Universal Creative has job openings for several project managers who can speak Mandarin.
    (12/11/13) Inside Universal has posted Part 1 of a great new interview with Gary Goddard about his involvement with several attractions with Universal Studios over the years from classics like Conan and the first King Kong in Hollywood up to more modern projects like Jurassic Park and Terminator 2: 3-D.
   In other Universal news, Cinelix reports that Universal may be attempting to not only revive their classic Universal Monsters (Frankenstein, Wolfman, Dracula, Mummy, etc) as new modern film incarnations, but is making long term plans to link them together into a shared film universe in the same fashion that Marvel has been doing with their comic book universe properties.
   Current plans are already in place to create the kick-off this new unified cinematic universe with a reboot of The Mummy in 2016 followed by a rebooted Van Helsing film that may star Tom Cruise as the infamous monster hunter. While these planned films have been bouncing around in development limbo since at least 2012, Hollywood insiders claim that they are still very much alive. With the right planning in advance to do these the right way, following the lead of Marvel, I’d very much like to see how this could develop.
    (11/29/13) In an interesting move the planned World of Warcraft movie has been pushed back from December 2015 to March 11, 2016 in order to completely get away from Disney’s new Star Wars film slated to hit theaters December 18, 2015… the same date as the Warcraft film.
    (10/4/13) Universal’s parent company, Comcast, has dropped another $420 million to purchase the Universal City Plaza skyscraper next to Universal Studios Hollywood. The tower was once owned by Universal but sold off under Vivendi’s ownership of the company back in 2003. It is expected that the tower would be used for new office space for various Comcast and NBC/Universal divisions, putting everyone under one roof.
    (10/3/13) I think the next big clue about what Universal mWARCRAFT_logoay be planning for the Universal Orlando theme parks has just dropped. According to this article an official blockbuster budget World of Warcraft feature film has now been dropped onto the theater release slate for December 18th, 2015. The film will be the product of that new partnership between Legendary Entertainment and Universal Studios, and as such the IP would likely be ripe for the picking for the Universal parks to dream up any number of potential World of Warcraft themed attractions and tie-ins.
   In terms of the video game, it goes without saying that World of Warcraft has been a fairly global phenomenon. Bringing the game’s distinct visual style to the big screen will launch the IP from PC gaming crowd into the mainstream for sure.
    (9/13/13) Warner Bros. has announced a new partnership with J.K. Rowling who will make her screenwriting debut to create a new spin-off film series set in the Wizarding World, 70-year before the events of the Harry Potter book series. The new film will be called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, inspired by the Hogwarts textbook of the same name, and featuring the fictitious author, Newt Scamander.
    This is not technically a prequel to the Harry Potter series, but mearly an extention of the Wizarding World universe. The story will start in New York, set 70 years before the events of the Potter series. I can only imagine that the gears may already have started to spin over at Universal Creative, looking for an opportunity to incorporate elements of this new series into their Wizarding World theme park universe.
    (7/11/13) Interesting things are happening in Hollywood this week. Legendary Entertainment has signed a multi-year deal to work with Universal Studios on select projects, while retaining their existing relationship with Warner Bros as well. While the deal mainly allows Universal to distribute their films to the international market as well as work in some deals for future NBCUniversal TV programming, InParkMagazine also reports that the deal includes the possibility to create Theme Park attractions as well based on some of Legendary’s work.
    While Legendary was the force behind the Batman Begins trilogy of films as well as the new Man of Steel film, other highlight films from their past include 300, Watchmen, Clash of the Titans and Inception. Of course their list of future films on the way is also impressive and includes Pacific Rim, 300: Rise of an Empire, Seventh Son and an all new Godzilla film.
    While the DC comic based films may be difficult (but not impossible) for Universal to bring into their parks due to existing deals with Six Flags, some of the other films could likely be used in the Universal theme parks. One in particular that stands out is Godzilla, as Universal has a history with monster movies anyway, and it opens the possibility for an interesting “clash of the titans’ if they were to mix King Kong and Godzilla together for a the modern audience. The ink on the deal has only just dried, so don’t look for anything to happen just yet… just something to think about moving forward. Unless there is a Legendary IP that would be perfect for Halloween Horror Nights, and then we could be hearing about that much sooner…
    (12/19/12) According to this article, the city’s commission for urban planning in Moscow has given approval for the Universal Studios Moscow project.
    (5/1/12) Disney and More takes a look at the concept artwork for the Universal Studios Experience project for Moscow this week as well as the rest of Galactica Park.
    (4/25/12) ParkRumors has some concept artwork of what the new Universal Experience project as well as the entire Galactica Park complex may look like.
    (4/19/12) Screamscape sources tell us that the Universal Studios Moscow project is legit, and has been working under the name “Universal Experience Moscow” so far. Due to the harsh winters in Moscow, the entire park is expected to be enclosed to allow for year-round operations. If things go as planned, the current target date for the Universal park to open is in late 2017.
    (4/18/12) I’m not sure how serious to take this article, but they claim that NBC Universal is in talks to build a theme park project in Moscow with a local developer who is planning an even larger overall resort complex to be called Galactica Park. From the sound of it, they are attempting to copy the basic concept put to use at Resorta World Sentosa in Singapore by linking up their own Universal theme park with hotel resorts, an aqua park, numerous retail and dining options, underground parking and even plans to add a 20,000 seat sports and concert area. Galactica Park is planned to cost an estimate $2.8 billion, with at least $500 million to go towards building Universal Studios Moscow. If the plan moves ahead, look for it to break ground as early as 2014 and have the first phase ready to open by 2018… just in time to host the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


Wanda Group - (1/16/14) Wanda Group, a new name in China’s theme park industry has hit our headlines a couple of times in the past few months. Back in November it was announced at IAAPA that Great Coasters International would build “The Viper”, their biggest wooded roller coaster ever at the Wanda (Nanchang) Culture Tourism City to open in 2015. (Stats: 50 meter (164 ft) tall lift hill and 1,500 meters (4921 ft) of track) Earlier this month it was reported that the Wanda Group had purchased a new B&M Flyer Coaster for Xishuangbanna Interntional Resort project.
   Today I found an interesting bit of news on the Dynamic Attractions website that confirms that they are now in the midsts of building Dynamic’s very first “Generation II Flying Theaters” attraction for Wanda as well.


WhiteWater West - (3/12/14) According to a new press release from WhiteWater, they have acquired the FlowRider product line from WaveLoch.
    Clients all over the world ask for FlowRider® by name, craving the experience of a surfer lifestyle. WhiteWater takes pride in understanding the consumer market to create the latest innovations end-users truly want. By acquiring the FlowRider® product line, WhiteWater is ready to share the perfect wave with the world.
    WhiteWater is excited to announce the acquisition of WaveLoch’s innovative, award winning line of products including FlowRider®, FlowBarrel®,  FlowCurl®, Flow House, Wave-in-a Box, and WaveOz®. Previously, WhiteWater had been the exclusive worldwide licensee of WaveLoch’s FlowRider® business. This marks the third acquisition in the past two years for WhiteWater.
    Wave Loch founder, Tom Lochtefeld will continue to market the WaveHouse and work on his surf pool business. Aquatic Development Group will continue to be the exclusive marketer and manufacturer of the FlowRider product line in the U.S. and eastern Canadian market.
    In making the announcement, WhiteWater President & CEO Geoff Chutter noted, “We are not only adding another ORIGINAL product to the WhiteWater portfolio but also adding the creative talents of another ORIGINAL waterpark pioneer to the family”.
    WhiteWater’s goal is not just about creating a collection of great products, but forming an invaluable team of people with amazing talent and skills.
    “We are tremendously excited about the momentum this addition brings to WhiteWater’s innovative group of companies”, said WhiteWater’s Marshall Myrman who will head the FlowRider and Waves business unit. “Keep your eyes on the horizon”, he said, “because the best flowboarding is yet to come!”


Zamperla - (11/4/13) Zam2013_1104_ZamperlaVeniceParkArtperla may have been bitten by the theme park bug after building and running the new Luna Park at Coney Island, New York. The company has now pitched a concept to transform the small abandoned San Biagio island in Venice that was once home to an incinerator facility into a new family attraction for $110 million for the city. While it wont be simply an amusement park, the project would feature a 55 meter Ferris wheel, roller coaster and many other rides along with numerous cultural installations that would detail the long history of the city as well as “illustrating the Venetian lagoon’s fragile ecology.”
    The project, which includes a promise to clean up the toxic site, will create 500 new jobs, could be open in 2 years if all goes smoothly. But this is Venice and things like this rarely go unopposed, so we’ll have to wait and see where the wind blow on the “L’isola San Biagio” project.



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